How to switch Disney+ plans or cancel before your free trial ends

Have you tried out Disney’s new streaming service and decided it’s not for you? Or maybe you’ve realized you want a different plan? Read along for how to switch plans or cancel Disney+ before your free trial ends.

Apple’s fall event is now behind us, and most of the other biggest phone launches have happened at this point. Amidst new iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and Apple Watches (not to mention non-Apple devices!), what are you to do with all your old gear? Recycle it of course! And while you’re at it, why not get some cash for those devices? This month’s trade in values below…

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Satechi is out today with a sleek new accessory for the Mac mini that professional users will be sure to appreciate, the Type-C Aluminum Stand & Hub. With what looks like a perfectly matching design, the new product seeks to “transform and consolidate” your Mac mini workstation(s).

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November 18

There are many ways to resell, recycle, or trade in your old iPhone. You could sell it directly through online auction sites and marketplaces, sell it locally with a site like Craigslist, give it to a family member in need of an upgrade, or even trade it in at one of a variety of sites dedicated to buying and reselling old devices. One of the most popular trade-in sites is Apple’s own Apple Trade-In program — but is it the best way to trade in your old phone?

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How to see who did an iMessage tapback on iPhone

Want to find out who did a tapback on an iMessage? Follow along for how to figure out exactly who tapped back with what expression in a couple of steps.

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