Comment: Apple needs to change its mind if it really wants to compete with game companies

By Filipe Espósito

November 5, 2021

Despite its attempts, Apple has never been known as a gaming company — even though it has one of the most popular mobile gaming platforms in the world with iOS.

While it’s not impossible for Apple to compete with the big names in the gaming market, the company needs to change its mind if it wants to appeal to gamers.

The company also believes that the success of Apple’s platforms depends on developers’ perception of the advantage of creating content for Apple products compared to competitors.

In fact, Apple does compete with game companies. After all, there are users who prefer to play games on their iPhone or iPad, and the App Store has many popular titles that also result in billions of dollars every quarter.

However, there’s still a long way to go if Apple really wants to compete with true consoles like PlayStation or Xbox.