Five iPhone features that are now forgotten – by Apple and users both

By José Adorno

Apple is amazing at setting trends. This is why lots of other companies use similar names to Apple’s products and, sometimes, even copy the company’s designs.

That said, it’s not every time that Apple makes it right or a feature it’s pushing survives. Here are five examples of iPhone features that Apple thought would be groundbreaking but ended up being discontinued or falling out of use.

Let’s start with a function that many hard-core users loved but most people never heard about: 3D Touch.

Unveiled alongside the iPhone 6S, this function survived until the iPhone XS.

I personally enjoyed this third possible gesture on the iPhone screen. It was perfect for previewing links, messages, photos, and, of course, watching Live Photos. As of now, you can still do all of that, but that haptic feedback was something unique from Apple.

Moving on, the iPhone X introduced a new trend with Animojis – which then evolved to Memoji.