The New York Times reports that Alabama has begun issuing same-sex marriage licenses following a United States Supreme Court action and despite an Alabama Supreme Court request.

Alabama became on Monday the latest state to allow same-sex marriage, as many probate judges defied an order by the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and began issuing licenses and performing weddings.

Earlier, the United States Supreme Court quashed a final effort to delay the marriages as same-sex couples lined up at courthouses across the state.

For Apple CEO Tim Cook, marriage equality has been a key issue as the Alabama native spoke at the state’s capital last year discussing the need for his home state to move forward. Cook also made a personal donation to an LGBT equality group last year that operates across three Southern states.

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Cook’s strong social stance on gay rights follows the Apple CEO’s public essay on his sexuality last year, in which Cook wrote “I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.”

Later this spring, the United States Supreme Court is set to decide if bans on gay marriage, currently enforced in 13 states, are constitutional.

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