Report: Apple could launch an audiobooks service later this year

By José Adorno

Since Apple announced its shift to not only be a hardware and software company but also a service one in 2018, it has introduced several new subscriptions such as Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+, and, ultimately, the Apple One bundle.

In the past couple of years Apple has made smaller media bets including Arcade, a subscription gaming package, News+, a publishing bundle, and Fitness+, which offers video aerobics classes. There is talk of an audiobooks service later this year.

Unfortunately, the story only mentions the possible audiobooks service once, but this is the first time a major publication backs up this new field.

Although he doesn’t make any assumptions, Gurman gives his opinion about what Apple should do. In his words, “expand the Apple One program and better integrate services.”

The next thing I believe Apple can do to grow services is to better integrate them.

Right now, Apple One makes sense for consumers because of the discounts, but Apple’s individual offerings really don’t integrate with one another in the same way that an iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch all play nicely.