October 29, 2010

October 28, 2010

October 27, 2010

Dan Frommer at SAI reports that Apple is having a developer summit at its Cupertino campus. The event begins next Tuesday, and runs for three days.

We are short on details, and we have not seen any public information about it, but it sounds like this will be a more intimate version of the iPhone Tech Talks that Apple hosted around the world last year.

This year, app publishers may get some extra face time with Apple engineers, and perhaps some hands-on development help. The big idea, it seems, is an effort to improve the quality of iOS apps available in Apple’s App Store. This comes as Google’s rival Android platform continues to look better to developers, and receives more of their attention and investment.

It might also get developers interested in the Mac App Store which is starting soon.  The timing would certainly indicate as much. expand full story


October 25, 2010


October 21, 2010

October 20, 2010


Some heavy words from Goatberg:

But I couldn’t find a killer innovation that would be likely to make iPhone or Android users envious, except possibly for dedicated Xbox users. Even the built-in Office can be replicated with third-party Office-compatible apps on competing platforms; and the iPhone and Android phones also can interoperate with Microsoft’s corporate Exchange email, calendar and contact system.So for now, I see Windows Phone 7 as mostly getting Microsoft into the game, and replacing the stale, complicated Windows Mobile system that preceded it. It will get better. The company is already working on a copy and paste system, and said it is coming early next year. But, today, I see Windows Phone 7 as inferior to iPhone and Android for most average users. It’s simply not fully baked yet.

Engadget also isn’t thrilled, saying:

It still feels like the company is a good year behind market leaders right now, and though it’s clear the folks in Redmond are doing everything they can to get this platform up to snuff, it’s also clear that they’re not there yet.

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October 19, 2010

What’s interesting about the MacBook Air that is likely to be introduced tomorrow is that it is painfully overdue.  Not just milked by Apple longer than normal, but kept back artificially for some reason.  To put it into perspective, Apple’s “least bang for buck” high-end, low-power laptop will be exactly 500 days since its last update tomorrow.  Apple hasn’t ever let any other MacBook/Pro go even a year without an update of some kind.

So what’s up?

I think Apple had to hold the MacBook Air back for OS 10.7, Lion.  Some Lion features must be integral to the new MacBook Air (and maybe other new MacBooks?).  We know Lion was originally slated to be released earlier and has been in testing for over a year.

So what could these new features be? expand full story


Move over Android and iPhone, here comes the new smartphone ‘choice’ — HP today is introducing webOS 2.0, which it is declaring to be the “next generation of mobile innovation”.

webOS 2.0 will take its first public bow on the Palm Pre 2 in France, the United States and Canada, which will be available Friday in France from SFR and is scheduled to be available in the coming months in the United States from Verizon Wireless and in Canada.

“With webOS 2.0, we’re advancing the innovations we introduced 16 months ago, expanding the features that make webOS great for consumers, enterprises and developers,” said ex Apple veep now senior VP and general manager, Palm Global Business Unit, HP, Jon Rubinstein. expand full story

7digital has developed its own iPhone app and is engaged in “positive discussions” with Apple, and expects its app — which enables music purchase and playback — will be made available via the App Store.

The UK-based digital music firm introduced its app for Android devices last month. The app lets users: expand full story

October 18, 2010

During Apple’s 4th quarter conference call, Steve Jobs stepped in to field some questions and make a few points. His biggest? 7-inch tablets are “useless” and “dead on arrival” no doubt referring to the hundreds of Android tablets in the pipeline and specifically the Samsung Galaxy Tab which is slated to be released on all four US carriers next month.

Jobs said that the 7- inch size actually has half the surface area as an iPad and users won’t enjoy the experience in the same way.  It will also run Android.

Whatever the case, Apple clearly isn’t building a seven inch iPad, at least not in the near future. expand full story


October 15, 2010

Virtual good sales are spiking within Apple’s iOS ecosystem, with revenues from such sales dwarfing ads revenue, reports analytics firm, Flurry.

The analytics company looked at revenues accrued by a sample group of social networking and social gaming apps to reach its conclusion.

The sample group offered a “combined reach of 2.2 million daily active users”, Flurry says. It found that in-app purchases were accounting for over 80 percent of their revenues. expand full story

October 13, 2010

Apple’s some time ally, Intel’s Paul Otellini, has vowed to use “all of the assets” at his company’s disposal to seize back leadership in the tablet market.

In an interview, Otellini took a moment to praise Apple’s achievements with its iPad, before making his promise to seize back the category through a series of Intel processor-powered partner devices.

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October 12, 2010

This hasn’t taken long: recall one of the early winners of funding from the infamous ‘iFund’ venture capital stash designed to boost Apps development? It was ngmoco, of course, and now that hugely succesful company is set to be acquired by Japanese social games network, DeNA Co.

The $403 million purchase follows August’s news that Google Ventures invested $5 million in the developer. expand full story

October 10, 2010

Original Mac Mini vs. new AppleTV

We’ve been able to verify that the Limera1n does work on AppleTVs (TUAW also) though no apps run on it and OpenSSH isn’t yet available. But soon, you’ll be able to punch though into your AppleTV box and have a pretty basic Unix machine with a command line interface and a significantly powerful GPU.

So what kind of computer do you get for $99 (and $64 for Apple’s N+1).

…or what fun toys does this have inside to exploit?  From the teardown we know it has Bluetooth and FM.   We also know from its specs that it has 10/100 Ethernet, Wifi N, USB and 720P HDMI video out (1280×720) which also carries digital audio.  Internally it has a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8, 256MB of RAM and 8GB of storage.

With some significant hacking, these could make fantastic little DNS servers or Firewall/VPN/Routers.  It shouldn’t be too hard to turn an Ethernet wired AppleTV into an Airport base station for instance.  It might be a bit harder (or not) to turn it into a fantastic little NAS with the USB port on the back.  At $99/ea these are going to be great hacking toys.

But why stop there?   expand full story


We’re less than 24 hours away from the launch of Windows Phone 7 and we already have a minor controversy.  It seems Microsoft has been advertising that they’ll be carrying the uber-popular Angry Birds game on their platform.  (Available on iOS and Android currently).

The only problem is that not only isn’t Angry Birds not available for Microsoft Phone 7, the developers aren’t even working on it.  Actually they hadn’t even planned on working on it according to an ….errrrm… Tweet from the developers:

Interestingly, we’ve been getting word from some App Store developers that Microsoft is aggressively hounding them to build their apps for the Windows Phone 7 platform, even offering cash incentives ($99) in the case below (Thanks Jesse!): expand full story

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