Apple reportedly planned HomePod with battery, but don’t hold your breath on it ever shipping

By José Adorno

If you ever looked at the HomePod mini and thought it could work as a battery-powered smart speaker, you’re not alone, as a report indicates Apple discussed and prototyped a product like this.

Although the company ultimately scrapped its plans, it’s surprising to discover that it thought about a new kind of smart speaker for its lineup.

Years ago, Apple internally discussed and prototyped a battery-powered smart speaker, but I would be surprised if one ever launches under the Apple brand.

The speakers on the iPhone and iPad are pretty decent at this point, and I’m sure Apple would rather consumers buy those for mobile playback than a cheaper HomePod.

 If Apple does get back into the battery-powered speaker game, I’d guess it returns under the Beats brand.

That’s the same place Apple has tucked cheaper audio gear in the past. 

It’s important to give some context, as the company recently discontinued its last battery-powered speaker, the Beats Pill+. Launched in 2018, it was Apple’s only battery-powered speaker launched by the Beats brand, and as the company also discontinued the original HomePod last year, it’s currently lacking a product like this.