2021 Apple Watch renders give a more realistic preview of the Series 7 design

By Ben Lovejoy

August 30, 2021

While those looked ugly, most especially the clunky way that the screen mated with the casing, these renders look far more attractive, and are likely a much closer match for the real thing…

While some expressed dismay at the look of the clones, we noted at the time that they weren’t likely to give much of a sense of the appearance of the real thing.

One of the important things to keep in mind when looking at these Apple Watch Series 7 clones is the lack of attention to detail. These are being produced based on schematics for the legitimate Apple Watch Series 7, but as Majin Bu says on Twitter, they are being sold in China for around $60. They exist primarily for case makers and to give us a look at the flat-edged design in the real world.

For instance, one of the most notable things about these Apple Watch Series 7 clones is where the display meets the casing. On the current Apple Watch, this is done in a very elegant manner, such that the design is almost borderless. In these images, there is a clearer distinction between the display and the edges, but that is likely something Apple will perfect on the final design.

The Apple Watch Series 7 could come in two new case sizes – 41mm and 45mm. These will substitute the current 40mm and 44mm options that we’ve gotten accustomed to since the Apple Watch Series 4. This 1mm difference in size may not seem like a big deal (and granted, it isn’t), but it lends credibility to another rumor that we’ve been hearing about the Apple Watch Series 7 – the inclusion of a bigger display.