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Kiwi for Gmail launches new Focused Filtered inbox

There are a lot of people I talk with that love Apple hardware, but also love Google services (especially Gmail). One of the downsides to using Gmail in a Chrome or Safari window is you miss out on a lot of benefits of using a native email app. Using an app like Kiwi for Gmail, you can get the benefits of using the Gmail interface (along with Google Drive and its apps) with Mac hardware.

November 11

It’s hard to believe that the iPad is now eight years old. I still remember hearing the rumors of the Apple tablet, watching the keynote, and being shocked to see the price at $499. When you go back and watch the original introduction, Steve Jobs asks the question: “Is there room for a third category of device in the middle?” expand full story

November 10

The iPad mini has had an interesting history. When Phil Schiller first showed us a look at it in 2012, I was hooked immediately. Despite not having a Retina screen, I was in love with it. It was a great size for reading books, watching video, and browsing the web. In some ways, it showed us the path to larger iPhones. Fast forward to 2018, and we are only on the 4th generation of the iPad mini. The iPad mini 4 was released over three years ago, and we still don’t have a replacement. Despite being three years old, it’s still a great iPad. expand full story

November 4

Last week, I wrote an article about the laptop I hoped Apple would announce at their October event. That event has come and gone, and I’ve gotten no less than 10 Twitter DMs and many iMessages from friends asking “Is the MacBook Air a good laptop?”.

In short, the Retina MacBook Air was a exactly what I wanted them to announce. The new MacBook Air is now the Mac I recommend to most people. It’ll fly off the shelves for college students and enterprise buyers.

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November 3

In the early days of the iPad, the App Store was one of the key advantages it had over competing products. Compared to Windows PCs (and even Macs), The iPad had a wealth of apps that were unique, only available on iPad, and were low-cost. Schools were flocking to the iPad for that reason. We were coming from the days of $50/per machine licensing to $1 per iPad licensing. In the very early days of iPad in schools, Apple told us we could buy one copy of an app and use it on all of our iPads. This was before the volume purchase store went live, though. In those days, we were loading apps via iTunes.  Now the discussion is around web apps vs iPad apps. Does this hurt Apple in K-12? expand full story

November 1

Fleetsmith adds new dashboard and audit logs for security focused Apple enterprises

Managing Apple devices in the enterprise is something I think a lot about, so I am always happy to learn about new companies who are doing interesting things in this space. A somewhat new player in this space is Fleetsmith. They’re a cloud-based MDM provider that focuses on macOS, tvOS, and iOS. They’ve got some interesting features that I am excited to explore further.

October 28

I am a few days removed from attending the annual Jamf Nation User Conference, and I’ve been pondering the entire three-day experience. I settled on this general question as I was sitting in the day one keynote: What is the state of Apple in the enterprise? expand full story

October 27

Earlier this month, we learned about Apple’s upcoming October iPad Pro and Mac event. Many people are wondering what Apple will announce on 10/30. While I don’t know what Apple will announce, I do have high hopes that Apple will solve a problem I am facing in my job.  expand full story

October 25

Earlier in October, Google announced Cloud Identity for partners and customers. One of the features of Cloud Identity I was most excited about was the cloud LDAP feature that is part of this service. LDAP is an open source directory protocol that a lot of enterprise services support. Google is heavily investing in its cloud identity service. They expect by 2021, more than 50% of all enterprises will adopt an “all in cloud strategy.” Could Google LDAP login on macOS become a reality in the future?

