M1 iPad Pro Benchmarks

By Chance Miller

May 11, 2021

M1 iPad Pro Benchmarks

The first M1 iPad Pro orders are slated to arrive to customers later this month. Ahead of those arrivals, early benchmarks results from Apple’s newest tablet have hit Geekbench, and the results corroborate Apple’s claims that the new iPad Pro is up to 50% faster than its predecessors.


Geekbench Results

Early Geekbench 5 results show that the fifth-generation iPad Pro with the M1 processor achieves single-core scores of around 1,700 and multi-core scores of around 7,200. For comparison’s sake, the 2020 iPad Pro, powered by an A12Z processor, achieves scores of 1,100 and 4,656 in single-core and multi-core benchmarking, respectively.


How the iPad Compares

Here are average multi-core results for other Apple products: 16” MacBook Pro with Intel Core i9 processor: 6,819  M1 Mac mini: 7,346  iPad Air: 4,246 M1 iPad Pro: 7,200 A12Z iPad Pro: 4,656  M1 MacBook Air: 7,580


The Fastest iPad Ever

So as you can see, the M1 iPad Pro’s performance is on par with M1-powered Macs, and significantly better than the A12Z iPad Pro it replaces. It even outperforms the top-of-the-line 16-inch MacBook Pro, and is only bested by select configurations of the iMac and Mac Pro.


What are you hoping to see in iPadOS 15 to help take advantage of the iPad Pro’s performance potential? Let us know!