Enterprise Stories February 20, 2009

Enterprise Stories February 11, 2009

At ARM’s recent earnings call, CEO Warren East talked up a new type of hybrid computer platform.  This platform would use Intel for serious processor intensive work and ARM as a dashboard type of OS for web browsing and email.  According to East,  Dell’s Latitude ON E4200 is already doing this.  Other manufacturers are using Linux distros like Splashtop that run on Intel.  Apple has every reason to do this as well.  They already have a pretty solid ARM OS with an App store and plenty of applications. 

An ARM chip from PASemi could also thwart Hackintoshes.  Could hybrid Macs be coming down the pipe?  Read More at Computerworld



Enterprise Stories January 30, 2009

Not only did we learn the GDrive is coming, but we now know more about what it can do. "GDrive allows you to access your files from anywhere, anytime, and from any device – be it from your desktop, web browser or cellular phone".   Think about having your Photos, Videos and Music on GDrive for playing on your iPhone and iPod touch.   Everywhere. 

Yes, this is good.  9to5Google.com good.  Anyone thing this will take Adobe files?

via GOS

Enterprise Stories January 27, 2009

Western Digital is heading the relentless progression of Hard Drive technology by unleashing their new 2TB "Green" monster. (sorry Sox fans).  Hot Hardware got their hands on one and ran it through the Windows NTFS ringer.  Results?  It held its own speed-wise against other 7200 RPM drives.  WD says they’ll retail at $299 but with 1.5TB Drives hitting $129 routinely, we expect to see these guys at around the $200 range very soon.  Specs below

  • Capacity:  2TB (400Gb/sq.in. areal density)
  • 32MB cache buffer
  • Variable spindle speed
  • 3.5-inch form-factor
  • 500GB/platter, 4-platter design
  • 3Gb/sec SATA with NCQ
  • SATA power connector only
  • PMR head technology
  • RoHS compliant



Enterprise Stories January 26, 2009

We’re kinda going off topic – or cross topic if you’d like – here but we know a lot of you readers use Google Apps.  Plus, you like hints solving technology mysteries right?  Well, we’ve uncovered some information on Google’s infamous GDrive or Webdrive that seem to indicate that you’ll soon be able to store your documents with Google.   Here’s the Google Webdrive icon:


More  From GOS:

Cédric Vergé noticed a change in one of the CSS files for Google Apps: there’s a class named "webdrive" and an icon for the new service.

When Google released Picasa for Mac, many people wondered what’s the mystery behind a menu option titled "Google Web Drive":

Last week, Tony Ruscoe found some traces of an internal Google document which mentioned an update for Google Docs, which will slowly morph into GDrive. Apparently, Google Docs will be the web interface for GDrive, while a Windows/Mac client will integrate the service with the operating system and make it easy to synchronize files.

Enterprise Stories January 21, 2009

Maybe Apple ran out of the old motherboards? 

Apple, a few days ago (sneaky little bastards), updated the polycarbonate white MacBook’s specs pretty significantly. 

No one noticed. 

Strangely, even with the NVIDIA 9400M chipset, the White MacBook still uses the Mini DVI Port from the look of the side.  Also, while the RAM has been upgraded to 2GB (joy!) it is DDR2 and not DDR3 like the Unibody MacBook.  Bluetooth moves from 2.0 to 2.1.

These won’t be able to power a 30 inch screen like the Unibodies as well because Mini DVI only supports resolutions of 1920×1200.

Oh, and don’t worry, Firewire is still there.


Read — Old white MacBook
Read — New white MacBook

via Engadget

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