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May 19

iPhone owners most satisfied, ahead of Samsung, but one Samsung phone on top

Apple has beaten Samsung in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index, which shows iPhone owners most satisfied with their devices. Average satisfaction rates for iPhones was 82%, a higher rating than any other smartphone brand. When it comes too individual models, however, there was one Samsung model that topped the rankings …

May 27

LG gets orders for 20M OLED iPhone screens this year, ending Samsung monopoly

While Samsung has so far had the exclusive contract for flagship OLED iPhone screens, we learned last November that this is set to change – with LG coming on board as a second supplier for the iPhone 12 lineup. LG currently only makes displays for iPhones with LCD screens, along with a small number of […]

June 3

Growth in wearables forecast to slow dramatically this year, for three reasons

Growth in wearables is expected to slow dramatically this year for three reasons, all coronavirus related. First, there is arguably less need for things like smartwatches while people are under lockdown at home. Fitness functionality is less relevant when gyms are closed and many people are unable to exercise as much as usual …

May 21

Samsung unveils ‘Terrace’ 4K outdoor smart TV with Apple TV and AirPlay 2

Samsung has launched its latest product today that sees its QLED Smart TV series expand outside. The new Terrace 4K outdoor TV comes with an IP55 dust and water resistance rating, a bright enough screen to enjoy content even in direct sunlight as well as Apple TV, iTunes, Apple Music, and AirPlay 2 integration.

June 1

Samsung Sero 4K TV arrives with rotational display and AirPlay 2 support

After first being announced over a year ago, Samsung’s much-anticipated Sero 4K TV is now available for purchase in the United States. You may have recalled this bit of news from 2019 as Samsung made waves with its unique rotating display that can show content in both landscape and portrait modes. The integrated rotating motor makes it one of the most unique offerings on the market today and certainly a refreshing departure from the usual TVs we’ve seen in recent years. Hit the jump for full pricing, availability, and more.

May 19

Samsung T7 portable SSDs hit the scene today in bright colors from $110

Back at CES 2020, Samsung unveiled a handful of new portable solid-state drives, including a selection of sleek touch-enabled options. While the high-end drives with touch security have already hit the market to much excitement, Samsung’s new and more affordable options, are available for purchase today as well. The T7 line of portable SSDs arrives in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities in your choice of bright colors. They are also quite a bit less expensive than its more tech-laden siblings. Hit the jump for full details on the latest storage release from Samsung.

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