July 19, 2011

And the Apple Store is down…

Later this week, Apple will officially launch their new MacBook Air line. We previously detailed that these new MacBook Airs will include Thunderbolt ports, i5 and i7 processor options, and a design with little to no changes from the current models. Now, thanks to our source Mr. X, we have all the specifications of the brand-new MacBook Air line.

11.6 inch models:

  • The base model will include a 1.6 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 64GB of flash storage.
  • The more expensive standard configuration also includes a 1.6 GHz processor but upgrades the RAM to 4GB and the storage space to 128 GB.
  • A built to order model will also be available from the online store. This option includes a 1.8 GHz processor (first for an 11.6 inch MacBook Air), 4GB of RAM, and for the first time in an 11.6 inch MacBook Air, 256 GB of flash storage.

13.3 inch models:

  • The base standard configuration includes a 1.7 GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128 GB of flash storage
  • The more expensive standard configuration also includes a 1.7 GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, but upgrades the storage to 256 GB.
  • A built to order option will also be available and this includes a 1.8 GHz chip, 4GB of RAM, and 256 GB of flash storage

These specifications put the unreliable reports of 4GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage as standard (across the line) options to rest. OS X Lion launches tomorrow, so it is possible that these new ultraportables will, too, but that is unconfirmed. Apple will also release a new Mac mini, as we just revealed, later this week.

Besides the new MacBook Air line, which we just revealed, Apple will also drop an upgraded Mac mini line. These new Mac minis will likely retain their currently aluminum unibody design but will pack faster processors and more hard drive space. In addition, the new LED Cinema Display – now called the “Apple Thunderbolt Display” – will debut this week. These new displays will have an optional VESA mount.

The new Mac minis:

  • The base model will include a 2.3 GHz processor with 2GB of RAM, and 500 GB of hard drive storage space
  • The more expensive model will include a 2.5 GHz processor with 4GB of RAM, and 500 GB of hard drive space.
  • Finally, the new Mac mini line will also include a new server model with a 2.0 GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM, and two 500GB hard drives of storage. This new server model should include OS X Lion server, but that’s just a reasonable assumption.

These new Mac minis will likely be powered by the new Intel Sandy Bridge chipsets and include Thunderbolt ports. These new computers should launch by the end of the week, possibly tomorrow – but that is unconfirmed. Thanks, Mr. X!

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July 14, 2011

Update above: that’s the screenshot from Apple’s internal product number system. Note the July 14th launch date for the MacBook Airs (same thing for the Minis). If anyone is wondering, the deleted part is the prices of the new Airs. We’re keeping that private for now.

I’ll make this quick because I’m at the hospital waiting for the ‘launch’ of my son.  (:D Screw the hardware/software, right?!)

We’ve been almost certain that today was the launch of Lion and a new round of Macs based on them for a number of weeks now.  At this point, it doesn’t appear to be happening today.

We have, as we have had in the past, part numbers for all of Apple’s upcoming MacBook Airs, White MacBooks and Minis.  Not only do we have the part numbers but we have the prices.  And not only do we have the prices but attached to some of them, Apple has included the July 14th launch date.  We have these numbers from two separate sources in two different countries so we’re certain that no one (besides Apple?) is pulling one over on us.

One of those sources, Mr. X, has been extremely accurate in the past.

Naturally, we thought that Lion would be coming with all of these new computers so a 14th launch date made some sense.

Whether these dates were a purposeful decoy on Apple’s part, the product ship date slipped for whatever reason or something else entirely, that’s what we have.  Obviously, all of these things are coming soon.

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July 13, 2011

Since our post from yesterday that claimed new Mac Pros and MacBook Airs are about to launch, we have obtained some new information from our source, Mr. X, about Apple’s next Macs. Now that we have this info, we have determined that part numbers for new Mac Pros are not yet available. Instead, these part numbers are actually for an upgraded white MacBook and new Mac mini line.

Apple’s new white MacBook likely with Thunderbolt ports and faster processors:

MC914LL/A – J59, BEST – USA

In addition, Apple is about to launch a new Mac mini line with both a standard model and a server model. It appears that there is a third model as well – probably with a faster processor – but this model is most likely a built-to-order option through the Apple online store:

MC936LL/A – J40, ULTIMATE – USA – Mac mini Server MC815LL/A – J40I, BETTER – USA – Mac mini standard configuration MC816LL/A – J40, BEST – USA Faster Mac mini (likely BTO)

The MacBook Air part numbers were correct and they are still coming very soon. We are still expecting new Mac Pros later this month or early next month.

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July 11, 2011

Update: New MacBooks and Mac minis, not Mac Pros (yet). Full story here.

