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First shown in late 2006 and released in early 2007, the Apple TV has gone through a more substantial transformation than any other Apple product in the past decade. The original model was a stripped-down Macintosh computer with a 40GB hard drive for playing videos, music, and photos on an HDTV. Apple unveiled a completely redesigned plastic model in 2010, dropping the hard drive in favor of 8GB flash storage, and in late 2015 the device was updated again with its own tvOS operating system, a slightly thicker design, and an all-new Siri Remote.

The Apple TV serves a variety of purposes now, thanks to its tvOS operating system, which has its own App Store. The Apple TV 4K and 4th-gen Apple TV come with the Siri Remote. Included is a dedicated Siri button that, when paired with universal search on the Apple TV, allows users to easily look up content from a variety of sources with a single search.

Using AirPlay with your iOS device or Mac, you can stream videos, photos, and music directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac to your HDT, as well as mirroring their screens. Under some circumstances, Macs can use a TV equipped with an Apple TV as a second display.

With the release of the Apple TV 4K priced at $179 and $199 for 32GB and 64GB respectively, Apple has dropped the 64GB version of the 4th-gen Apple TV as it continues to offer the 32GB model for $149.

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Apple TV Stories July 13

When Plex launched a live TV guide in the traditional grid format, it did so first on the web, promising that other platforms would be coming later.

It has now made good on that promise, with Apple TV seeing the new feature today …

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Apple TV Stories July 10

Apple continues to ramp up its original content efforts today with a new show starring Jason Momoa. The show is entitled “See” and is said to be a “world-building drama” set in the future…

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Apple TV Stories July 8

I’ve owned every Apple TV since the original one. I’ve also been a “cord cutter” for many years. I’m the ideal Apple TV owner in a lot of ways. I subscribe to all of Apple’s services (iCloud Storage, Apple Music, etc). I’m all in on HomeKit as well. We actually own five Apple TVs (1 of the 4K models, and 4 of the previous generation ones). I’d say that I’m as big of an Apple TV fan as there is.

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Apple TV Stories July 3

As Apple builds out its new video service, the company has expanded its international team with a new hire from BBC Films. Variety reports that Joe Oppenheimer has been tapped to work on Apple’s international development team.

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Apple TV Stories June 28

DC has today announced a new streaming service called DC Universe that it hopes will deliver “a deeply engaging experience” for its fans. In addition to new original content, the service will feature video, news, comics, a DC encyclopedia, a members-only collectibles shop, and more.

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Apple TV Stories June 25

This evening, Apple officially released the first public beta of iOS 12 after three weeks of developer testing. This means anyone can download and install the latest iOS version on their iPhone and iPad for free, though it’s still in beta form and does come with some bugs and annoyances.

Are you running the iOS 12 beta (developer or public version) on your iPhone or iPad? If so, what do you think so far?

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