Enterprise Stories November 24, 2010

Hang onto your hats — we already have word of yet one more special event to close out 2010 but Apple’s already plotting to delight and surprise with another update to its MacBook Pro range and that there long-awaited move to ship a new blend of Final Cut Studio — and we only need to wait till April (some say). expand full story

COMPUTERWORLD: Apple [AAPL] has so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: Mac sales are exploding; the iPad/iPhone/iPod halo is shining; The Beatles have reached iTunes; and in a few weeks time Apple will launch the world’s biggest and most convenient consumer software retailer — the Mac App Store. And next year will be the year of the Mac.

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We’re looking at serious legal challenges across the mobile phone industry in the next couple of years, with Apple’s case against Motorola now set to be reviewed by the US ITC, which could ban import of Motorola phones into the US if the company is found guilty. Meanwhile, HTC and Samsung have teamed up with that renowned patent rights litigator, Intellectual Ventures, to protect those firms from attack. expand full story

Enterprise Stories November 22, 2010

COMPUTERWORLD: Apple [AAPL] is pushing out iOS 4.2 today, and as it does it is dropping a few hints as to the philosophy which drives the company in its evolution of the Mac OS, Lion, which will itself hint at the future direction of Apple’s operating systems for mobile and computing devices on this Apple planet.

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Enterprise Stories November 19, 2010

COMPUTERWORLD: Only this morning declared one of the greatest innovations of 2010 by Time magazine, we’re receiving reports that components for the iPad successor, let’s call it ‘iPad 2.0’, have been selected and approved with production set to accelerate come February, suggesting the next-gen Apple tablet will ship in Q1. I’ve gathered my thoughts and this is what I think we might know about iPad 2.0 at this time, though it is speculative, so some ideas may be wide off the mark.

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Enterprise Stories November 18, 2010

Apple’s newest board member is a living embodiment of just why we should all be using Macs — but unfortunately not in a good way. You see, his former company, Northrop Grumman, is currently causing huge problems in its implementation of computer systems across the state of Virginia. expand full story

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