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First shown in late 2006 and released in early 2007, the Apple TV has gone through a more substantial transformation than any other Apple product in the past decade. The original model was a stripped-down Macintosh computer with a 40GB hard drive for playing videos, music, and photos on an HDTV. Apple unveiled a completely redesigned plastic model in 2010, dropping the hard drive in favor of 8GB flash storage, and in late 2015 the device was updated again with its own tvOS operating system, a slightly thicker design, and an all-new Siri Remote.

The Apple TV serves a variety of purposes now, thanks to its tvOS operating system, which has its own App Store. The Apple TV 4K and 4th-gen Apple TV come with the Siri Remote. Included is a dedicated Siri button that, when paired with universal search on the Apple TV, allows users to easily look up content from a variety of sources with a single search.

Using AirPlay with your iOS device or Mac, you can stream videos, photos, and music directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac to your HDT, as well as mirroring their screens. Under some circumstances, Macs can use a TV equipped with an Apple TV as a second display.

With the release of the Apple TV 4K priced at $179 and $199 for 32GB and 64GB respectively, Apple has dropped the 64GB version of the 4th-gen Apple TV as it continues to offer the 32GB model for $149.

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Apple TV Stories December 6

Apple may obtain rights to ‘violent Israeli TV show’ starring Richard Gere for its upcoming video streaming service

While Apple’s original video streaming service hasn’t launched (or been announced) just yet, some early critics are noting that Apple’s service will never take off because it would be catering to family friendly content.

Apple TV Stories December 5

There was a big surprise last week when Amazon announced that Apple Music will be coming to its range of Echo smart speakers. While you can AirPlay Apple Music to a range of speakers, using a voice command to instruct a speaker to play from the Cupertino company’s streaming music service has so far been exclusive to HomePod.

The reasoning appears to be that Apple Music subscriptions are worth more to Apple than the revenue from the HomePod hardware. And that same reasoning could apply more widely …

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Apple TV Stories December 4

‘Swagger’ TV drama featuring Kevin Durant ordered to series by Apple

We reported back in February that Apple was working on a TV show starring NBA star Kevin Durant. The show, dubbed Swagger, was reportedly being produced by Imagine Television and Durant’s Thirty Five Media.

Apple TV Stories November 29

How to enable Home Screen Sync on Apple TV

Have multiple Apple TVs in the house and are super frustrated with the lack of back up options with tvOS? You’re not alone. In fact, Apple has made a small workaround that will make adding or switching to another Apple TV fairly easy. Follow along to learn how to enable Home Screen Sync on Apple TV.

Apple TV Stories November 21

As holiday shopping starts to get into full swing, data firm Thinknum is out today with an interesting look at how the Apple TV 4K has soared in popularity over recent weeks. According to Thinknum’s data, which is based on Best Buy sales rank data, Apple TV is now a close second to the Amazon Fire TV Stick in terms of sales.

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Apple is apparently considering new avenues for how to spread the reach of its upcoming original content TV show service, via The Information. The report says Apple is toying with the idea of making a cheap TV dongle similar to the Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick.

If it went through with the idea, it would represent a pretty big shakeup to its set-top TV offerings, as its current Apple TV lineup is anything but ‘low-cost’.

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