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May 27

The FIDO Alliance, backed by Apple and Google, debuts loginwithFIDO․com

The FIDO Alliance, which is backed by Apple, Google, and Microsoft want to eliminate password complexity. Today, they are launching a brand new website to help educate consumers on what Login with FIDO is all about.

May 26

As schools wrap up their school year and prepare for a summer of new deployments, network upgrades, and backup plans for distance learning, Apple has begun to release updates to their K-12-focused iPad app. The Classroom app and Schoolwork app have now been updated with some new features and workflows to assist teachers and technical directors. expand full story

In this episode of the Apple @ Work podcast, Bradley is joined by Lindsey Koshansky of Locus Health to discuss at-home patient monitoring with iPad, improving patient satisfaction, and the future of healthcare.

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May 24

The rise of Zoom could be the headline for the 2020 technology scene. Zoom has replaced classrooms, board meetings, concerts, and even some low budget sporting events. What I find interesting about Zoom is how it took off for video communications while we had other services that were better in a lot of ways. I particularly want to look at FaceTime during COVID-19, and how despite having a nearly decade long existence and being built into every iOS and macOS device, it didn’t have its ‘Zoom’ moment, and why Zoom became the new default group video service.  expand full story

May 23

Podcast of the Week: Spectacular Failures

One of my favorite podcasts of 2019 was Spectacular Failures. I discovered it right after it was released, and I couldn’t wait for each episode to be released. My favorite episode was the one where they looked into Toys R Us. I had heard that Toys R Us was actually headed towards profitability, but the private equity firms that owned it shut it down and took plenty of money in the progress.

Ubiquiti is a popular networking choice for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers extremely low costs with a useful feature set for many organization’s needs. There are a lot of plusses and minuses to using Ubiquiti products, but I am not getting into that aspect today. What I do want to look at are Ubiquiti management options.

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May 22

When 2020 started, I didn’t have a single camera in my HomeKit setup, but as the year as gone on, I’ve been picking up cameras left and right. After deploying multiple eufyCameras around the exterior of my house, I turned my attention to covering parts of the interior of my house. While HomeKit Secure Video is essential for outside of the house, it’s required for the inside of my house. It’s one thing for a company to have views on the outside of my house, but only I want to be able to see what’s going on inside my house. End to end encryption is required for any indoor cameras that I use in my house. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing out the Netatmo Indoor Camera with HomeKit Secure Video. expand full story

May 21

Jamf Protect adds new macOS malware prevention capabilities to its endpoint security solution

Jamf Protect was the first macOS endpoint security solution to use Apple’s new Endpoint Security Framework to enforce malware prevention in a way that ensures a great macOS experience. Many of the other solutions use non-Apple advised methods thus impacting the overall experience for the end-user.

JumpCloud expands Apple enterprise offering by adding MDM solution

JumpCloud, the makers of the popular cloud directory service, is expanding its product portfolio to offer a new mobile device management solution for Apple enterprises. JumpCloud has been a popular ‘directory-as-a-service’ vendor for Apple enterprises looking to move away from Microsoft’s Active Directory. The JumpCloud MDM solution will work directly with Apple’s MDM APIs.

May 17

It feels like every email I receive mentions COVID–19. Every podcast I listen to mentions COVID–19. On Twitter or LinkedIn, you can’t avoid mentions of COVID–19. Our current pandemic is everywhere, and that is probably as it should be. It’s dominating our lives. As I was headed to the grocery store to pick up an online order, I realized how essential the app economy is right now and how much worse off we’d be if this pandemic would have happened even a decade ago. Here are a few ways that the ‘‘app economy’’ that Apple helped pioneer has allowed us to adjust to a ‘‘new normal’’ while we are all stuck at home.

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May 16

Podcast of the Week: Hi-Phi Nation by Slate

Slate has been releasing great podcasts for many years, and I recently discovered one of their existing shows that have added a new format. Hi-Phi Nation, while already in season four, has a new structure. This season they are focusing on a single theme: crime and punishment. Crime and punishment podcasts have become extremely popular, so this makes a lot of sense for Slate to use their unique skills to bring a fresh look to the show. Hi-Phi Nation is hosted by Barry Lam.

Backing up corporate data isn’t a luxury. It’s not only essential, if you lose data, you could possibly open yourself up to legal matters. In a world of mobile devices, remote working, and cloud services, how do IT departments build a system for Mac backups in the enterprise?

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May 15

A few months ago, I wrote about the VOCOlinc power adaptor. It’s my favorite low-cost HomeKit outlet adapter. I recently needed a surge protector with each individual to be able to be a HomeKit switch. I again turned to the VOCO branded of products with their HomeKit surge protector. expand full story

May 12

In this episode of the Apple @ Work podcast, Bradley is joined by Perry Correll from Extreme Networks to talk about what the FCC’s proposal for the 6GHz band to become unlicensed will mean for Wi-Fi in the enterprise.

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May 10

I love iCloud Drive, and I’ve been using it as my primary file storage method for a couple of years at this point. It took off for me once Apple debuted the Files app in iOS 11. Once Apple added the ability to sync the desktop and documents folder in macOS Sierra, I had true files happiness. Even without folder sharing (which is finally available), I had been using iCloud Drive for 99% of my file sync needs. The only thing I am not using is the legacy shared folders I have in Dropbox. My biggest complaint about iCloud Drive is that the deleted file restoration pales in comparison to Dropbox. expand full story

May 9

Podcast of the Week: The Electrek Podcast

This week’s podcast of the week is one of the podcasts on the 9to5 network. Over the past few years, I’ve been learning a lot about electric vehicles, and I have a Tesla Cybertruck on preorder. I told my wife recently that I’ve made my last non-EV car purchase, and we’re going all-electric for all future cars. One of the ways I’ve been learning about the industry is the Electrek Podcast.

Meeter is a new Mac app for quickly joining Zoom meetings, Google Hangouts, and more

If you’re working from home like me at the moment, your calendar has gone from a list of places to be to a list of virtual meetings to join. I found a new app that is going to be perfect for this time period. Meeter is a new macOS app that, once installed, will live in your Menu bar. It allows you to quickly join your scheduled calls for services like Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.

Back in 2010, Apple surprised us all when it killed the Xserve. Although it wasn’t near as popular as Linux and Window Servers, it still had its place among macOS heavy enterprises. OS X Server (now macOS Server) provided several useful features that don’t really exist in today’s enterprise market. Why did Apple kill the Xserve and begin stripping features from macOS Server? expand full story

May 8

In my time watching the HomeKit market, the most strange thing about it is how few HomeKit enabled doorbells there are on the market. It seems like every few months a new doorbell with HomeKit support is announced that never seems to be released. We also continually see products that claim HomeKit support is coming, but the software update never arrives. Where are all the HomeKit doorbells, and is it worth waiting on before making a purchase? This week, I want to look at the Eufy doorbell.

HomeKit Weekly is a series focused on smart home accessories, automation tips and tricks, and everything to do with Apple’s smart home framework.

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May 5

Edison Mail hits Mac App Store with ability to mute senders and more

I talked about Edison Mail a few weeks back when they had announced their new OnMail email service. Today, Edison Mail is back in the news as they have debuted on the Mac App Store. Like I mentioned when CleanMyMac X debuted on the Mac App Store last week, apps joining the store seem to be a growing trend whereas a few years ago, it was quite the opposite as apps were leaving the Mac App Store over revenue and sandboxing concerns.

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