Claim (patent) Stories August 8, 2014

In a new twist to the second Apple vs Samsung patent trial, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has rejected the specific part of Apple’s auto-correct patent that Samsung was said to have infringed, reports FOSS Patents. This effectively means that Samsung was ruled to have infringed a patent that is no longer valid.

The trial found that Samsung infringed three of the five patents Apple claimed, including a specific element of its auto-correct patent which described a particular method of offering corrections or completions. Samsung had unsuccessfully argued at trial that this approach had been used by others before Apple, and therefore could not be patented. The court rejected this argument, but the USPTO has now agreed with Samsung …  expand full story

Claim (patent) Stories May 8, 2012

Samsung’s Tizen prototype has a familiar home button

Samsung just cannot shake the blatant copying—almost like it is part of its DNA. Its latest Tizen reference device, besides an OS that copies the look and feel of Android, has a circular home button right where Apple’s iPhone has one.

Samsung is being dragged through the courts the world over for copying the iPhone’s look and feel. That behavior does not seem to be abating any, and might even be increasing. Samsung is now the world’s largest handset and smartphone maker.

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