Apple Pay Stories August 19

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The Australian banks have been denied permission to act as a monopolistic cartel in the country, preventing them from negotiating collectively with Apple over Apple Pay terms for the time being as reported by Reuters. Australian banks are resisting adoption of Apple’s mobile payment solution (available in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s), referring to hefty fees and loss of customer control.

Apple says that the banks are being anti-competitive by blocking the introduction of innovative payment technologies like Apple Pay. The banks want to force Apple to open up the NFC chip to third-party developers, which Apple says would cripple the security standards of its platform.

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Apple Pay Stories August 10

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Apple has made a formal complaint to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in response to resistance from Australian financial institutions to adopt Apple Pay. Apple says the country’s three largest banks have formed a monopolistic cartel and are collectively dictating terms of new payment business models, like Apple Pay.

It also rejected the request from banks to let them have access to the NFC radio and create alternate contactless payment systems on top of the iPhone. Apple says doing so would compromise the security of its platform as it mandates very high standards when customers make payments on Apple systems.

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Apple Pay Stories July 19

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Following its launch in France earlier today, Apple Pay is now live in Hong Kong, as well. This rollout was previously teased by Apple at WWDC last month, but now users in Hong Kong can officially take advantage of the company’s mobile payment solution.

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Following the announcement that the service is now available in France, Apple Pay in the United States has also expanded to a handful of new banks and credit unions. According to Apple’s support document, the service is now supported by an additional handful of locations across the country.

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Apple Pay Stories July 18

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At WWDC last month, Apple announced that its Apple Pay mobile payments service would be coming to France, and now the service has officially went live in the country. With the rollout in France, which was first rumored earlier this year, Apple Pay is now available in 8 countries.

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