We have been expecting new MacBook Airs this week and now it appears that the ultra-thin notebooks won’t be the only new Macs this week. According to our source Mr. X, part numbers for an upgraded Mac Pro line have appeared, hinting at a release for the new line of professional-minded desktop Macs in the coming days. Here are the new MacBook Airs:

As you can see from the Apple-internal part numbers above, Apple will be releasing four new MacBook Air models. This includes two 11 inch models and two 13 inch models; both screen sizes will come in entry level and upgraded configurations. Built-to-order options (BTO) will be available as well. We expect some RAM and processor upgrades. Our sources who handled the new MacBook Air told us earlier this month to not expect any noticeable exterior changes. Speedy Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt I/O are this model’s main upgrades.

Surprisingly, it also looks like new Mac Pros are coming as early as this week. The new line was rumored to be launching in the last week of July or the first week of August, but it looks like Apple is getting them out earlier (or we just got the part numbers super early, which is unlikely). The new Mac Pros are may feature a re-designed enclosure that is both narrower and rack-mountable. A faster, 16 core model is also a possibility and Thunderbolt is an obvious addition. As expected, a new Mac Pro Server model will also debut. Here are the new Mac Pros:

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June 27, 2011

Apple is set to release their own accessory for data transfers and display connections between Thunderbolt Macs. The accessory is coming in the form of a cable with both ends featuring connectors for the Thunderbolt I/O port. As we already know, this port is the same size as the Mini Display ports on current and past generation Macs.

These Thunderbolt cables are perfect for data migration between Thunderbolt Macs (currently the iMac and MacBook Pro) as well as for display connections. Although Apple’s LED Display supports Thunderbolt Macs, this new cable might be a hint at a new Apple LED Display with a Thunderbolt port. Perhaps today’s Thunderbolt update has something to do with the new cord.

Additionally, this new cable comes ahead of new MacBook Airs, Mac minis, and Mac Pro with Thunderbolt I/O in the coming weeks.

Thanks, Mr. X!

Update: Apple has officially released the new cable. It’s $55 AU, £3,9.00 in the UK, and… $49 in the U.S.

Thunderbolt technology supports blazing-fast data transfer with two independent channels of 10Gbit/s each. Use the Apple Thunderbolt cable to connect your Thunderbolt-equipped peripherals to your new iMac or new MacBook Pro.

Apple Thunderbolt cable can also be used for Target Disk Mode between two Macs that support Thunderbolt, or to use a new iMac as a display for a MacBook Pro equipped with Thunderbolt.

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June 21, 2011

As predicted last night by Mr. X, Today, Apple announced a new size of its Time Capsule, and it reduced its price on the 2TB version. The 2TB version, model no. MD032LL/A, costs $299, a $200 drop. The new 3TB version, model no. MD033LL/A, costs $499. Apple’s Time Capsule works as a wireless hard drive backup system. It doubles as a 802.11n WiFi base station with dual-band support.

The Airport Extreme part number was also updated, but without any significant differences from previous versions. expand full story

Apple is set to release upgraded models of their AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule products. The brand name wireless routers have been constrained for many weeks now in retail locations across the globe: from Apple Stores to Best Buy to resellers world wide. The new AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule, first confirmed by 9to5Mac, will hit the streets any day now as part numbers for the devices have have been sent to us.

The AirPort Extreme will come in a single configuration and the Time Capsules will keep the 2TB configuration and add a 3TB model for the first time. According to the part number information, all three wireless router configurations will feature price drops. The Time Capsules are rumored to include a new software update caching feature that will store Mac OS and iOS updates on the device’s hard drive for installation on any networked Mac/iOS device.

Here are the new part numbers courtesy of Mr. X:




Also in the pipeline are new Mac minis, Mac Pros (likely launching in early August), and MacBook Airs (possibly later this month or early July).

[Update 1: July 21, 2011]: An updated AirPort Extreme wireless base station with marketing model number A1408 has surfaced in the FCC database, confirming our findings. Engadget explains that the filing drops hints of the three-stream standard for 450Mbps over both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. 

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June 19, 2011

CNET’s Brian Tong claims that Apple is gearing up to launch a revamped Mac Pro and an upgraded Mac mini in either late July or early August – more likely in August. Details are scarce on what this “next-gen” Mac Pro holds, but if what 9to5Mac has previously been told is showing up in these 2011 models, we’ll be seeing a smaller, rackmountable design that can hold multiple solid-state-drives. Lending credence to the report are shortages of the Mac Pro server model.

EXCLUSIVE: My sources tell me ALL NEW Next-Gen Mac Pros and Mac Minis will launch either end of July first week of August.

The Mac minis are said to be receiving the Thunderbolt I/O and Sandy Bridge Processor treatment, which the MacBook Pro and iMac families received earlier this year. Summer 2010 was the scene of a major Mac mini redesign, so those hoping for an all new Mac mini should wait a couple of refreshes. Mac minis (and Mac mini servers – on Amazon as well) are currently short on supply (thanks, Mr. X!). Separately, we’ve been hearing independently that Apple is gearing up to release upgraded MacBook Airs – we should have our own details on that soon.

