Sketchy Japanese supply-chain report says iPad Pro will go on sale in 1st week of November

Apple hasn’t yet been any more specific about when you’ll be able to get your hands on an iPad Pro beyond saying that it’ll be sometime in November, but Japanese blog Mac Otakara claims it will go on sale in the very first week. Unsurprisingly, the Apple Pencil is said to be due to go on sale at the same time.

As ever with non-specified supply-chain sources, take them with a very large pinch of salt. All Apple’s suppliers know with any certainty are their own deadlines for their own components – they are not given access to Apple’s retail plans.

Apple officially announced the 12.9-inch iPad at its September event, along with the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil accessories. Pricing will range from $799 to $1079. The device got an early thumbs-up from Pixar.

Via Apple Insider