Apple News was launched in iOS 9 in the United States. Since then, it has been released in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. With iOS 10, it saw a major redesign with a focus on the For You tab. The iOS 10 update also brought paid subscriptions into the app for the first time. Publishers could opt-in to sell paywalled content through the App Store. In macOS Mojave, the app was ported to the Mac as a Marzipan application.

The app works by pulling in news stories from the web through RSS/Atom feeds or through the Apple News Format.

Apple News provides coverage of current events, that is curated by editors, and is personalized for you. Readers can follow their favorite topics, favorite publications, and even subscribe to push notification for breaking news alerts.

At an event in March 2019, Apple unveiled Apple News+ for $9.99 per month. The service is integrated directly into the News app and features magazines from National Geographic, Popular Science, New Yorker, Vogue, Rolling Stone and more. Apple News+ will also include content from the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Apple News Stories October 20

A few weeks ago, I was having some issues where I couldn’t get my VPN to work on my laptop. I was running the beta of macOS Catalina, so I decided to fix the problem by just reformatting and setting up my laptop from scratch. Thanks to iCloud and the Mac App Store, doing a new install of macOS is pretty easy time-wise. It did fix the problem, but as I was changing my Safari Start Page back to DuckDuckGo, I had a thought. Why hasn’t Apple built a default “Start Page” for Safari to create a tremendous first-run experience for Apple products?

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Apple News Stories October 15

NBCUniversal will continue to be the exclusive seller of advertisements in Apple News and Apple Stocks, according to a new report from Axios. This new deal is an extension of the partnership first announced back in 2016.

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Apple News Stories October 9

This will be the shortest diary series I’ve ever written! After providing my first impressions of Apple News+ in its UK incarnation just over a week ago, I’ve already canceled my one-month free trial.

Indeed, I was so confident in my decision that I canceled it without waiting for the trial period to end, despite the fact that this means immediate loss of access to the service.

However, while Apple failed to gain a subscriber from my trial, it was still an enlightening and useful exercise for me…

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Apple News Stories October 1

Apple News+ launched in the UK yesterday, more than six months after it did so in the US.

I hadn’t been too impressed by the free offerings in Apple News and had actually removed the app from both my iPhone and iPad, but Apple News+ in the UK gave me a chance to re-evaluate it with its boosted content…

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Apple News Stories September 30

Apple News+ launches in the UK featuring publications including The Times, Esquire and the Wall Street Journal

Apple has today launched Apple News+ in the United Kingdom with access to around 150 publications. For £9.99 per month, Apple users can access current and past issues from UK-centric magazines and newspapers including The Times, Esquire, Empire, Hello!, Cyclist and Grazia. UK subscribers can also access US publications including the Wall Street Journal.

UK users can start using the Apple News+ service now. Just visit the News+ tab in the Apple News app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Apple News Stories September 29

Apple Launched Apple News+ during its March event, and to say that it has been underwhelming is beyond an understatement. Despite Apple’s promise of 100s of magazines for a low monthly price, rumors suggest that publishers aren’t happy and I’ve read reports that sign up growth has flatlined. I tried the service for a month, and I came away from it less than impressed. As Apple has continued to deploy its new services across 2019 (Apple Arcade and Apple TV+), I’ve been thinking a lot about News+, the path Apple should take going forward, and what impact it could make in journalism. What should Apple’s strategy be with Apple News+? expand full story

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