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Apple operates more than 500 retail stores in 22 countries. Under the direction of Deirdre O’Brien, Apple Stores are staffed by more than 70,000 team members and 3,000 Creative Pros. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple Retail including COVID-19 status, new store openings, and the latest news.

COVID-19: Changes to the Apple Store experience

Wondering about the status of your local Apple Store? Check out our COVID-19 Reopening Tracker, which includes a full map of open stores, health and safety procedures, and all the information you need to know before your visit.

Apple Stores: What makes them unique?

Beyond their award-winning architecture and landmark designs, Apple Stores are known for their focus on education and creativity. Over 250,000 free Today at Apple sessions were offered to the community each quarter prior to the pandemic. New stores are designed with a Video Wall and gathering area for Today at Apple known as the Forum. Older “classic” locations are being upgraded to accommodate the same experience.

Hours and locations: Where can I find details about my local Apple Store?

Apple’s website has a great tool for finding nearby locations and store hours; just type in your address or zip code to get started. You can learn more about the design and details of Apple Stores at The Apple Store Glossary.

Apple Store appointments: How can get I help?

If you’re having a problem with your device or want to shop with a knowledgeable Specialist, take the time to make an appointment before your Apple Store visit. If you need to make a Genius Bar appointment or contact Apple Support, visit Apple’s website. To schedule a shopping session, visit this link or open the Apple Store app.

The latest store openings and upgrades

Share your experience

If you attend a store opening, spot something interesting, or attend a great Today at Apple session, we’d love to see and share your photos.

Apple Retail Stories September 2

Every Apple Store launch is exciting and somehow impacts a community. Today, the company gave a sneak peek of its new retail store coming to Changsha, in China. Located in Hunan province, this will be the first Apple retail store in Changsha, which is located in the center of the provincial capital.

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Apple Retail Stories August 19

With the rising of COVID-19 cases in the United States and Apple requiring its employees to wear masks in store again, a new story by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman shows that Apple closed a store after 20 employees were exposed to COVID.

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Apple Dadeland has a sunny new home in Miami, Florida. The all-new store opened today at Dadeland Mall, replacing a previous, interior-facing location.

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Apple Retail Stories August 10

Apple is building its next great retail store in your living room. Have you seen the plans? Accelerated by the pandemic, Apple has created new platforms, polished existing services, and renewed its online retail efforts to create a home ecosystem just as immersive and memorable as its in-store experience. There’s just one catch: you’ll need to bring the tables.

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Apple Retail Stories August 6

The first physical Indian Apple Store, due to open later this year, has been delayed due to COVID-19, the company has confirmed. The country was very badly hit by the pandemic, with more than 30 million cases and over 400,000 deaths.

Apple has already had to wait many years to get the go-ahead to open its first retail store, due to legal requirements laid down by the government …

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Apple Retail Stories August 2

Apple Dadeland in Miami, Florida will soon reopen in a sunny new street-facing space at Dadeland Mall, Apple announced today.

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Apple is making it faster and easier than ever to buy accessories and cases at Apple Stores with a new self-checkout App Clip powered by the Apple Store app and Apple Pay. App Clips are small parts of apps that load quickly in the moments you need them.

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Apple has developed a new iPhone display solution for its retail stores that highlights MagSafe wireless charging, eliminates cable clutter, and makes iPhones more approachable to customers.

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Apple Retail Stories July 28

Apple is officially reinstating its mask requirement at most of its retail stores in the United States. According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple has sent a memo to retail employees informing them that masks will be required for shoppers and employees beginning tomorrow, July 29, regardless of vaccination status.

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Apple Retail Stories July 23

Apple Park Visitor Center is the perfect place for a photo walk, and soon visitors will discover a totally new environment to capture and experience. Apple has commissioned artist Katie Paterson and studio Zeller & Moye to create a permanent public sculpture for the visitor center titled Mirage.

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Apple Retail Stories July 15

From Tokyo to Milan, some of the world’s top Apple Stores are celebrating Apple Watch International Collection bands with energetic wall-to-wall graphics and unique displays to help customers discover their favorite styles.

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Apple Retail Stories July 14

Today at Apple, the program of free creative sessions designed to help artists, photographers, musicians and more unlock their potential, is expanding to YouTube.

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Apple Retail Stories July 13

Ted Lasso season two debuts July 23, and Apple is inviting you to celebrate with a series of virtual Today at Apple sessions anyone can attend.

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Apple Retail Stories July 9

Apple expands universal App Store + Apple Store gift cards to Canada and Australia

Last year in the US, Apple overhauled its gift cards taking them from two separate products to a single one that works with the App Store/iTunes Store and Apple Stores. Now the new Apple Gift Cards have launched in Canada and Australia.

Apple Retail Stories July 5

This August, Today at Apple Creative Studios expands to London with opportunities for youth interested in pursuing a career in music or radio. Creative Studios London will connect young artists with industry-leading mentors, major names in the broadcasting world, and professional studio environments.

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Apple Retail Stories July 1

Apple is planning to test a new “Retail Flex” program later this year, giving retail employees the ability to work “some weeks at their retail store location and other weeks remotely,” according to a new report from Bloomberg. Those employees working from home would be assigned to working on online sales, technical support, and customer service.

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The start of summer marks the annual kick off of Apple Camp, a collection of hands-on activities helping kids explore creativity. For 2021, Apple is back with a new lineup of in-store and at-home experiences for youth to discover.

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Apple Retail Stories June 29

Starting Wednesday, Apple customers in mainland China can order products online and pick them up for free at their local Apple Store. The service, long offered in the United States and elsewhere, is now available on

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Apple Tower Theatre is now open in Downtown Los Angeles. To celebrate the grand opening of downtown’s first Apple Store and the premiere of a major historic restoration project, readers were invited to share their favorite L.A. photos shot on iPhone. Creative briefs challenged photographers with one question: What makes Los Angeles special to you?

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Apple Retail Stories June 28

Mac sales in India more than tripled year-on-year after Apple was finally allowed to open an online store in the country.

That made Apple the fifth-largest PC brand in the country as of the first quarter of 2021 …

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Apple Retail Stories June 24

Apple Tower Theatre celebrated its grand opening today in Los Angeles. The new store marks the completion of an extensive historic restoration project and the first Apple Store downtown.

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Apple Retail Stories June 22

To celebrate the grand opening of Apple Tower Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, Apple is launching Today at Apple Creative Studios, a global program debuting in Los Angeles and Beijing. The program will provide career-building mentorship to underrepresented communities through creative resources. The new flagship store will also host its own free Today at Apple sessions that explore music creation, songwriting, creative inspiration, and more.

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Apple Retail Stories June 15

June 15, 2021 marks the first day every single Apple Store in the world has been simultaneously open in over 75 weeks. Health and safety precautions, regional lockdowns, and recurring COVID-19 spikes have challenged Apple Retail operations since the start of the pandemic.

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Apple Retail Stories June 13

Apple will drop the mask requirements at a number of its retail stores and offices as soon as this week, according to a new report from Bloomberg. The report says that Apple has informed retail and corporate employees of this change. Retail employees will also not be required to ask maskless customers for their vaccination status.

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