Tula Mic review: an impressive portable microphone that’s great for iPad and Mac workflows

By Jeff Benjamin

The Tula Mic is a portable USB microphone with dual capsules and a built-in standalone recorder.

It features a collapsable stand, noise cancellation, and 8GB of storage for up to 12 hours of continuous recording. Most importantly, it sounds good.

One of the things that makes this microphone so practical is that it can function in two primary ways. Most obviously, the Tula Mic operates as a USB-C microphone. The Tula Mic also works as a standalone audio recorder.

As good as the Tula Mic is, I couldn’t help but think that this microphone may be difficult for some users to adjust to. For one, it has way too many buttons, which can be a source of confusion. 

Secondly, there is no display for quickly learning about important things like gain level, remaining battery life, and storage space. Instead, you have to rely on the LED indicators.