iPhone apps Stories March 1, 2016

Got a company-issued iPhone? You may find homescreen apps locked into place …

If you have an iPhone issued by your employer, you might find both your dock and homescreen being populated by the apps your organization wants to make front and center. Developer Steve Stroughton-Smith noticed that iOS 9.3 gives organizations greater control over the way apps are presented on the iPhones they control.

iPhone apps Stories March 23, 2015

Google’s iOS app Field Trip now features notable women from history

Google’s iOS app Field Trip, a cool background app that alerts you to interesting things around you as you travel, now features notable women from history. If you check the Spark: Women on the Map option in the app, it will point out sites where women have played an important role in our past.

Google worked with gender equality campaign group SPARK to add the feature, reports TNW, after it pointed out to Google that its doodles featured women only 17% of the time. Google has also promised to do better there.

Field Trip so far features only 100 women, but anyone can nominate someone they feel should be included, suggesting that it may quickly grow.

iPhone apps Stories January 31, 2014

Adobe VideoBite, an iOS app designed to make video editing as quick and easy as possible, has been updated to allow titles, photos and music to be added, turning it into a fully-fledged editor while retaining its simple user-interface.

Heartwarming Apple ads aside, I’ve always been rather skeptical of the real-world practicality of video editing on a phone, but I have to confess that VideoBite does make it a very slick process. Trimming clips, for example, involves nothing more than pressing a heart icon at the beginning and end of the bit you want to keep. Adding transitions and music is just as easy, and your finished masterpiece is saved to your camera roll, with exports to Facebook, YouTube and email also supported …  expand full story

iPhone apps Stories January 17, 2014

Video: Conan, Ice Cube, & Kevin Hart take a ride with the Lyft for iPhone app (Possibly NSFW)

If you’ve never been in a Lyft car, Conan has teamed up with rapper Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart to offer some insight on what the experience is like. Your move, Uber.

iPhone apps Stories January 16, 2014

Starbucks confirms that its iOS app stores passwords in plain text

Starbucks has confirmed a finding by security researcher Daniel Wood that both username and password in its iOS app are stored in plain text.

It’s not the big deal some are making it out to be – to make use of it, someone would need physical access to your unlocked iPhone, in which case you likely have bigger things to worry about than someone being able to order tall skinny lattes on your dime. Additionally, as Engadget observes, a far easier hack by someone with access to your phone would simply be to take a photo of the on-screen barcode used to authorise payments.

All the same, it is pretty poor design on the part of a payment app from a major company, and it’s surprising that Starbucks apparently has no plans to fix it with an updated app.

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