Apple urges US lawmakers against bill to allow iOS apps outside the App Store

By Filipe Espósito

Apple is once again fighting against bills that try to force the company to allow distribution of iOS apps outside the App Store.

This time, the company urged US lawmakers to reject an antitrust bill in the US Senate that would allow users to install any apps on iPhone and iPad.

The legislation would make Apple allow “sideloading” on iOS, which is the process of installing software downloaded through the web or sources other than the official App Store.

Apple fears that “big media platforms” will bypass Apple’s guidelines for protecting user data if sideloading on iOS is allowed.

Tim Powderly, Apple’s head of government affairs in the Americas, also said that enabling software installation outside the App Store would make it easier to spread malware and scams among iOS users.

As noted by the report, the bill has a high chance of being approved by the committee since it has bipartisan co-sponsors. However, getting approval from the full Senate will be a difficult task.