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As someone who’s spent the past three nights in a hotel room, the hotel TV experience feels stuck in 1998. The TV comes on to a customized hotel user interface with music that is way too loud, and then I have to arrow over to the TV menu to then actually watch TV.  Anytime I use a traditional cable interface, I am reminded of why I cut the cord. It’s tedious to see what’s on, it’s slow to change to what I find, and it’s entirely the opposite of a modern Apple TV-type interface. I’ve often thought all of my complaints could go away if there was an Apple TV in my room. In fact, an Apple TV in a hotel would likely cause me to choose one hotel over another. expand full story

October 24

Jamf has just announced a new pair of apps aimed to allow iPad and iPhone to be used in more situations in the enterprise market. While Apple has had a shared iPad deployment model for the past few years in K–12, it’s never been extended to enterprise use. For Jamf Pro customers, here’s how to set up shared iPad.

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October 23

At the Jamf Nation User Conference, IBM has announced that it is open sourcing its Mac@IBM provisioning code. The code being open-sourced offers IT departments the ability to gather additional information about their employees during macOS setup and allows employees to customize their enrollment by selecting apps or bundles of apps to install.

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SAP chooses Jamf to manage 17,000 Mac, 83,000 iOS and 170 Apple TV devices

At the Jamf Nation User Conference, Jamf has announced that SAP has chosen them to manage 17,000 Mac, 83,000 iOS and 170 Apple TV devices. SAP will also be leveraging the integration between Jamf Pro and Microsoft Azure Directory to offer a seamless experience from the first login all the way to signing into Exchange 365 accounts.

Jamf has just announced that it is adding support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory to Jamf Pro. This announcement comes on the heels of the partnership that Jamf announced last at its user conference. Organizations who use Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) and Jamf can now skip creating a local account on macOS, and go straight to using Active Directory. It’s now easy to use Azure Active Directory on a Mac.

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October 21

I was recently in Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, and I visited the Microsoft store, the Apple store, and a pop-up Amazon shop. As I wandered through all three of them, I began to ponder the state of each company when I look ahead to the next generation of consumer technology. As I walked through each of them, this thought kept popping into my head: do Apple products warrant their premium price? Are Apple products a premium experience, or is it all about the Apple brand?

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October 20

When my school came back from fall break, I had a teacher report that one of her classroom iPads had gone missing. I get messages like this quite often, but they are almost always in the building. I can verify this by logging into my Jamf Pro dashboard, and see which IP address it last “checked in” from. Our school has a static IP address, so the iPads will also show that as the last known IP address. I can also have Jamf Pro send me an email if one checks in off campus, I had actually turned this off as we had a student who was at St. Jude off and on last year, so I disabled the alerts while she was there, and I forgot to turn them back on. I had originally set this feature up to help prevent school iPad theft. expand full story

October 18

Latest Apple Pay promo offers $25 Oakley coupon

Apple continues to offer weekly deals for iOS-based shopping when using Apple Pay as your payment method. Apple just emailed out their new weekly promo, and you can get $25 off from Oakley.com. This Oakley coupon is a great way to get a discount for a future Christmas purchase.

October 17

Anyone that has known me for any length of time knows that I take organizing my photo library very seriously. We can be headed home from a birthday party for one of our kids, and I’ll ask my wife to cull through the photos we took, and add them to an album.

One of the best things about smartphones is you can take 1,000 photos in twenty minutes, but it’s also one of the worst things. I know most people will take a burst of photos, and then never go back through them. They’ll be left with a bunch of copies of a similar shot. In my opinion, it’s a lot easier to enjoy your library, when you take the time to clean up iPhone photos. The problem is that it’s time-consuming using the built-in tools.

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October 14

I’ve been thinking a lot about new Apple Music features that I hope are coming in iOS 13 and macOS 10.14. Earlier this year, I wrote up an Apple Music vs. Spotify comparison that summed up exactly how I feel about both services. Both are really good.

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October 13

Every technology deployment has its time in the sun. From the initial unboxing to the initial deployment, and to the various great moments, all deployments reach a point when it’s time to replace them. Over the years, I’ve done many Apple hardware refreshes, and they are a lot of fun. And one question that always has to be answered is what do you do with your existing hardware? Do you sell it? Do you keep using it? Let’s answer the question of what do you do with old laptops and iPads?

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