Apple Retail Store Stories May 13

Apple Retail Stores are constantly used to promote Apple TV+ shows and movies, however, the company has now taken a more aggressive (and fun) approach. Some of the most popular Apple TV+ shows such as Severance and Ted Lasso have now come to life at The Grove Apple Store.

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Apple Retail Store Stories December 27, 2021

With the number of COVID-19 cases increasing around the world due to the Omicron variant, some companies are once again closing their retail stores. Now Apple has decided to close all of its stores in New York City after having temporarily shut down other stores across the US and Canada.

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Apple Retail Store Stories December 22, 2021

Apple last week closed some of its retail stores in the US and Canada due to the spread of the new COVID-19 variant. Now the company has reportedly closed seven more retail stores this week, and that number is likely to grow in the coming weeks.

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Apple Retail Store Stories December 1, 2021

Apple is opening a new store in Berlin on December 2. The Rosenthaler Strasse retail store is Apple’s second in the city, joining its Kurfürstendamm location.

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Apple Retail Store Stories October 11, 2021

It’s been more than five years since we last reported that Apple was readying its third retail store in Istanbul. Now, we are officially nearing an opening date as Apple is now promoting the new store.

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Apple Retail Store Stories April 8, 2021

Rumors about second Apple Store in Berlin gain traction with new construction pictures

Eight years after Apple opened its first Apple Store in Berlin, rumors about a second one are gaining traction with new construction pictures.

Apple Retail Store Stories October 4, 2018

Apple contracts local police to help deter thefts at California retail stores

As it continues to battle robberies at retail stores across the country, Apple is turning to police for help in deterring thieves and beefing up Apple store security. While many stores around the country have long had police and security standing by, CBS Sacramento says Apple is expanding its efforts at local stores.

Apple Retail Store Stories February 23, 2017


According to a new report from Gizmodo, Apple plans to continue its slow Latin America expansion with a new store in Argentina. The store comes following Apple’s first Latin American store in Brazil 3 years ago, which was followed by a new store in Mexico City last year.

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Apple Retail Store Stories August 22, 2016


Updated with corrected & expanded hierarchies, and more detail on the Creative Pro role. Thanks to J for the additional info.

Apple is complementing its redesigned and renamed Apple Stores with changes to the staffing roles, according to sources. We first heard last week that the changes would be announced on Sunday, along with a new credo.

Three new positions are being introduced as of February 2017, while other roles are being renamed …

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Apple Retail Store Stories August 10, 2016

Apple to open World Trade Center retail location on August 16

Apple’s long-awaited retail location inside the World Trade Center now has an opening date. The company announced today that the store, its 10th in New York City, will open in less than a week on Tuesday, August 16th. On the store’s info page, Apple teases that it has “something special in store” for customers.

Apple Retail Store Stories May 20, 2016

Job listings show up for Brooklyn Apple Store, suggesting opening later this year

Apple’s first retail store in Brooklyn has been a long time coming. Following years of speculation, the plan was confirmed back in 2014, when it was revealed that the location would be at 247 Bedford Avenue, in Williamsburg, though the project later fell behind schedule.

Apple Retail Store Stories April 28, 2016


A report back in February that Apple would be allowed to open retail stores in India has been corroborated by India’s Economic Times. India normally doesn’t allow single-brand retail stores unless at least 30% of their products are made within the country, but Apple is reportedly set to be granted an exemption on the grounds that its products are ‘cutting-edge technology.’

A government panel has recommended exempting Apple from mandatory local sourcing norms, a move which would pave the way for Apple to open single-brand retail stores in the country. “The committee has found that the company’s products are cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art. It has recommended to exempt them from the local sourcing norms,” sources said.

The exemption is a pretty big deal for Apple …

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Apple Retail Store Stories February 23, 2016


Mark Gurman revealed on Friday that Apple has introduced a new reward program designed to boost iPhone sales in Apple Stores.

