Apple Headset Stories January 31

It has been quite a while since we started hearing rumors about Apple’s mixed-reality headset. In recent months, a lot of extra details about the product have leaked out on the internet, as it is expected to be introduced sometime this year. Interestingly, one of these reports pointed out that Apple has been investing in an immersive Apple Store experience. But if the company wants the headset to become a hit, it will need more than just an Apple Store app in VR.

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Apple Headset Stories January 27

While it’s widely been reported that Apple’s upcoming Reality Pro headset will have an App Store with third-party apps, Apple may have more ambitious plans. According to The Information, Apple wants to allow “people who don’t know computer code” to make apps for the headset… using Siri.

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Apple Headset Stories January 23

Apple’s first AR/VR headset could be unveiled sometime this spring, and rumors continue to offer more information about what Apple has in the works. A wide-ranging new report from Bloomberg now offers a slew of details on Apple’s “Reality Pro” headset, including that the “eye- and hand-tracking capabilities will be a major selling point” for the product.

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Apple Headset Stories January 20

A couple of reports earlier this week made two claims about Apple’s VR/AR plans. One, that the company is trying to trim the cost of a second-generation Apple Headset. Two, that work on Apple Glasses has been put on hold.

The first claim is almost certainly correct; the second, almost certainly wrong …

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Apple Headset Stories January 12

Over the last several years, Apple has set a general trend of holding its first special event of the year in March or April. It’s only January, but rumors already show that Apple has a number of different announcements in store for the first part of the year.

Is Apple planning a March event for this year? That remains to be seen, but here’s what could be announced if it does…and it likely all comes down to the fate of one product.

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Apple Headset Stories January 11

9to5Mac reported on Wednesday that Apple will soon release a new Apple Devices app to replace iTunes for syncing and backing up iOS devices on Windows, as the company is also about to release Apple Music and Apple TV apps for PCs. But interestingly, the new Apple Devices app includes mentions of both xrOS and realityOS in its code.

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Apple Headset Stories December 7, 2022

Apple is expected to introduce its mixed reality headset in 2023, and we’ve heard plenty of rumors about it. That includes the name of the platform that powers the device being named “realityOS.” However, recent reports have suggested that the platform may actually be called “xrOS” instead. It turns out, both names co-exist internally.

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Apple Headset Stories December 4, 2022

Apple’s long-awaited AR/VR headset might be facing another round of delays. According to the latest supply chain data gathered by Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may have delayed mass shipments of its headset to the second half of 2023 as it works to resolve software-related issues. Kuo had previously expected mass shipments to begin in the second quarter of 2023.

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Apple Headset Stories December 1, 2022

Apple is expected to unveil its mixed reality handset project as soon as spring. Now Bloomberg is reporting that Apple has settled on a name for the operating system that will power the product: xrOS.

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Apple Headset Stories November 13, 2022

Apple’s mixed-reality headset has been rumored for years, and it could finally see the light of day sometime in 2023. A new report from Bloomberg today points out that Apple is continuing to ramp up hiring for teams working on AR and VR technology, including new hires and recruiting a former Apple engineer who had departed the company last year…

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Apple Headset Stories October 13, 2022

Ask for the views of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Apple, and it will come as no surprise that he’s critical. It seems this even applies to products the Cupertino company hasn’t even yet announced.

The Facebook founder effectively criticized Apple for its (unknown) pricing strategy on its (unannounced) Apple Headset …

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Apple Headset Stories October 7, 2022

Horizon Worlds metaverse app so bad that Meta has to force employees to use it

It seems Meta is having problems persuading even its own employees to don one of its virtual reality headsets and use its primary metaverse app, Horizon Worlds. So much so that an internal memo says the company would “hold managers accountable” for their teams using it.

It’s one of a set of leaked memos that suggest Apple may not have too much to fear from Meta’s competition to its own upcoming VR/AR headsets …

Apple Headset Stories September 12, 2022

The Meta Quest Pro headset is set to launch next month, and it’s believed to have many features in common with the upcoming Apple headset expected to be launched early next year. We already knew the name, and it now appears we know what both the device and its packaging look like, thanks to a careless employee.

A sample of the headset, its controllers, and retail packaging were left in a hotel room, bringing back memories of the time an Apple engineer left an iPhone 4 prototype in a bar

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Apple Headset Stories September 4, 2022

While people are hyped up about the Apple September event, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman is back with more information regarding the upcoming Mixed Reality headset. Gurman doesn’t expect any announcement this week about this new product category, but his Power On newsletter is full of new information about Apple’s plans.

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Apple Headset Stories August 29, 2022

There have been rumors for a long time that Apple will introduce its own mixed reality headset that will allow users to interact with immersive apps combining AR and VR. This new headset is now expected to be announced in the coming months, and Apple seems to have even more ambitious plans for its new “Reality” ecosystem.

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Apple Headset Stories August 24, 2022

It has been quite a while since rumors started hinting at a mixed reality headset from Apple. Most recently, different sources suggested that the company was going to announce this device sometime between 2022 and 2023. With a special event now confirmed for September 7, is there any room for Apple’s rumored AR/VR headset?

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Apple Headset Stories August 8, 2022

The Apple mixed reality headset is expected to be unveiled next year. As we still have at least a few more months until we can take a look at Apple’s next big product, a report indicates that it will use LG’s OLEDoS display technology.

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Apple Headset Stories August 7, 2022

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is back with more research about the upcoming mixed reality headset that will likely be announced in the coming months. According to Kuo, this device may be announced as soon as January 2023.

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Apple Headset Stories July 28, 2022

It might seem a little early for a virtual reality antitrust intervention, in a field which is as yet still a niche interest, but the FTC is taking no chances. It has moved to block Meta’s planned purchase of VR fitness company Within.

The aggressiveness of the move makes it seem likely that Apple will face similar bars on acquiring VR companies to assist its upcoming Apple Headset product …

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Apple Headset Stories July 27, 2022

The future of the internet will depend on the outcome of an Apple versus Meta headset battle, claims Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

He told employees that the two companies had very different visions for the metaverse, and admitted that it’s not yet clear which will be better …

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Apple Headset Stories July 14, 2022

A new supply chain report reiterates that things are still on track for an Apple headset launch date sometime early next year, but goes on to suggest that a second-generation model will go on sale earlier than expected.

Kuo recently predicted that the 2nd-gen mixed-reality headset wouldn’t launch until 2025, but today’s report says that Apple appears to be targeting 2024 instead …

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Apple Headset Stories July 11, 2022

While it’s likely that only a tiny number of people within Apple Park has seen an Apple Glasses prototype, I can’t help feeling like Oppo’s Air Glass is giving us a kind of sneak preview at the likely state of play.

It still looks a long way from a finished product, but at the same time it’s a lot closer to a Glasses product than the type of clunky mixed-reality headsets we’re expecting to see first. I also think Oppo may be on the right track with one particular aspect of the design …

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Apple and Meta have been reported asking Samsung Display to produce a MicroOLED display for their upcoming AR/VR headsets. On the other hand, the South Korean manufacturer has avoided making this screen technology due to expected low profitability.

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Apple Headset Stories July 10, 2022

The announcement of Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset seems to be getting closer as multiple sources are pointing to an official launch in 2023. However, while the first model is expected to be priced as high as $3,000, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has now said in a new report that Apple is already working on a more affordable version of its headset for 2025.

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