June 6, 2012

Apps and updates: LinkedIn passwords leak, Angry Birds Space hits 100M, and Sparrow teases iPad app

The blogosphere is abuzz this morning regarding a few key developments—some good, some bad—within notable iOS apps, including: Linkedin, Angry Birds Space, and Sparrow.


  • UPDATE at 1:02 p.m. PST.: According to LinkedIn’s Director Vicente Silveira: “We can confirm that some of the passwords that were compromised correspond to LinkedIn accounts.” More information about what LinkedIn is doing to remedy the situation is detailed in a blog post by the company’s director.
  • UPDATE at 10:01 a.m. PST.: LinkedIn just updated its iOS app to version 5.0.3 to bring “miscellaneous bug fixes” and “improvements in calendar.” The company promised earlier that it would no longer send sensitive data from the meeting notes section of calendar events and that it would provide a “learn more” link to offer more information on how it crops data. These improvements are also live on the Android counterpart.
  • LinkedIn’s free iOS app is in the middle of a scandal after reports from last night indicated the professional network scrubs calendar entries filled with business and personal data, and then transmits the sensitive particulars to the company’s servers without users’ knowledge. LinkedIn promptly took to its official blog and tried to reassure users that all is well. Unfortunately, the website’s troubles do not stop there: According to a report from The Verge today, a Russian forum member [translated] claimed to have hacked and uploaded nearly 6.5-million LinkedIn passwords. The company posted a tweet this morning notifying users that it is “currently looking into reports of stolen passwords.” A later tweet from the company revealed it could not confirm the existence of a security breach, but asked users to “stay tuned.”

[tweet https://twitter.com/linkedin/status/210390233076875264] 

Angry Birds Space

  • Rovio, the gurus behind the popular iOS app Angry Birds Space, announced in a tweet this morning that its latest offering in the popular Angry Birds series hit 100 million downloads across all platforms. The game passed 50 million downloads within 35 days of its launch, and the company revealed last month that all Angry Birds titles cumulatively hit 1 billion downloads across all platforms. Those are some astonishing stats for a 99-cent app.

[tweet https://twitter.com/AngryBirds/status/210363760307732481]


  • Sparrow launched a landing page today on its website with the message: “We are preparing something bigger.” The URL, sprw.me/ipad, is an indication that the popular email client for Mac and iPhone is now coming to the iPad. A contact field to sign up for updates is centered on the page. Once an email is submitted, an image of the iPad immediately springs from below.

April 26, 2012

LinkedIn releases iPad app with calendar syncing feature

A long-awaited iPad version of popular professional networking service and social network LinkedIn has finally arrived alongside an updated iPhone app and new interfaces for the service. As you would expect, the app provides much of the same features of the previous iPhone version with access to “Updates,” “Profile,” and “Inbox” through a completely redesigned interface. The new iPad version also does a good job of pulling calendar data from the device’s calendar app and merging it with data/events from the network.

The app appears to be designed entirely in HTML, which might mean LinkedIn has plans to bring the same experience to other platforms. You can grab the updated LinkedIn iOS app for iPhone or iPad now.

November 15, 2011

Smartphones are good for many things, especially for personal information management. If you deal with business cards a lot, you probably discovered specialized apps that let you scan any business card to effortlessly create a contact entry in your iPhone. The App Store is a home to dozens of those, such as Business Card Reader for iPhone from Shape Services.

Most of them being paid, today their makers face a dangerous competitor: The hugely popular LinkedIn social network for business pros. The company today announced a re-launch of its free iPhone app titled CardMunch. As a result, their old app will no longer be supported.

The newly launched CardMunch program can digitize printed business cards and turn them into a digital representation, just like similar offerings on the App Store. Unlike other programs, CardMunch automatically links scanned cards to LinkedIn profiles:

By using the new CardMunch app, you now have access to deeper and richer information about the person behind the card — via the LinkedIn profile — who you know in common, where they’ve worked, where they went to school, and much, much more!

Go ahead, grab yourself a copy now, it’s free. More features after the break.

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August 16, 2011

LinkedIn has announced a new HTML 5 optimized page for mobile browsers and updated iPhone and Android apps with 2-10X speed increases.

The new app is now focused around four key areas: Updates, Inbox, You, and Groups & More.

The Inbox will allow you to view your messages and invitations in one centralized location. The You area presents your profile, connections, and to share updates. Lastly, LinkedIn is now introducing their most requested feature Groups, into the app.