August more likely, Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt on both. NO details for specs or configurations given. DO NOT BUY! WAIT for the new Macs!

Tong’s tweets also say that these upgraded Macs will be packed with Lion at first boot. Tong says that the source of the new Mac Pro and Mac mini information is the same source that correctly predicted an early May launch for the new iMacs. The iMac ended up being updated on May 3rd with Thunderbolt ports and faster Sandy Bridge processors from Intel.

Also in the pipeline are new AirPort Extremes and Time Capsules.

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June 9, 2011


It looks like the next month or so is shaping up to be a fairly busy month for the Mac. In addition to OS X Lion, our sources are already expecting new MacBook Airs and Time Capsules fairly soon – due to supply shortages and now Mr. X tells 9to5Mac that Apple’s Mac mini Server and Mac Pro Server are constrained with no shipment date yet in place for new models.

With Apple pushing Thunderbolt and speedy Sandy Bridge processors into their iMacs and MacBook Pros earlier this year, it would be a safe bet that Apple’s next server products will feature Sandy Bridge Processors and Thunderbolt I/O to boot. The interesting part about both the Mac Pro and Mac mini server models become constrained simultanously is that Apple might be looking to completely revamp their server offerings, not just update each respective product.

Apple is currently prototyping a new Mac tower that is smaller than the Mac Pro. This could either be the next-generation Mac Pro or even Apple’s next flagship server offering. In addition, Apple discontinued the Xserve last year.

Concurrently, Apple’s Airport Extreme and Time Capsule supplies are still constrained. Perhaps those two products have something to do with Apple’s future server offerings. On the other hand, Apple also sells non-server versions of both the Mac Pro and Mac mini. That being said, the servers being constrained could be signs of the standard models being contained soon, too. In that case, Apple may just be pushing out new Mac Pros and minis. This might be the more likely case.

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June 4, 2011

While Apple has publicly acknowledged that they are tracking a summer release window for their upcoming Mac OS X Lion release, sources have indicated to 9to5Mac that Apple may surprise customers with a Tuesday, June 14 launch of the next-generation Mac operating system. Our sources could not confirm with certainty that the launch will take place that day, but due to a mixture of chatter from several sources we believe the June 14th date is a strong possibility.

Apple is said to be planning one of their product launch-indicative “visual updates” for the morning of Tuesday, June 14th. Sources tell 9to5Mac that this particular overnight will feature a new store-front window in addition to other signage-related changes within the retail store. These particular changes are different than the ones planned for Tuesday, June 7 – the day after WWDC. While we do not know what June 7’s changes are, we think the launch of Apple’s 2011 back to school promotion is a strong possibility.

One particular piece of evidence that leads us to believe in a June 14th Lion launch is that Apple will be minimizing software presence in their retail stores on that day. Possibily meaning the removal of Snow Leopard from Apple’s retail outlets. This may mean a mid-June Final Cut Pro X launch as well, but that is purely speculative. Apple removing software from their retail stores is not exactly an issue for Mac OS X Lion customers as this particular software release will come through the Mac App Store.

Separately, Mr. X has told 9to5Mac that Apple’s supplies of Mac OS X Snow Leopard are dwindling and a mid-June launch for 10.7 Lion makes sense based on past trends. Again, we need to emphasize that this June 14th Mac OS X Lion launch is unconfirmed. We do, however, believe that based on the mixture of information detailed above, a June 14th Mac OS X Lion launch is a very good possibility. We will hopefully know all on June 6th when Steve Jobs talks Lion at WWDC.

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May 3, 2011

May 2, 2011

We’ve been keeping an eye on this all day.  Apple’s iWork trial download went down some time morning (or last night?) and hasn’t returned.  Perhaps Apple taking down the iWork trial download may mean that an iWork update is in the cards for tomorrow – or it could just be a blip.

As we were first to report, we expect Apple’s iMacs to be updated tomorrow morning with Thunderbolt ports and Sandy Bridge processors.  Other Mac products could see updates as well, including the white MacBooks, Minis and Pro machines but those seem much less likely.

Oh, and Mr. X has promised to drop the new product codes on us as soon as the Apple Store goes down so make sure to stop by in the morning.

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April 27, 2011

Apple has just pulled down the Apple Online store and the white iPhone 4 is of course coming up. Our colleague Mr. X has let us know that the white iPhone 4 will be the only thing coming up this time around (save for new iPad 2 countries). iMacs will likely wait until next week. Speaking of iMacs, we’ve been told that certain Apple Store employees will be at work early on May 3rd (naturally a Tuesday), putting up new posters and displays. Catching my drift?

