November 1, 2012

Apple updates Safari (6.0.2), iPhoto (9.4.2) and Aperture (3.4.2)

Along with the release of iOS 6.0.1 to the masses and 6.1 for developers, Apple released small updates for Safari, iPhoto, and Aperture this afternoon. To start, Safari hit version 6.0.2 and looks to just be security fixes, but several readers below are saying the update isn’t working.

As for iPhoto, there are new features in version 9.4.2:

• Photos now can be added to shared streams or My Photo Stream by dragging them to “Photo Stream” in the source list • Multiple email addresses can now be copied and pasted in the “Shared with” field for shared streams • When more than five subscribers “Like” a photo in a shared stream, their names are now displayed correctly • Contextual menu now includes an Import command to import all the photos contained in a shared photo stream • Addresses the reliability of Shared Photo Streams when switching between iPhoto and Aperture with the same library • Fixes an issue that could prevent Microsoft Outlook from being used to email photos from within iPhoto • Updated national holidays are available for use in printed photo calendars • Includes stability improvements

Aperture 3.4.2:

• Photos received via My Photo Stream or shared streams can now be added directly to other shared streams • Multiple email addresses can now be copied and pasted in the “Shared with” field for shared streams • When more than five subscribers “Like” a photo in a shared stream, all their names are now displayed correctly • The Info panel for a shared stream now includes an Unsubscribe button • The status line in the toolstrip now displays the number of new photos added to a shared stream • Faces are now properly detected on photos imported into a library from a shared stream

August 23, 2012

July 25, 2012

In addition to being included with OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has rolled out its updated version of the Safari web browser – Safari 6 – to OS X Lion users. The update includes what Apple calls the Smart Search Field. This new search bar basically unifies the URL bar with the web search bar. Also in the update is offline reading list, Baidu Chinese search support, Do Not Track, and improved password management. The OS X Mountain Lion variant includes a new Tab View and iCloud Tabs feature, but those aren’t available in Lion.

Safari 6.0 for OS X Lion:

  • Smart Search Field. Safari now has one field for typing both searches and web addresses.
  • Offline Reading List. Safari saves entire webpages in your Reading List so you can catch up on your reading even when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Do Not Track. Safari can send the websites you visit a request not to track you online.
  • Password pane. Manage your saved website logins with the new Password pane.
  • Baidu. The leading Chinese search engine Baidu is now a built-in option for Chinese users.

Apple has also released an updated version of its iWork productivity suite with MacBook Pro Retina display support and iCloud Documents in the Cloud sync.

Also, new updates for Aperture, iPhoto, and iMovie have been released. Full release notes after the break (thanks Keith!):

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June 11, 2012

Apple updates Final Cut Pro, Aperture, and iPhoto with enhancements for Retina MacBooks

Click image for Retina display resolution

Several of Apple’s popular Mac apps received updates today after the opening keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Many of the updates help apps take full advantage of the new 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro’s display. The details for Final Cut Pro, Aperture, and iPhoto are below.

Final Cut Pro: Final Cut Pro received a small update today that included enhancements for the MacBook Pro’s Retina display and improvements to overall stability. Version 10.0.5 of Final Cut Pro is available from the Mac App Store now.

iPhoto: Version 9.3 of iPhoto was released on the Mac App Store today with a number of new features and improvements, including: iPhoto libraries are now accessible in Aperture 3.3, support for AVCHD video, and new Export options that auto-organize images into event subfolders.

Aperture: The biggest update of all apps today is version 3.3 of Aperture. Other than being “fully optimized for the Retina display on the new MacBook Pro,” the update includes the following new features and fixes:

