Enterprise Stories November 5, 2010

Well, Apple didn’t take long to replace its Xserve today.  Noting the change in its Xserve transition documents (PDF), we headed over to the Apple Store and lo and behold, there is a new Mac Pro Server option that fits nicely where the Xserve now does.

It ships within a month and can be configured with 12 cores where the Xserve maxes out at 8.  We’ve compared max out setups below: expand full story

Wow. As of January 31st, the Xserve will be no more.  After almost a decade (it was introduced in 2002), Apple will no longer have a rack mounable server product unless you consider things like MacMini Colo a rack mountable solution.

The Enterprise business really never took off for Apple and besides some brief notoriety for their G5 Supercomputers in the middle part of the decade, Apple’s Xserves never really stood out in the greater enterprise community.  Although they looked good and were great machines, they were expensive for their performance.

This will be a big blow to the businesses that use Macs as servers, but like everything else, Apple likely sees these businesses moving to the cloud for their Apple server needs.  Perhaps we’ll see a MobileMe Enterprise edition coming out of North Carolina?

On the hardware side, businesses that would have otherwise bought an Xserve will be forced into buying Mac Pros or Minis…unless Apple decides to license its Server software to someone else.  But we’re not even sure there will be a new version of OSX Server.

Does this also put 10.7 Lion Server on the endangered species list?

All we can say is: RIP to the best looking 1U Rack mountable server out there.  It was always especially interesting to open them up and see how Apple arranged those motherboards, hard drives and other equipment in two dimensions.  :( expand full story

Enterprise Stories November 4, 2010

COMPUTERWORLD: I’ve said it before now I’m saying it again, the iPad is indeed cannibalizing netbook sales. For proof, you don’t have to ask Best Buy’s boss, nor do you have to listen to the analysts, you just need to speak with Microsoft. Apple’s iPad is exploding into the enterprise, defining new categories and generating huge disruption across many industries, meanwhile competitors are simply unable to keep up as Apple does the business.



Enterprise Stories November 3, 2010

According to CNET, Lightpeek 10Gb Tx/Rx bus technology is on the way for a 2011 debut, likely in Apple’s Macintosh computeres.

But Apple is expected to back Light Peak, if past comments from Intel still hold. Shortly after its annual developer conference in 2009, Intel said that it had showed the technology to third parties, got feedback, then incorporated the feedback into the next design, adding, at that time, that “Apple is an innovating force in the industry.

Steve Jobs recently panned USB3 in an email saying that Intel didn’t directly support it in their chips.  Intel will natively support Light Peak.  Below is a video on Light Peak:

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Apple’s loosened-up its deal for AppleCare customers, enabling them to transfer their maintenance and support agreements to new products.

“As of 28 October 2010, customers who want to transfer their AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) coverage to a new product may do so instead of having to cancel the agreement and purchase a new one.” expand full story


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