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April 25, 2011

All current signs point to an iMac refresh sometime next week. The rumors started a few weeks ago when an unsourced report claimed that refreshed iMacs are en route to the United States for a late April or early May launch. Then, just last week, our sources across the globe backed up these claims, saying that iMac shipments and components are very constrained. Yesterday, our colleague Mr. X told us to expect new iMacs the week of May 2nd as Apple will officially stop shipping iMacs to resellers this week (week of April 25th).

Since Apple tends to release new products on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the likelihood of new iMacs with Thunderbolt I/O and Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors is high for May 3rd or 4th. Now, a reader tells us that Apple has delayed his order for an iMac from the Apple online education store. The order was not completely cancelled but simply delayed to the week of May 2nd. A May 2nd ship date is a possible new iMac release day but also would give Apple enough time to make a May 4th delivery date.

Due to an unexpected delay, we are unable to ship the following item(s) by the date that you were originally quoted:

Z0JP, IMAC 27\”/5750/SD will now ship on or before May 02, 2011

April 19, 2011

A good indication that an Apple product refresh is coming soon is when the respective product’s supplies begin tightening up. Most recently, this process happened with the iPad prior to the iPad 2 launch and with the MacBook Pro prior to the MacBook Pro refresh with Thunderbolt and quad-core processors. Now, it’s the iMac’s turn for a refresh. We have been told by three people familiar with the matter – all in different countries including the U.S. and an Asian country – that iMac supplies are tightening.

First, we have our friend Mr. X who provided us with the above screen shot and the following information. Mr. X says supplies for the iMac have tightened significantly, and this has never happened during the current model’s life-cycle. The data chart above shows that all four iMac models are “constrained” with no ETA for new shipments in a particular region; a very large one.

Tipsters in the United States have informed us that their iMac shipments are also very constrained. That’s not the full story though. Although actual iMac shipments are lacking, our U.S. tipsters report that actual iMac components are also very constrained. The most constrained pieces right now are the current iMac’s graphics processors and hard drives. A lack of replacement components is also a good indication of an upcoming refresh.

Next, our source in a major Asian country reports that the 21.5 inch iMacs are very constrained, more so the 3.06 GHz base model, and the other three models are very close to the constrained state. So, when are the new iMacs coming? Previous reports claim that new iMacs with faster, Sandy Bridge processing chips and Thunderbolt I/O ports are launching between late April and early May… bring them on! Thanks, Robert!

Update: Readers are asking about Mac minis and white MacBooks. Although those products are approaching the end of their life cycles, there are plenty of them still around.

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February 28, 2011

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but Apple has stopped production of the original iPads and cut of supplies to the channel.  We are getting reports that global retailers are no longer able to get their hands on iPads.  We’ve been told that this indicates Apple have halted production of 1st gen iPads and ceased shipments.

MB292LL/A – iPad 16GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA
MB293LL/A – iPad 32GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA
MB294LL/A – iPad 64GB WiFi – Constrained – No ETA
MC349LL/A – iPad 16GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA
MC496LL/A – iPad 32GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA
MC497LL/A – iPad 64GB 3G – Constrained – No ETA

The retailers we’ve talked to say that they only have what is currently on the shelves and could be sold out today or tomorrow – which sounds exactly right.

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February 24, 2011

We’ve been given this info which should be confirmed shortly (Thanks Mr. X!)

MC700LL/A – MBP 13.3/2.3/2X2GB/320/SD-USA

MC724LL/A – MBP 13.3/2.7/2X2GB/500/SD-USA

MC721LL/A – MBP 15.4/2.0/2X2GB/500/SD/GLSY-USA


MC723LL/A -MBP 15.4/2.2/2X2GB/750/SD/GLSY-USA

MC725LL/A – MBP 17/2.2/2X2GB/750/SD/GLSY-USA

All models ship within 24 hours. GLSY means you have a matte option.

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April 13, 2010

Store is down..

AppleInsider reports that we’ll be seeing the following updates with a high end 512GB SSD option offered:

An Australian MacTalk Forums member called Mr. X quotes these Parts:

MC371LL/A – MBP 15.4/2.4/2x2GB/320/SD/GLSY-USA
MC372LL/A – MBP 15.4/2.53/2x2GB/500/SD/GLSY-USA
MC373LL/A – MBP 15.4/2.66/2x2GB/500/SD/GLSY-USA
MC374LL/A – MBP 13.3/2.4/2x2GB/250GB/SD-USA
MC375LL/A- MBP 13.3/2.66/2x2GB/320/SD-USA
MC024LL/A – MBP 17/2.53/2x2GB/500/HR-GLSY-USA

Unsurprisingly, these match up with Microcenter’s part numbers pretty well

We also might see some International iPad prices and pre-order details.

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