VanMoof S3 impressions:  A ridiculously good-looking  e-bike with Apple Find My support

By Jeff Benjamin

May 26, 2021

Find My Network

VanMoof first came on my radar when Apple announced the first few products that were compatible with the Find My network a few weeks prior to Apple unveiling its long-awaited AirTag tracker.

• 37 miles – 93 miles of range • Automatic electronic gear shifting • 4 power levels • Turbo Boost • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes • 50% charge in 80 minutes • Full charge in 4 hours • Matrix display • Automatic LED lighting system • Keyless lock, touch unlock • Automatic rider recognition • Integrated alarms • One-piece integrated saddle design • Fully enclosed drivetrain

Key Specs


The first thing that stood out to me upon receipt of the VanMoof S3 is how the bike is packaged. It’s packed carefully in such a way that not only protects the unit from damage during shipping but also makes the bike easy to set up.


Putting together the S3 took about 30 minutes in total. For the most part, the installation was easy thanks to the step-by-step instruction manual and included toolset.


Based on the pictures on its official website, I was pretty sure I’d love the design of the bike, and I wasn’t disappointed. Simply put, the design of the VanMoof S3 is the best that I’ve ever seen in a bike, electric or otherwise.

VanMoof S3 app & functionality

After setting up the bike, you’ll need to download the VanMoof app from the App Store and set up your account. Your iPhone (or Android) essentially acts as a key and a means to control the various settings associated with your bike profile.

Design and performance are only half the story. The VanMoof S3 also features integrated security features, like the built-in kick lock, alarm, and of course, Apple Find My integration. If you’d like to know more, watch our video review below.