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Siri is Apple’s personal assistant technology that debuted in 2011 with the iPhone 4S. Apple purchased Siri in 2010. At the time, it was a dedicated app on the iPhone. When it became built into the iPhone, it could do basic things like play music and make phone calls.

Now, it can do things like integrate with third-party messaging apps. payments, ride-sharing service, calling app, set timers, get directions, add reminders, start TV shows on the Apple TV, make language translations, search for photos, open documents, interact with your smart home though HomeKit, and a lot more.

In iOS 12, it became integrated into more third-party apps through Shortcuts. Companies can build their own interactions for the service to work with.

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Siri Stories Yesterday

Mangrove Capital Partners is out this week with its Voice Tech Report for 2019. This annual report covers the growing adoption of voice assistants, and makes an interesting prediction for Siri in 2020.

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Siri Stories July 3

HomePod owners are taking to Twitter to complain that the Hey Siri feature is being activated by Apple’s new AirPods commercial.

When the guy in the Bounce ad says Hey Siri at the beginning and asks it to play him something new, HomePods are being triggered…

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Siri Stories June 14

The man who was for seven years head of Apple’s Siri efforts has said that virtual assistants don’t deliver on their promise.

Bill Stasior left Apple earlier this year, leaving the Siri team without a VP at the helm …

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Siri Stories June 13

What is Announce Messages with Siri? How to customize the alerts

Announce Messages with Siri is a new feature for Apple headphones in iOS 13. It makes responding to messages very fast whilst you are wearing AirPods or Powerbeats Pro. Siri will read out the incoming message and transcribe your reply. This alleviates the need for you to dig your iPhone out of your pocket constantly.

Siri Stories June 10

After fixing volume indicator, Apple may fix another annoying iOS/iPadOS quirk

Apple finally fixed the volume indicator in iOS 13, and Apple’s SVP of software engineering has indicated that the company may fix another full-screen annoyance – at least in iPadOS

Siri Stories May 22

Apple’s decision to make Siri’s voice female by default in the US and many other countries reinforces gender bias, claims a new United Nations report. The same complaint is levelled at Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana.

The problem with this, says the report, is that it ‘reflects and reinforces’ the idea that assistants – acting in a support role – are female …

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