Interestingly, LinkedIn also announced their mobile platform is growing 400 percent year-over-year. Check it out in your mobile browser, or hit the download links below:

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June 10, 2011

Liz Gannes writesfor All Things D that Apple’s social integration in iOS 5 includes much more than Twitter, which was formally announced during the WWDC 2011 keynote on Monday. Look no further than contact cards in a developer version of iOS 5, Gannes writes:

The contact information page in the iOS 5 address book has a field not just for Twitter, but also offers space to add friends’ handles on Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and Myspace. Alongside a person’s email address and phone number, an iOS user can also add links to their accounts around the Web. Then Apple auto-populates the URL for each of the services. Clicking on the account name opens up Safari to that person’s profile page.

In addition to four additional social networks, iOS 5 contact cards also include an option to add custom service by pasting a profile URL.

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December 29, 2009

August 17

AAPL: 157.86


Other tech companies – including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Spotify, Squarespace and Twitter – have joined Apple in taking action against hate groups in the wake of the Charlottesville tragedy.

Apple responded by blocking Apple Pay on the websites belonging to white supremacists and other hate groups, and by a company-wide email announcing $2M+ donations to groups opposing Nazis. Other companies are taking a range of actions …

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July 26

AAPL: 153.46


June 27

AAPL: 143.73


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social network now sees 2 billion people using the platform each month. Facebook is marking the milestone with a new Good Adds Up campaign launching one day after the Messenger team announced new enhancements coming to the app.

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June 24

AAPL: 146.28


June 14

AAPL: 145.16


A pair of notable shuffles were made over the last month when it comes to talent within Apple. Bloomberg reports that Apple has hired a former YouTube employee for social and video efforts, while VentureBeat reports that Facebook has snatched up a Siri language chief from Apple.

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June 6

AAPL: 154.45


[UPDATE: Uber has confirmed the news…]

It was reported Friday night that Apple Music exec Bozoma Saint John was planning to leave the company one year after her widely praised on stage debut at WWDC 2016. Saint John drove Apple Music’s marketing effort after joining the company through Apple’s Beats acquisition. Now TechCrunch reports that Bozoma Saint John’s next role will be at Uber…

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May 23

AAPL: 153.80


Update: Apple’s official statement below:

“Our inclusion and diversity efforts are critically important to Apple’s future. Denise’s years of experience, expertise and passion will help us make an even greater impact in this area.”

Apple’s head of Worldwide Human Resources Denise Young Smith will now run diversity programs for the company under a newly created VP position, according to sources familiar with the move. The executive shuffle will see the creation of a new VP role for Apple’s Inclusion and Diversity team with Smith reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook. Sources say Smith has long had a passion for diversity initiatives at the company and the newly created position reflects an increased focus on the company’s efforts.

Smith’s new role going forward at Apple will officially be Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity. She confirmed the new title today on her LinkedIn profile and the change has also been made official at Apple internally.

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May 17

AAPL: 150.25


Apple Retail chief Angela Ahrendts has appeared in a video interview promoting the new Today at Apple initiative launching at Apple Stores this week. In the discussion with LinkedIn’s Daniel Roth, Ahrendts talks about her approach to leading Apple Retail to success when some retailers are struggling. Included in the video are some interesting numbers like Apple’s employee retention rate and even how many beacons were just installed overnight as part of the Today at Apple effort.

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May 11

AAPL: 153.95


Earlier this week, we reported that Apple acquired sleep platform Beddit as sleep tracking remains an oft-requested feature for Apple Watch. Simultaneously, Apple has also lost one of its top sleep experts. According to a report from MobiHealthNews, Apple sleep scientist Roy J.E.M Raymann has departed the company…

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May 10

AAPL: 153.26


Last time I asked the Hackintosh community what they want to see in Apple’s pre-announced modular Mac Pro to find out what could win back the pros that have abandoned Apple’s hardware. This time I’ve asked the pros– iOS and Mac developers, photographers, audio engineers, animators and more– what they want from the promise of a modular Mac, along with the display Apple also announced it’s working on.

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March 2

AAPL: 138.96


Apple has lent its support to a legal brief supporting a transgender school student’s fight in the Supreme Court regarding the right to use the bathroom appropriate to his gender identity, reports the NYT. It follows the company last week voicing opposition to President Trump’s ruling to roll back protections for transgender kids in schools.

Apple is one of 53 companies to sign the brief, many of them tech companies …

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February 16

AAPL: 135.35


January 25

AAPL: 121.88


January 19

AAPL: 119.78


There’s a feature on iPhones called Wi-Fi Assist that is a common source of confusion for a lot of users. Wi-Fi Assist helps your iPhone switch to cellular data with your carrier when your local Wi-Fi is too weak to offer fast enough loading speeds.

That sounds risky especially if you have a limited monthly data cap, but most people shouldn’t have to worry about turning Wi-Fi Assist off. Here’s how to check and understand how much data Wi-Fi Assist is actually using.

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