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iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system that runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Historically, Apple releases a new iOS version once a year, the current version is iOS 11. Here is the complete list of iOS 11 compatible devices.

Apple unveiled iOS 11 in June of 2017 during its Worldwide Developer Conference, releasing the first developer beta the same day. iOS 11 became available to the public on September 19.

iOS 11 includes a host of new features and interface changes, including a new file system with the Files app, a new Dock for iPad, a redesigned Control Center, drag and drop, ARKit (an augmented reality platform), Apple Pay in Messages, a redesigned App Store, improved Siri, and much more.

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Backblaze releases major update with new iOS app, up to 50% faster backups, network block list, more

Backblaze has remained a solid option for off-site backups as competitors like CrashPlan have ended their consumer plans. Today, Backblaze is rolling out version 6 with a lot of improvements including a fresh iOS app, 50% faster backups, network block lists, SSO for Gmail, and more.

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There has long been debate over the extent to which macOS and iOS will converge. Some think we’ve already gone too far down that route, with Launchpad coming in for particular criticism as an unnecessary child-like interface (though it can be made more useful). At the other extreme, some think Apple should go as far as touchscreen Macs and enable people to run either OS on both Macs and iPads.

Apple itself has consistently said that it considers Macs and iPads to be different categories of device, a message somewhat diluted by ads referring to the iPad as a computer.

But I was struck by a suggestion of two iOS features that might work on Mac …

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iOS Stories January 14

How to pay for Spotify Premium in the iOS app

Want to upgrade your free Spotify account to a Premium one and looking for where to sign up on the iPhone or iPad app? Follow along for how to pay for Spotify Premium in the iOS app.

iOS Stories January 11

One of the biggest shake-ups we’ve seen in the iOS user-interface was the replacement of skeuomorphism – making things look like real-life objects – with the complete opposite in iOS 7. Where once we had realistic looking 3D representations, we instead got a ‘flat’ UI which goes out of its way to remain 2D.

While some feel that skeuomorphism looks old-fashioned these days, the approach still has its fans even now – and Apple has shown signs of beginning to adopt a new take on the look using something called anisotropism …

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How to improve hearing by turning iPhone and AirPods into remote microphones

AirPods are great fully wireless earphones, and they can also be used as a sort of hearing aid device with iPhone as a remote microphone. Follow along for how to improve hearing by turning iPhone and AirPods into remote microphones with the iOS Live Listen feature.

iOS Stories January 10

We want a lot out of iOS 13, but there’s one issue that’s becoming increasingly problematic on iPhones for a lot of customers: spam calls. This is something any future version of the iPhone software should tackle — iOS 13 or a point update like iOS 12.1.3 — if only by giving customers more control over how phone calls are treated.

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