Siri Stories April 18

How to change the Siri voice on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, or HomePod

While Siri may lag behind the competition in some areas, one area where it does excel is in the quality of the actual Siri voice.

Siri Stories April 16

Apple’s Siri team has published a new Machine Learning Journal entry that details some of the process behind making voice-activated ‘Hey Siri’ work with just our voice. Apple previously documented part of the process behind pulling off voice-activated Siri in general last fall, and the first Machine Learning Journal entry of this year focuses on the challenge of speaker recognition.

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Siri Stories April 3

According to a new report from The New York Times, Apple has hired Google’s chief of search and artificial intelligence, John Giannandrea. Tim Cook made the announcement in an email to employees, noting that Giannandrea will officially be the head of “machine learning and A.I. strategy.”

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Siri Stories March 26

Wikipedia’s Chief Revenue Officer, Lisa Gruwell, has said that companies which pull data from the service without donating could be considered guilty of exploitation.

She said that smart assistants relied heavily on information sourced by Wikipedia, but while Google has made substantial donations, Apple and Amazon haven’t …

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Siri Stories March 21

[Update: Apple says it will fix the bug in a future update.]

A privacy bug reported by Brazilian site Mac Magazine allows someone to access hidden message notifications on a locked iPhone by asking Siri to read them …

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Siri Stories March 14

The Information has published a lengthy report today covering the development of Siri. The article documents Siri’s tumultuous changes in leadership and management over the last few years, indicating that Siri 1.0’s infrastructure was very creaky, which held back the service.

One of the most interesting anecdotes is the claim that Apple’s HomePod team didn’t meet with the Siri group until 2015 (Amazon Echo first debuted in late 2014). The story says Apple had originally considered launching the speaker without Siri.

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