Ohio working on new bill prohibiting the tracking of people with AirTags

By Allison McDaniel

For the last year, AirTag has been helping Apple users alike track their lost or stolen items.

However, some have been using the tracking device for more nefarious purposes.

A news station in Ohio has found a loophole in a law that allows tracking people with electronic trackers.

It was the AirTag’s alarm that startled her and prompted her to seek help from the Akron police.

After checking her car, police found an AirTag inside her car’s rear bumper – likely placed there from an ex-boyfriend.

The investigation led 3News to uncover that in Ohio, those with no prior pattern of stalking or domestic violence could potentially get away with AirTag stalking – without penalty.

The station then formed an analysis and found that there are at least 19 states with laws against electronic tracking. Ohio isn’t one of them.