RS: Getting back to the album, the first time I heard it I was pretty stunned. I never thought I’d hear the sound of you guys playing together again.

NM: I can’t tell you how pleased I am to hear that. I’m really enjoying the excitement of hearing about people enjoying it. It’s so gratifying that it’s almost pathetic, me sitting here almost sobbing. I really like the way its divided up in a completely old fashioned way. It’s not cut to iTunes length or whatever. I think we have possibly been aided, very slightly, by Bono and Co. They did it the wrong way around and I’m fond of saying that what we did is a very old fashioned musical concept. We’re hoping people might actually buy this record.

RS: I didn’t think U2 had any idea that giving away an album for free would backfire.

NM: It was so unexpected, I thought, and interesting that people took such umbrage at being given something. That does devalue things. Music has been horribly devalued by being given away. It’s funny they didn’t sense some of that. It’s been the big story of the 21st century, music being de-valued.

Worst $100 million ever spent? Also: not the only artist to address the U2 album today.

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