August 26

Apple has been named as a co-defendant in a patent infringement lawsuit against TSMC, which makes the A-series chips in Apple’s iOS devices. The lawsuit seeks to ban the import of unspecified Apple devices from both the USA and Germany.

US chipmaker Global Foundries accuses TSMC of infringing on 16 of its patents, with Apple cited in three of them…

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August 22

Several reports in the past have linked the increasing prices of smartphones to lengthening iPhone upgrade cycles. A new report today from Strategy Analytics makes similar claims, saying that the average time to upgrade a smartphone has lengthened to 33 months.

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May 27

The CEO of Huawei, a Chinese company subject to a US trade ban, says he would be the first to protest at any Chinese retaliation against Apple.

Ren Zhengfei says that neither company should be held responsible for the actions of their country’s governments, that politics and business are separate, and that he would personally refuse to even talk to President Trump …

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May 26

Earlier this month, a functioning Apple-1 hit the auction block through Christie’s auction house in the UK. The machine was expected to fetch as much as $630,000, with the auction house providing a range of $378,000 to $630,000.

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May 15

The Information is out today with a detailed report on the falling out between Intel and Apple over the last few years that led to settling with Qualcomm, new specifics on Apple’s plans to make its own modems, and more.

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April 18

New data out today from CIRP takes a look at smartphone sales in the US during Q1 2019. According to the firm’s most recent study, iPhone outsold Samsung, LG, and Motorola to be the most popular smartphone in the US.

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