Apple News Stories November 18

Last month, a report explored Apple’s efforts to ensure Apple News doesn’t become a “crazy land.” Now, The Sydney Morning Herald is out with another look inside the Apple News team. This time, the report dives into the company’s Australian based team, as well as its broader goals.

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Apple News Stories November 12

In a continued effort to push the Apple News platform, Apple has today published an exclusive story, giving an excerpt from former First Lady Michelle Obama’s upcoming book, Becoming.

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Apple News Stories November 2

The Apple News app is being rejigged for election night, to make it easier to track midterm election results as they come in.

A new Election Night section will replace Apple News’ Digest tab, and alerts will appear at the top of the feed in the event of major news …

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Apple News Stories October 25

Apple has for the first time allowed a reporter to cover the human curation process used to pick which news stories are included – and featured – in the Apple News app.

The Cupertino company is unusual in having people, not algorithms, pick its top stories. That approach is highly controversial, giving around a dozen people control over what is seen by some 90 million people – but Apple believes it is the safer approach …

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Apple News Stories October 2

Last week, a report dove into Apple News’ growing traffic numbers, but the lack of revenue it is generating for publications. Now, Digiday is out with a new report exploring how Apple looks to build relationships with publishers through the platform, focusing on human connection rather than automation.

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Apple News Stories September 25

While Apple has been increasing its focus on Apple News recently, a new report from Slate dives into some of the struggles publishers still have with the platform. The report explains that while viewership is increasing with Apple News, publishers struggle to monetize that growing viewership.

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