What’s New in Version 3.3

• New unified photo library for both iPhoto (v 9.3 or later) and Aperture; no import/export required; Faces, Places, slideshows, albums and web sharing work across both applications •Support for AVCHD video has been added • Aperture now lets you use camera-generated previews for faster browsing of RAW files immediately after import • Highlights & Shadows tool has been updated to deliver higher-quality results and work with extended range data • A new Auto Enhance button has been added to the Adjustments panel • White Balance tool now includes Skin Tone and Natural Gray modes to simplify color balance • Auto button has been added to the White Balance tool for one-click color balancing • Set Desktop command has been added to Share menu so you can set a desktop background from within Aperture • A new Manual option allows you to drag and drop projects to customize sort order in the Projects view • New preference allows you to set the background brightness of the full screen browser • Facebook, Flickr, and MobileMe albums are now displayed as thumbnails in the main window when accounts are selected in the source list • Minor terminology changes, including “Original” instead of “Master” and “Info” instead of “Metadata” • Source list includes a new “Recent” section, showing Last Import and recently-viewed projects •Raw Fine Tuning is no longer displayed in the Adjustments panel by default • Faces can now be named by dragging them from the Unnamed Faces browser to existing snapshots on the corkboard • The Faces corkboard now includes a menu that allows you to set the order of face snapshots • Newly designed monochrome source list and toolbar icons • Addresses numerous issues related to overall performance and stability

April 16, 2012

As pointed out by MacStories, Apple recently removed trials for the iWork suite and Aperture 3 from The webpage formerly home to the iWork trial now includes a message informing users that iWork apps, such as Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, are available through the Mac App Store. Apple removed the trial for a short while last year before returning it; however, the company also informed users last month that the Beta service would shut down July 31. Apple does not currently offer trial versions of the $20 Mac Store apps.

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October 27, 2011

Apple releases Thunderbolt, printer drivers and Aperture updates

Apple has today updated Thunderbolt (again), printer drivers, and Aperture. Thunderbolt has been updated to 1.1 providing a slue of bug fixes for OS X Lion users. HP Printer Drivers v.2.8 and Epson Printer Drivers v.2.9 bring the latest printing and scanning to OS X users. Aperture has been updated to 3.2.1 fixing force closing […]

July 13, 2011

Apple has released an update to its professional photo-editing and management software, Aperture, that includes both bug fixes and some minor enhancements. These bug fixes cover stability and performance while the minor enhancements include a new gestures toggle, improved image cropping, photo uploading, and loading slideshows in the background.

This update supports general compatibility issues, and also addresses overall stability and performance. Minor issues addressed include the following:

  • Improves reliability and performance when syncing web-published albums
  • Slideshow exports are now handled as a background operation
  • Crop tool now correctly supports use of gestures to define crop size
  • Gesture support can now be enabled or disabled in Preferences
  • Fixes an issue that could cause a blank sheet to display when placing a book or print order
  • Published MobileMe, Facebook and Flickr albums now appear in a Web section in the Projects Inspector
  • Shift-clicking snapshots on the Faces corkboard now allows you to make contiguous selections
  • Metadata presets are now correctly applied to imported audio files
  • Fixes an issue that could cause Aperture to quit unexpectedly when trimming audio in full screen mode
  • Resolves various issues when adding names to Faces using accented, Japanese, Korean or Simplified Chinese characters
  • Improves stability when browsing video clips
  • Addresses reliability of library repair and rebuild

The full change log is pasted after the break.

Update: Aperture goes full screen now with the native Lion full screen button.

Thanks, Hayati!

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May 19, 2011

See the above illustration? Apple has used it in one of their many patent applications to envision the Aperture user interface on a touch screen device. If that drawing is anything to go by, Aperture could be in the works for iPad. Said patent application surfaced in the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s database, entitled “Docking User Interface Elements”. The document goes to great lengths to describe a heads-up display of sorts to interact with a touch-enabled version of Aperture. Why does it matter?

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January 6, 2011

Psst: Professional photographer? Keen amateur? It really doesn’t matter — head over to the Mac App Store now and you’ll be able to purchase Aperture for a fraction of its normal $199 price — it’ll cost you just $80 —that’s even cheaper than Amazon!! Here in the UK it costs £44.99 — that’s a whole lot cheaper than the £173 retail store price.

I’m willing to bet someone at Adobe just started sobbing.

October 20, 2010

March 25, 2010


Apple today updated Aperture to 3.0.2  to support iPad and fix some lingering problems from the previous releases.  Apple says 3.02 “Enables support for importing photos from iPad to the Aperture Library, as well as syncing of photos to iPad.”  

