Siri Stories Yesterday

One of the complaints many of us have about HomePod in particular is that it only supports a single user. So if anyone in the home asks HomePod to read their text messages, for example, Siri will always read those for the Apple ID used during set up …

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Siri Stories August 13

How to customize Voice Feedback for Siri

Siri is very useful at doing a handful of tasks. However, in certain scenarios it’s best to have Siri not give voice feedback, especially since using voice assistants in public is still considered weird.

Luckily, Apple adds an option for this in most of its platforms. Follow along to learn how to disable or customize voice feedback for Siri.

iPhone & iPad: How to customize Siri suggestions

As Siri has evolved in various ways over the years, suggestions from the smart assistant pop up across iOS in a variety of ways, often times by default. Follow along for how to customize Siri suggestions on your iPhone and iPad.

Siri Stories August 9

In Apple’s latest Machine Learning Journal entry, the Siri Speech Recognition Team shares an overview of the work behind improving Siri’s understanding of names for regional points-of-interest by incorporating the user’s location.

Based in part on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Apple has been able to tune Siri to better understand users based on where they are and what POIs they’re more likely to ask about.

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Siri Stories August 3

Shared in a Reddit post this morning, a gorgeous new iOS concept has detailed a whole new approach to Siri and multitasking that offers a look into how Apple could move away from the intrusive full-screen takeover design.

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Siri Stories August 2

MacWorld has an interesting piece entitled ‘How subscriptions, Siri, and Shortcuts in iOS 12 will forever change Apple’s App Store.’

Michael Simon’s suggestion is that Siri Shortcuts will enable us to use voice to do things which currently require us to get hands-on with apps, and that this will change the way in which we interact with our phones …

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