CameXtra on Sale Today ( Video )

So what is the big deal with this camera app ?

Extra Fast Shoot & Edit

From the time you tap on the shutter button until the picture is in the editing screen, takes under 0.5 second !!!

Then from there you can decide to edit, save right away or discard the picture.

It has a very powerful basic editing functions with shadows and brightness unlike any other thing you have ever seen.

Dynamic Colour Toned Vignettes

Very unique and artistic colour effect with dynamic colour toned vignette ( not simple black vignette ).

Nonlinear Intensity Adjustment

When you decrease intensity of the colour effects from 100% down to 50% it gradually adjusts just the vignette shade, then from 50% to 0%it starts adjusting the colour effect itself, so adjusting slider performs two step adjustment in one control.

And all other photo editing and camera needs.

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