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Apple operates 505 retail locations across the globe. At the heart of each store is Today at Apple, a series of educational programs designed to inspire and motivate customers to take their passions further.

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September 2010 - March 2019

Steve Jobs announced Apple’s efforts to create a unified retail experience in 2001, opening the company’s first stores in McLean, VA and Glendale, CA. Apple Stores quickly grew in number, climbing to over 500 in 2018. In recent years, Apple has focused on increasing its retail presence internationally, opening many stores in China, Japan, and Europe.

In 2013, Apple announced that former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts would be leading the company’s retail efforts. Apple stores were previously under the leadership of former Target merchandiser Ron Johnson, and shortly by John Browett, a tumultuous time marked by internal controversy.

Under the leadership of Angela Ahrendts and increased design direction from Jony Ive, Apple has been rolling out a new retail design since 2015. As part of the new direction, the company refers to modern flagship locations as community gathering places. Much of the next-generation Apple retail experience is structured around Today At Apple, a program of creative community events designed to help Apple customers learn about and get the most out of their devices.

In February 2019, Apple announced the departure of Angela Ahrendts and the appointment of longtime leader Deirdre O’Brien as Apple’s SVP of Retail + People.

Apple Retail Stories March 22

Coinciding with the start of spring, Apple has announced a new live concert series set to be held in Italy. “Apple Music Live: Piazza Liberty” begins on March 28th and will run throughout spring and summer on the public amphitheater above Apple’s new flagship store in Milan.

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Apple Retail Stories March 21

Apple is offering visitors to its stores across the world an opportunity to watch March 25th’s Special Event with friends and other Apple fans on the big screen. Stores with Video Walls will host special Today at Apple sessions to livestream the keynote from Steve Jobs Theater.

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Apple updated its Apple Store app today with a few new features to spotlight Today at Apple sessions and make participating in the Apple GiveBack program easier. The update brings the app to version 5.3.

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Apple Retail Stories March 14

A new report today from KQED calls out artist dissatisfaction with compensation and promotion received for hosting Today at Apple sessions. The report highlights the challenges of proving the value of creative work in a culture built around “working for exposure.”

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Apple Retail Stories March 6

As intelligent speakers and voice assistants like the HomePod and Siri drive awareness of home automation, HomeKit has become a key part of Apple’s product ecosystem. Unless you know an enthusiast who has already made the investment in a full smart home, the best way to learn about HomeKit today is at Apple retail stores.

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Yesterday we reported on the news that Apple recently started performing repairs on iPhones with third-party batteries. Now we’ve gotten a look at the official repair guide that details how Apple will handle repairs with non-original batteries.

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