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iOS devices refer to any of Apple’s hardware that runs the iOS mobile operating system which include iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Historically, Apple releases a new iOS version once a year, the current version is iOS 10. Here is the complete list of iOS 10 compatible devices.

iOS Devices Stories October 10, 2012

There is nothing worse than dropping your iPhone…except maybe dropping it into a lake. That is just an awful feeling. Not shamed by the occasion, 9to5mac reader Ken Hovanes shared his story of when he dropped an iPhone into Smith Lake roughly six months ago. He dropped it from a dock and was not able to see through six feet of water to pick it up. Hovanes considered it damaged/lost, so he bought a new iPhone.

Thinking all hope was gone, Hovanes was surprised this weekend to find his lost iPhone in the lake once the water levels lowered and the lake became clearer. Even more surprising: he discovered the iPhone still operates. As you can see in the gallery below, the screen turns on when plugged into a power source. There is a little water damage (including Wi-Fi, screen issues, and the bulges you can see below), but he is trying to clean out the 30-pin adapter area.

Lesson to learn? Do not give up hope on a water-damaged iOS device.

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iOS Devices Stories October 9, 2012


Right before Apple was set to launch the iPhone 5 in mid-September, the nation’s fourth-largest, iPhone-less carrier T-Mobile prepared an aggressive campaign to capture iPhone users on its network. Coincidentally launched on Sept. 21, T-Mobile promises up to $1,200 in savings over AT&T for unlocked iPhone users. T-Mobile even has a nano SIM just for those making the switch, along with trained T-Mobile salespeople who are able to instruct users on unlocking in-store. They will not physically open the devices, however. This is an unprecedented move—especially for a device that T-Mobile does not officially carry.

Today, TmoNews reported that T-Mobile has issued an internal memo that said the company would no longer use Apple or iPhone in its “Unlimited & Unlocked” campaign. It is not clear if Apple lawyers’ intervened, but we reached out to T-Mobile for clarification. T-Mobile will continue to carry iPhones for demonstration purposes and advice.

Update: A T-Mobile spokesperson told us the following:

T-Mobile’s planned efforts have not changed.  As noted in T-Mobile’s September 10th blog — — T-Mobile has stepped up its Bring your own device efforts – which include unlocked iPhones.  These efforts began in September and will continue as planned this fall.

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The iPhone 5 is barely a month old, and almost everyone, present company included, thinks it is the most amazing smartphone on the market. But, it’s not perfect (that’s what updates are for), and Apple’s Support Community has been lighting up with not-isolated issues affecting all matter of functionality on the iPhone 5.

The top 6 iPhone 5 gripes from Apple’s support forums:

1. Date and time

The above issue, regarding iPhone 5 dates and times randomly changing, largely seems to primarily affect Verizon users. One support forum member (Rockyrikoko) even reported the same problem having occurred for Verizon’s Droid devices. The same member later claimed Apple engineers told him/her: “Issues with time provided over the air from Verizon will ultimately be for the carrier to address.” A quick skim through over a dozen pages revealed that —to this date— there has been no quick fix from Apple or Verizon and many users are still manually setting their clocks.

Check out the full thread: iPhone 5 time and date issues

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