Apple News Stories October 2

Last week, a report dove into Apple News’ growing traffic numbers, but the lack of revenue it is generating for publications. Now, Digiday is out with a new report exploring how Apple looks to build relationships with publishers through the platform, focusing on human connection rather than automation.

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Apple News Stories September 25

While Apple has been increasing its focus on Apple News recently, a new report from Slate dives into some of the struggles publishers still have with the platform. The report explains that while viewership is increasing with Apple News, publishers struggle to monetize that growing viewership.

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Apple News Stories September 6

As it continues to expand its focus on Apple News, Apple has hired a former Condé Nast executive to serve on its News team. The Information reports that Apple has hired Liz Schimel, who was a former president of Condé Nast in China.

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Apple News Stories June 25

Apple is launching a dedicated section in Apple News to cover the US midterm elections. US Apple users will be able to view the latest updates for the election inside the Apple News app through November.

It will feature content from Fox News, Vox and other curated publications including some exclusives from the Washington Post, Axios and Politico.

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Apple News Stories May 18

Apple News is featuring a special ‘Royal Wedding’ tab ahead of the big event tomorrow. Interestingly, the News app has actually changed the name of the second Spotlight tab to highlight the time-sensitive event.

Despite international attention, this tab appears to be showing for UK users only at the moment. Devices set to the US region are still seeing the normal Spotlight news items.

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Apple News Stories May 15

Last week at its annual I/O developer conference, Google unveiled its new AI-powered “Google News” application. Replacing the neglected Newsstand service from Google, and seen as a direct competitor to the Apple News app, Google News is now available on the App Store…

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