Interesting.  Why would you need to import photos from a device without a camera? Yes, the iPad has a camera attachment, but why wouldn’t you do that directly to your Mac?

Also, iMovie 8.06 updated as well.  Full release notes below:

Aperture 3.0.2 Release Notes

This update improves overall stability and fixes issues in a number of areas. The key areas addressed include:

iPhoto Library Import

Fixes an issue that could cause Aperture to erroneously report the amount of hard drive space required to import an iPhoto Library.
Aperture now displays an estimate of the amount of free hard drive space needed to import an iPhoto Library.
Addresses memory management issues when importing large iPhoto libraries.
Rotation of iPhone photos is now preserved when importing from an iPhoto Library.
Fixes an issue that could cause Aperture to stop responding when attempting to play a slideshow imported from an iPhoto Library.

Image Import

During import, Aperture now correctly reads image ratings, color labels, and GPS data stored in XMP sidecar files.
Fixes an issue that could cause Aperture to stop responding if both the Auto-split projects and Auto-Stack options were used together during import.
Addresses an issue that could prevent the Import window from automatically opening when a memory card is mounted.
Aperture now provides correct options when importing hierarchical folders of photos into a library.


The amount of free hard drive space required to upgrade an Aperture Library is now displayed if sufficient space is not available.
Fixes an issue that caused Aperture to overestimate the amount of free hard disk space needed to upgrade an Aperture 1.x or 2.x library.
Fixes an issue that caused thumbnails to take up more disk space than needed.
Addresses stability when importing an Aperture 2 library into an Aperture 3 library.
Addresses some performance issues when opening and closing libraries.


Addresses an issue that prevented Library Albums from being exported properly as standalone libraries.
Fixes an issue that could cause the Email command to use an incorrect export preset when attaching photos to an email.
Canceling a library export now correctly moves the cancelled library to the Trash.
Color labels on non-image files, such as video and audio clips, are now preserved in the Finder when exporting versions.


Addresses issues with retouching 16-bit images.
Fixes an issue that caused the Straighten tool to work incorrectly on flipped images.
Fixes an issue that caused Aperture to quit unexpectedly when Curves was used on JPEGs with a custom printer profile.
Adjustment presets that include brushed adjustments are now correctly rendered when imported into another copy of Aperture.
Fixes a temporary slowdown or potential unexpected quit that could occur when canceling the Reprocess Masters command.
Images are now stacked in the correct order when using the “Create new version when making adjustments” option.
It is now possible to pause preview generation.
Preview generation for adjusted images is now faster.
Addresses an issue where using a large number of Spot and Patch adjustments could cause Aperture to quit unexpectedly.


Fixes an issue that could cause custom print presets to be displayed in the wrong order in the print dialog.
Print presets now correctly retain printer choice, paper size, orientation, and other printer settings when saved.
Addresses an issue that prevented custom print presets from retaining color profile settings.
The Print dialog now correctly defaults to the last print preset that was used.
Settings such as Image Size, Rows and Columns, Resolution, and Rendering Intent are automatically remembered for next use when choosing Cancel in the Print window.
Addresses an issue that could prevent custom print presets from being saved.
Addresses an issue that prevented custom margins from being saved in print presets.
The Image Size pop-up menu now includes a 4 x 5 setting.


Fixes an issue that could result in a slowdown when emptying the Aperture Trash.
Fixes an issue that caused the progress indicator to display inaccurate data when emptying the Trash.


Fixes an issue that could cause a spinning wait cursor to appear when attempting to move snapshots on the Faces corkboard.
Fixes usability issues with auto-completion from Address Book when adding names to Faces.
Aperture now correctly remembers the state of the Faces and Photos buttons when matching photos in the Faces view.
Addresses an issue that slowed performance when using Confirm Faces.
Fixes an issue that could cause Aperture to quit unexpectedly when browsing rapidly in the Viewer with the Names overlay turned on.
Addresses a face correlation issue that could sometimes prevent Aperture from suggesting potential matches.