The program’s goal is to push Apple retail employees to sell more iPhones by promising rewards and all-expense paid vacations to Cupertino, California to employees who sell the most iPhones in their region, according to sources.

I do, of course, recognize the pressure Apple is under following flat iPhone sales last quarter and the company warning that its revenue will this quarter see its first ever year-on-year decline since 2003. But Tim Cook has himself repeatedly claimed that Apple focuses on making great products rather than sales numbers, repeating this line earlier this month.

Offering staff incentives to push iPhone sales strikes me as a mistake with the potential to damage the company’s image …

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Apple Retail Store Stories January 25, 2016


At its current rate of expansion, Apple could conceivably hit its October goal of 40 retail stores in China within a couple of months. The company has just announced that its 33rd Apple Store in China will open on 31st January, making it the fifth new store in the country in one month …  expand full story

Apple Retail Store Stories January 11, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.01.23 PM

French Apple news site MacGeneration today reports that Apple is soon planning to open a new flagship retail store in Paris, France, citing French newspaper Le Figaro. The report claims that Apple has secured a lease for a 20,341-square-feet seven story building at 114 Avenue des Champs-Élysées. The company plans to operate a retail store on the lower levels of the building, while the upper levels will be reserved for office space.

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Apple Retail Store Stories January 7, 2016

Apple on a roll with retail expansion in China as it announces 30th store, second this month

China’s current economic problems – share trading suspended for the second time in a week after stocks fell 7% – doesn’t seem to be impacting Apple’s retail store expansion program in the country. The company has announced the opening of its 30th retail store in China, the second one it is opening this month. Back in 2014, the company set a goal of opening 40 stores in the country by October of this year.

The latest store is in Xiamen, a port city on the Taiwan Strait. Xiamen is home to one of the four Special Economic Zones established by the Chinese government back in the 1980s, to encourage foreign investment and trade.

Unusually, the store opens on a weekday, with Apple’s website showing that it will open at 10am on Thursday 14th January. The store is located in the SM Lifestyle Center at 399 Jiahe Road, in the Siming District of the city. It opens just a few days after the 29th store in Shenyang.

Apple Retail Store Stories January 4, 2016

Apple continues China expansion, as store #29 opens on Saturday [Update: Latin America store rumors]

Update: An anonymous source cited by MacRumors claims that Apple is planning a major expansion of its retail store program in Latin America, with the first two stores slated for Mexico City. A blurry photo of a claimed internal recruitment document (below) is provided.

The tipster claims the first Mexico City store will be located in the upscale Via Santa Fe area of Centro Santa Fe, the largest shopping mall in Latin America, while the second store will allegedly be in a prominent shopping district and adopt Apple’s next-generation store design used in Brussels, Cupertino, Dubai and elsewhere.

Other countries are also said to be in line for their own Apple Stores, including Chile, Peru and Argentina.

Apple’s rapid expansion in China continues apace as it works toward its target of 40 retail stores in the country by October of this year. The company is currently opening one Apple Store a month, with #27 in November, #28 in December and now #29 set to open this Saturday in Shenyang. 

Apple is mostly opening its Chinese stores inside major shopping malls, and this will be the sixth to open in a MixC mall.

This will be Apple’s second store in Shenyang, which is a major commercial hub for north-east China. The city has a population of just over eight million, and is noted for trade with Japan, Russia and Korea.

China is also known for counterfeit Apple products, with Dom recently taking an amusing look at some of the knock-offs he found in a recent visit to Shenzhen.

Apple Retail Store Stories December 21, 2015

Report: Apple retail stores to start selling accessibility accessories early next year

High-resolution audio isn’t the only rumor emerging from Macotakara today, the site also claiming that Apple will begin selling accessibility accessories for Macs and iOS devices early next year.

In the second quarter of 2016 (January-March), Apple plans to release Accessibility-related peripherals and accessories for both iOS and OS X.

