Intel Meteor Lake chips may be made by TSMC, as it seeks to rival Apple’s M1 chips

By Ben Lovejoy

Intel has said as recently as last week that it would fabricate the chips itself, using a 7nm process, but a supply-chain report claims that the company will instead outsource the work to TSMC, so it can benefit from the same 5nm process used for Apple’s M1 chips…

Background Apple was said to have grown increasingly frustrated at the timing of Mac launches being effectively dictated by Intel’s timeline for new CPUs.

Although Intel had known for years that the day was coming, it seemed to have its head in the sand when it came to its expectations of Apple Silicon.

The company didn’t expect the first generation of Apple’s Mac chips to so dramatically out-perform its own offerings, and had no idea how to respond.

Indeed, Intel’s responses appear to have been generated by a Magic-8 ball.