Addresses an issue that could cause Aperture to report an incorrect number of items when the Show Unplaced Images option was chosen In the Places view.
Addresses an issue that could cause Aperture to stop responding when opening Places with a large number of locations assigned.
Fixes an issue that could cause Aperture to quit unexpectedly when importing a GPS log file.


Addresses compatibility issues affecting XMP sidecar files exported with masters.
The Duplicate Preset command now correctly duplicates the data in all fields when duplicating a metadata preset.
Fixes an issue that could cause a spinning wait cursor to appear when creating or duplicating metadata presets.


Fixes an issue that caused externally-edited video and audio clips to lose their original date/time stamp.


Fixes an issue with saving changes to custom books when the custom theme is not present.


Fixes an issue that could cause the built-in smart albums listed under the Library Albums to filter images incorrectly.
Search by the Flash EXIF field now returns correct results.
Addresses the reliability of searches for text containing special characters.

Flickr publishing

Fixes an issue that could prevent the Cancel button from working when setting up an export to Flickr.


Watermarks are now correctly saved as part of an export preset.
Watermarks now remain unscaled when the Scale Watermark box is left unchecked.


Addresses an issue that prevented View modes from being changed using keyboard shortcuts while in Full Screen view.
Restores the ability to navigate photos in the Viewer by scrolling. (Turn this option on in General Preferences).
Fixes an issue that caused the Query HUD to overlap t he Filmstrip in Full Screen view.
Double-clicking on a project name in Projects view now displays the contents of the project.
Fixes an issue that could cause projects to be appear under the wrong year header when using Group by Year.
The name of the version or master being processed is now displayed during face detection, export, and preview generation.
Resolves performance issues when using zoom in Viewer.

iPad Compatibility

Enables support for importing photos from iPad to the Aperture Library, as well as syncing of photos to iPad.

February 24, 2010

According to the Loop, Apple has updated its new Aperture 3 application which among other things fixes that pesky memory leak chronicled earlier this month.  Other fixes (there are many):



  • Upgrading libraries from earlier versions of Aperture
  • Importing libraries from iPhoto
  • Importing photos directly from a camera
  • Memory usage when processing heavily-retouched photos
  • Face recognition processing
  • Adding undetected faces using the Add Missing Face button
  • Printing pages containing multiple images
  • Printing photos and contact sheets with borders and metadata
  • Editing photos using an external editor
  • Display of images with Definition and Straighten adjustments applied
  • Zooming photos in the Viewer and in the Loupe using keyboard shortcuts
  • Accessing Aperture libraries on a network volume Selecting and moving pins on the Places map
  • Adding and editing custom locations using the Manage My Places window
  • Switching between masters when working with RAW+JPEG pairs.


This update is recommended for all users of Aperture 3.



February 15, 2010

Apple released Pro-level photo editing and organizing application Aperture 3 last week, promising the “faces and places” of consumer level iPhoto as well as some additional high end features that professionals could use.

What a lot of those Pro users got, however, was a frozen computer and an “out of disk space” warning.

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February 9, 2010

Hit software update for some RAW camera updates and iLife media browser updates from Apple which will support Aperture 3.

Provides system software resources that are shared by iLife and other applications. This update improves overall stability for the Media Browser and iPhoto slideshows. It also provides compatibility between Aperture 3 and the Media Browser.

The update is recommended for all users of iLife

October 23, 2009

Apple’s next generation of professional photo management software may be getting an update (finally!) in the coming months if an Amazon page is to be believed.  The site has a placeholder for an Apple Aperture X (3) – UNDER NDA: A Workflow Guide for Digital Photographers (Paperback).

Interestingly, the news comes the same week as Adobe Lightroom beta 3 is released.

The book is due out in May 2010 and will retail for $40.

Amazon notes:

Product Description
Aperture is a dedicated end-to-end workflow tool for photographers and this book guides the reader through the complete process from capture to output.

The beauty of Aperture is that – unlike Adobe’s rival workflow software, Lightroom – it doesn’t force a particular structure or workflow on to the user. This more open-ended approach means it is becoming increasingly popular with photographers – but also means that there is a lot to learn for a newcomer to the software.

