Tokyo Stories June 30, 2014

Jason Mraz to perform at new Tokyo Apple Store to promote upcoming album

Musician Jason Mraz, who is mostly known for his single “I’m Yours,” will be performing at Apple’s new store in Omotesando, Tokyo, according to a note posted on the store’s webpage. Mraz will be performing from 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM local time on July 1st in order to promote his upcoming album called “YES!” The album is available for pre-order on the iTunes Store for $10.99 and various singles from the album are already available for immediate download. Apple frequently has musical guests at its stores and events, but Mraz’s appearance will be one of the more notable performances at an Apple Store in recent years.

Tokyo Stories June 12, 2014

Apple’s first Tokyo Apple Store opening since 2005 occurred today in the city of Omotesando. The new store features two floors and a fully glass exterior. Apple published a video showing preparations for the store earlier this week. As she promised in a memo to employees earlier today, Angela Ahrendts is on hand for the opening:

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Burberry Group Plc CEO Angela Ahrendts At The London Stock Exchange

After being on the job for approximately a month and a half, new Apple Senior VP of Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts has sent her first memo to Apple Retail employees. In the memo, Ahrendts discusses Apple’s culture, her visits to stores thus far, and her plans for the future.

“I have spent most of my time getting to know and understand the many functions and teams in Cupertino, along with our short and long term initiatives. I was thrilled to meet many of you at stores in San Francisco and London this month, and I’m looking forward to Tokyo and the Omotesando opening,” Ahrendts said. “Every couple of weeks, we will be visiting stores across the world to see and learn what we do best and hear your thoughts about opportunities ahead,” she added.

We previously profiled Ahrendts plans for transforming Apple retail with a new end-to-end sales experience, mobile payment initiatives, and an increased emphasis on the Chinese consumer. Today’s memo from Ahrendts to employees reiterates many of these points… expand full story

Tokyo Stories June 11, 2014

Apple has shared a video on its official YouTube channel of its preparations for the June 13th grand opening of the Omotesando, Tokyo Apple Store. The video is just under a minute long, but it does provide some perspective into the lengths that Apple takes to prepare stores for their openings. You can view the video below:

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Tokyo Stories June 9, 2014

Last month we showed you the new Apple Store in Portland as well as to soon-to-open location in Madrid, and now photos of a new, multi-level glass Apple Store are starting to surface from Japan. The gigantic retail location is located on the Omotesando avenue alongside several other flagship retailers and is set to open to the public on Friday, June 13th, as invitations to attend the day one experience have already been sent out. More photos below… expand full story

Tokyo Stories May 29, 2014

Apple continues to expand green retail efforts with new Omotesandō, Tokyo store

Apple is continuing its push to expand its retail arm under the guidance of new Retail VP Angela Ahrendts, with new stores popping up around the world. Today another of those new stores has been revealed as green and white signs promoting the upcoming Apple Store, Omotestando in Tokyo, Japan. The store is said to be opening in June.

According to Macotakara [translation], the new store will use a “curtain of green” to control the interior climate and cut energy usage. This “green curtain” apparently consists of plants that will be grown to cover the exterior of the building, providing a type of organic insulation. The vegetation also helps absorb carbon dioxide in the area. The signage pictured above certain seems to hint at such a system for the Omotesandō location.

Of course, this step makes sense for Apple, which has always been comitted to finding environmentally-friendly ways to run its operations. From seeking renewable energy sources for retail stores and datacenters, to investigating green power for mobile devices, and designing what could be the world’s largest corporate solar power installation to power its new headquarters, Apple has certainly earned its place on the EPA’s list of top green-powered companies.

More photos of the store (via Ringo-Sanco) are below.

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