HomeKit Weekly is a series focused on smart home accessories, automation tips and tricks, and everything to do with Apple’s smart home framework. 

HomeKit Weekly Stories March 27

We’re all getting stir crazy being stuck in our houses during the COVID–19 pandemic, but you can make good use of the time if you want to work on your HomeKit setup. Since pretty much every extracurricular activity has been canceled, spend this time getting your house to work for you through Apple’s HomeKit platform. Here are some fun projects that can help pass the time, along with being fun to install. expand full story

HomeKit Weekly Stories March 20

Since I’ve started writing a weekly article about HomeKit, one of the most common questions I’ve gotten is exactly what HomeKit products I own and how I use them. I’ve spent years building out each room over time, and I love how easy HomeKit is to manage from any of my devices (including HomePod). If you are starting from scratch on HomeKit, you’ll like this article because it’ll give you a starting point. I am going to explain my “HomeKit home” a room at a time. expand full story

HomeKit Weekly Stories March 13

Water leaks are undoubtedly something that can really damage a home. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we had a water leak in our kitchen that caused our hardwood floors to warp a tad. Particularly with hardwood floors, a water leak can be disastrous. HomeKit enabled water leak detectors are the perfect way to be notified immediately in the event of a water leak. This week, I am going to review the Eve Water Guard to see where it fits within a HomeKit home. expand full story

HomeKit Weekly Stories March 6

In my quest to get everything in my home working with HomeKit, I thought it would be time to replace our carbon monoxide detector with a HomeKit compatible one. After doing a bit of research, I settled on the First Alert GLOCO–500 WiFi Environment Monitor with Battery Backup. For a HomeKit carbon monoxide detector, it is exactly what I wanted. expand full story

HomeKit Weekly Stories February 28

Since I started building out my HomeKit home, one of the areas I haven’t touched is my garage doors. I had investigated various adaptors over the years, but I have an off-brand garage door opener that never seemed to be on the compatibility list. I recently came across a model that did work with my particular opener, so I was thrilled to be able to pick it up and get it installed. I’ve had the iSmartGate Pro garage door opener installed for the past few weeks, and I couldn’t be happier with it. If you are looking for a HomeKit garage door opener, read on to see how to it works, and how I am using it. expand full story

HomeKit Weekly Stories February 21

I’ve been using HomeKit for many years, and one of the things I can’t stop buying is outlet switches. In my house, we tend to use lamps a lot more than overhead lights, so when paired with LED bulbs, they make for an energy-efficient way to shine light in hour home. Over the years, I’ve tried multiple HomeKit compatible outlets, and I’ve finally found one that feels like it was made for HomeKit, and it’s thankfully, the least expensive one I’ve tried. Are you looking for the best HomeKit outlet? Read on to find out more. expand full story

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