Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow! A Miley Cyrus-themed Flappy Bird spin-off is currently the top free app in the US App Store.

‘Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball’ is the official name, and it features the long tongued, head shaved pop star navigating through… hammers and wrecking balls.

This has to be the lowest valley the Flappy Bird rip offs could possibly spiral through… right?!

Over the weekend it was reported that Apple is now “rejecting apps that attempt to ride Flappy Bird’s tailfeathers,” but apparently this Miley Cyrus Flappy Bird rip off deserved to exist.

And now it’s topped the US App Store free list.

All the damage that could possibly be done has been done, folks. Can we leave what’s left of our dignity in tact now? Please!?

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