Apple Stores float new portless dock design

By Blair Altland

August 3 2021

Today, Nomad is expanding its stable of iPhone 12 accessories, with its third-ever MagSafe charger add-on. Entering with a premium design comprised of a single block of Zinc Alloy metal, the new Nomad MagSafe Mount Stand arrives to deliver a vertical design to your setup while keeping Apple’s magnetic wireless charger in place on a nightstand or desk. Head below for all of the details and a hands-on look at the new release.

The Nomad MagSafe Mount Stand doesn’t come with built-in charging features alone, and instead has a machined slot to fit in the first-party Apple accessory. This makes its steep price tag even steeper considering you’ll need to already have the MagSafe charger itself. Now available for purchase from Nomad, it enters at $59.95. So is the entire package worth it? Let’s dive in.

I’ve been checking out the new Nomad MagSafe Mount Stand over the past few days, and safe to say, it’s quite a novel accessory. It holds Apple’s MagSafe cable in place, and the new Nomad Mount Stand provides a more versatile design just from sitting upright. That lets you keep an eye on notifications and the like throughout the day when used at a desk, or even rotate your iPhone 12 for watching videos without having to take it off the charger. 

At the end of the day, its $60 price tag is going to be a nonstarter for many. But that’s just how Nomad rolls sometimes. Its more premium gear isn’t for every iPhone owner, and the new Nomad MagSafe Stand is definitely in that category. But for those who do want an unmatched accessory for their desk or nightstand, I can certainly recommend the brand’s latest.