Apple has long championed access to technology for those with disabilities. The American Foundation for the Blind gave Apple a Helen Keller Achievement Award, while the president of the National Federation of the Blind stated that “Apple has done more for accessibility than any other company.”

Apple has previously highlighted Accessibility apps in its store, and Tim Cook last year told investors that while making its devices accessible doesn’t necessarily increase revenue, the company does so because it’s the right thing to do.

Photo: Resound

Apple Retail Store Stories December 16, 2015

Apple extending iconic Hong Kong store to a third floor, new space opening soon

While Apple may be rolling out new stores in mainland China at a rapid rate, it isn’t neglecting Hong Kong. Some five months after opening its fourth Apple Store on the island, it is now expanding its very first store there.

The store at the International Finance Center is suspended above a major road in the city, and AppleInsider obtained a photo of a hoarding on the third floor stating that the new level would “open soon.”

Apple Retail Store Stories December 8, 2015

Just a fortnight after fifth Beijing location, 28th Chinese Apple Store opening on Saturday

It’s only a fortnight since Apple opened its 27th retail store in China, but there’s no sign of any let up in pace as the company heads towards its goal of 40 Apple Stores in China by October of next year. It has just added number 28 to its website, noting that the new store in Nanning will open on Saturday.

The store will be located inside the upmarket MixC complex in the Qingxiu District. In addition to a shopping mall with designer brands, the complex also boasts a 5-star hotel, upscale offices and a high-rise luxury residential building.

Nanning, located close to the border with Vietnam, is known as China’s “Green City” due to the tropical plant-life in its many parks. The city is home to around 6.6 million people.

Apple Retail Store Stories December 7, 2015

Bomb scare closes Tokyo Apple Store as handwritten note demands talk be cancelled

Apple cancelled a talk scheduled to be held yesterday at its Tokyo Ginza retail store after a handwritten bomb threat was received, reports Public Slate. The store was closed for an hour while police searched for explosives, but nothing was found.

The event was to feature guest, Isao Yukisada, a Japanese film director. The director was scheduled to speak at 2 p.m.

It’s not known why the event was targeted.

The store previously made the news when it opened its doors early to allow queuing iPhone customers in before an approaching typhoon hit.

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In an interview to promote Apple’s Hour of Code workshops for kids aged 6 and up, SVP of software engineering Craig Federighi has told the BBC that introducing young children to programming is so important because programming is “the next level of literacy.”

“These devices are so much a part of our lives, we have a computer in some form wherever we go, that the ability to create in that medium is as fundamental as the ability to write,” he said […]

He says programming should be seen as a “language and a way of thinking”. And while many young people have a great facility in using devices, he says being able to programme them is the “next level of literacy”.

Federighi, who first began to experiment with code when he was ten years old, said that Apple also wanted to dispel one of the myths of life as a software engineer …  expand full story

Apple Retail Store Stories December 1, 2015

Apple rolls out Personal Pickup to six more European countries as of today

Apple’s Personal Pickup service – where you place your order online but can pick it up from a local Apple Store as early as an hour later – just hit six more European countries today: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.

Long limited to the U.S. only, it made its way to Australia and Canada a couple of weeks ago, and the UK a few days later. German site Macerkopf first noticed its availability in Germany, before updating with the additional five countries.

Personal Pickup can be a useful option if you’re in a hurry, allowing you to get your hands on a product the same day while minimizing the amount of time you spend fighting the crowds in an Apple Store.

Apple Retail Store Stories November 23, 2015


Apple is making good progress with its aim of having 40 retail stores open in China by next October, announcing that the 27th store will be opening on Saturday in the Chaoyang Joy City shopping mall, Beijing. It will be the fifth Apple Store to open in China’s capital city.

Apple has doubled its year-on-year revenue from China for two quarters running, with the country already representing a larger market than Europe and on track to become a bigger one that the USA …  expand full story

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