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July 30

Apple’s five for $15 movie bundle sale is now live, plus more from $1

Apple has a particularly notable movie sale going this week headlined by five for $15 bundles featuring new and old classics. That’s alongside a selection of deals from $4 and the usual $1 rental. You’ll find all of our top picks down below from the latest Apple movie promotion.

July 31

Apple rolls into the weekend with a fresh $5 movie sale featuring classics, more

On top of yesterday’s big movie bundle sale, Apple is now rolling out a new $5 promotion with a heavy focus on classic films and more. All of these titles that are on sale will become a permanent part of your library. Hit the jump for our top picks across a range of genres.

July 29

You can now run Mac OS 8 on a 1991 Macintosh Quadra 900 — as a Mac app

I love that some people have too much time on their hands. Thanks to Slack developer Felix Rieseberg, you can now run Mac OS 8 on a 1991 Macintosh Quadra 900 without any messing about with separate emulators and OS installs. The whole thing runs on your Mac as a single, standalone Javascript app…

July 15

Apple releasing iOS 13.6 today with Apple News+ Audio, Car Key feature, more

Apple is making iOS 13.6 available to all users today. The update brings new features like improved support for downloading and installing system updates, the all-new Apple News+ Audio content, as well as the exciting Car Key feature. Update: Now available

July 23

Apple TV gets free access to classic and contemporary artwork with Enplug Art

Apple TV includes a nice variety of gorgeous screensavers but what about if you want to display more traditional artwork on your TV or another display? Today, Enplug is launching a free new service that brings the work of thousands of artists to your home or business.

July 29

Mark Zuckerberg levies surprise Apple deflection during opening comments of antitrust hearing

During the US House Judiciary antitrust hearing looking into Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook, the latter’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg attempted to downplay the service’s market dominance by pointing to areas it’s behind its competitors. Notably, Zuckerberg called out Apple in a surprise deflection.

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