Concept: How macOS Mammoth could improve productivity, entertainment, and safety with new apps

By Parker Ortolani

August 12, 2021

Today we have Apple TVs that run a variant of macOS/iOS called tvOS. Naturally, apps made for tvOS should be able to run on Apple silicon Macs much in the same way you can now run iOS apps. Obviously, Apple wouldn’t want to bring the entirety of tvOS to Front Row, but they could strip the TV app out and add it to the Mac.

Front Row based on tvOS

Apple could also release new matching Siri remote colors for the Apple silicon iMac. After all, Front Row was made for the iMac and always worked best on it. When purchasing a new iMac, a customer could choose to add a matching Siri remote to their order. Existing iMac users could pair the existing silver remote to their computers.

The Apple Clips app has become a wonderful little tool for making videos with special effects on the iPhone and iPad. We think Clips would make a great addition to the Mac to help introduce amateur video editing to new younger users. It has a simpler user interface, easily recognizable fun effects, and it works with iMessage sticker packs.

Making movies with Clips

Clips could also give Memoji and Animoji a new home on the Mac. While no Macs have a TrueDepth module or LiDAR, the new camera on the iMac is absolutely fantastic, and I’d imagine some software tricks could be done to make this work reasonably well. But this is forward thinking, and by the time we get macOS 13, it’s very possible we’ll have Face ID Macs.

The new Weather app in iOS 15 is a natural evolution of the previous design introduced in iOS 7 with all-new animations, refined controls, and plenty of new features. We’d love to see those new animations on larger displays like the expansive iMac screen. Weather could show several locations at once by supporting multiple windows.

Give Weather a new platform

Opening a location full screen could show stunning animations. Apple could even add a new screensaver to macOS that shows weather animations for your current location in real time while your Mac is asleep.

You might be familiar with apps like Clean My Mac that help you remove junk from your Mac, as well as apps like Malware Bytes that help you find out if your Mac is infected with malware. They’re both excellent tools that I highly recommend, but I’d still like for Apple to make their own first-party solution.

Macs need tune-ups, too

The Maintenance app would offer three core features. The first would be “Deep Clean.” Apple would search your Mac for duplicate files, really old files that it knows were backed up, old installers, and more so that it could save space on your drive. “Safety Check” could download a database of known malware and search your Mac for any matching files. If it finds something dangerous, it could remove it or automatically help schedule a Genius Bar appointment. Lastly, “Tune Up” could run scripts that free up RAM and end unnecessary system processes. You can also see that there could be widgets to keep you updated as well as links to download the Apple Support app.