Whether you are cataloging, organising and adding Metadata to thousands of RAW files; selecting, cropping and correcting an individual image or preparing files for final output to web or print, this book provides a complete reference for producing high-quality results with Aperture.

* Clear, step-by-step explanations simplify the features and uses of this extensive application
* Real-life examples show you a complete digital photography workflow with Aperture at the core
* Fully updated for Aperture X

About the Author
Ken McMahon runs Pelican Graphics, a digital design consultancy specializing in design and artwork production for print media and the web. He is also a freelance journalist, writing for PCWorld, Mac User and PC Pro in the UK, and a best-selling author.

Nik Rawlinson is the editor of MacUser magazine in the UK. He switched from PCs five years back, and now lives a happier, more colourful, drop-shadow-filled life of sleek white surfaces and gently rounded corners.

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September 22, 2009

Adobe’s John Nack used his blog to promote the market share lead of his company’s Lightroom against that of Apple’s Aperture.

Adobe – developer of the industry standard Photoshop software – is publishing research findings from InfoTrends, findings which reveal Lightroom to be nearly four times more popular than Aperture.

These findings aren’t based on unit sales of either application, instead they’re based on a survey of 1,045 pro photogs in North America.

Nack also reveals that among photographic pros using the Mac, In 2007 Lightroom was nearly twice as popular as Aperture, but by 2008 it was nearly three times as popular.

Here’s the stats:







“You might notice some decline in the use of the Camera Raw plug-in inside Photoshop as more pros move to using Lightroom. Let me be clear in noting that Photoshop use among these pros remains in the 90% range, and that the decline applies only to Camera Raw usage,” Nack notes.

September 15, 2009

Apple has applied a quiet “Snow Leopard Tax” against professional photographers using earlier versions of popular pro software package, Aperture.

Digital imaging professionals who rushed to upgrade to the new OS have been distressed when they attempt to open their essential photogs tool, as Apple’s big cat is not prepared to support versions of Aperture earlier than 2.1.4.

An Apple tech support document published in the early hours of this morning confirms the news, warning: “When you attempt to open Aperture 1.5.6 on a computer running Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard, the following alert appears: "You can’t use this version of the Application Aperture with this version of Mac OS X."”

Apple then helpfully informs users that the problem “is expected as Aperture 2.1.4 is required for Snow Leopard compatibility.”

Apple has made the Aperture 2.1.4 update available for download by users upgrading to Snow Leopard. The software was introduced near the ship date for Snow Leopard, August 27.

To be fair, Apple released Aperture 2.0 almost 18 months ago. An upgrade from a previous version to the current, supported version, costs c.$100.

November 25, 2008 hits .71 release this week and continues its ascent to the top of the Apple media center world.  Sure, Frontrow is blessed by Apple.  Boxee has lifted the same XBMC code and gone a different direction.  But, as far as fully funtioning Media Centers go, is easily the best, and getting better fast.

This latest update adds support for Aperture library browsing (iPhoto and iTunes has been supported for months).  Not just your Aperture either…but any Aperture out there on the Internet so long as everyone is using Plex.  Support for Adobe’s Lightroom is also on the way.

Recent features include the ability to open any application from Plex’s interface (including FrontRow), iTunes visualizers and playback of DRM tracks from the iTunes store and Sparkle software updates.


Plex Media server, another recent update,  is a standalone program that runs alongside Plex (or alone on any machine, it’s a Universal Binary). It serves up media from your iLife applications and Aperature/Lightroom. Plex communicates with the Plex Media Server on the local machine, on your local network, or even across the world over the Internet. This means that you can play your friends’ iTunes playlists or browse their podcasts or photo albums.

The list really goes on and on.  Plex is everything you’d want in a media center including the ability to browse folders on any system and play just about any type of audio or video file.  Plex isn’t bound by any of the studio deals or format wars Apple software is limited to.

The release can be downloaded via Sparkle (updates), HTTP, or torrent, or built from source.



October 21, 2008

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