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Apple operates more than 500 retail stores in 22 countries. Under the direction of Deirdre O’Brien, Apple Stores are staffed by more than 70,000 team members and 3,000 Creative Pros. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple Retail including COVID-19 status, new store openings, and the latest news.

COVID-19: Changes to the Apple Store experience

Wondering about the status of your local Apple Store? Check out our COVID-19 Reopening Tracker, which includes a full map of open stores, health and safety procedures, and all the information you need to know before your visit.

Apple Stores: What makes them unique?

Beyond their award-winning architecture and landmark designs, Apple Stores are known for their focus on education and creativity. Over 250,000 free Today at Apple sessions were offered to the community each quarter prior to the pandemic. New stores are designed with a Video Wall and gathering area for Today at Apple known as the Forum. Older “classic” locations are being upgraded to accommodate the same experience.

Hours and locations: Where can I find details about my local Apple Store?

Apple’s website has a great tool for finding nearby locations and store hours; just type in your address or zip code to get started. You can learn more about the design and details of Apple Stores at The Apple Store Glossary.

Apple Store appointments: How can get I help?

If you’re having a problem with your device or want to shop with a knowledgeable Specialist, take the time to make an appointment before your Apple Store visit. If you need to make a Genius Bar appointment or contact Apple Support, visit Apple’s website. To schedule a shopping session, visit this link or open the Apple Store app.

The latest store openings and upgrades

Share your experience

If you attend a store opening, spot something interesting, or attend a great Today at Apple session, we’d love to see and share your photos.

Apple Retail Stories November 23

Last week we heard the latest Apple Store moving toward unionization was in St. Louis. With what seemed like strong enthusiasm from employees and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) as the representation, an official filing to start the bid to unionize was made with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Just seven days later, the Apple Store employees have made a U-turn and dropped the effort, at least for now.

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Apple Retail Stories November 21

An SUV drove through the glass of an Apple Store in Massachusetts this morning in what one Fire Marshall says may have been an “intentional” act. Details aren’t fully clear on injuries, but sadly multiple people have been taken to the emergency room with one person dying because of the incident.

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Apple Retail Stories November 16

The latest group of Apple Store employees looking to unionize are in St. Louis, Missouri. The group has partnered with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) which has filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board for a vote on unionization.

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Apple Retail Stories November 14

Following up on his amazing app experience “Apple Store Time Machine,” Apple Retail aficionado Michael Steeber is back with a new app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With a beautiful UI, Facades makes it easy to “browse, discover, and bookmark a catalog of every current and former Apple Store.”

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Apple Retail Stories November 2

As unionization efforts continue around the globe at Apple Stores, a notable moment has occurred in Scotland. The Glasgow Apple Store has become the first location in the UK to see a majority of employees vote for unionization.

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Apple Retail Stories October 18

The Apple unionization movement is taking place at a time when union membership is at an all-time low, but public support for unions is at the highest point seen since 1965.

While Apple is fighting hard against Apple Store staff forming and joining unions, a large-scale survey earlier this year suggests that embracing unions could help staff retention …

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Apple Retail Stories October 15

A second Apple Store in the United States has officially voted to unionize. A majority of workers at the Apple Store in Oklahoma City voted in favor of unionizing on Friday and will join the Communications Workers of America union.

This comes on the heels of Apple rolling out new benefits to retail and corporate workers earlier this week, but those benefits will be withheld from stores where employees have unionized.

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Apple Retail Stories October 12

There’s a growing number of Apple Store workers around the world pushing to unionize, and one store in Maryland has already made the jump. Now, a group of Apple retail workers in Australia has voted to strike next week as they battle with Apple to get the company to agree to a deal and endorse their unionization.

In a similar vein, a new report from Bloomberg today says that Apple will “withhold its latest employee perks” from the unionized retail store in Maryland.

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Apple Retail Stories October 4

Apple has seen a growing amount of negative feedback from its retail staff this year about working conditions and compensation in its retail stores. Efforts to unionize have ranged from its NYC Grand Central store to Atlanta, Oklahoma, Glasgow, UK, and more. Now the US Labor Board has issued an official complaint against Apple in NYC.

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Apple Retail Stories September 12

The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II takes place on September 19, and all UK Apple Stores will be closed on that date, as a mark of respect.

The date has been declared a bank holiday, the UK equivalent of a federal holiday, with most employees entitled to take the day off …

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Apple Retail Stories August 23

Apple store union survey gives insight into sources of dissatisfaction

The Apple Store union established at the Towson, Maryland, store has issued surveys asking staff what they would like to be the priorities when it comes to negotiating with the company. The detailed list gives a good insight into the sources of dissatisfaction among retail employees

Apple Retail Stories August 22

The Apple Store union battle has now expanded to Australia, with a series of Zoom briefings organized by Apple Together. It previously reached the UK.

Apple is still attempting to talk retail staff out of joining a union, though it has now made its in-store anti-union briefings “voluntary” …

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Apple Retail Stories August 15

Last year, Apple agreed to pay retail workers in California $30 million to settle a lawsuit over its bag check policy. That settlement has now been approved by a US District Court judge and will see workers receive an average payment of $1,328 while the lawyers in the case will rake in $10 million.

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Apple Retail Stories August 4

mophie is out with five new Apple accessories today from a sharp portable battery that can power up a MacBook to a new 4-port 120W GaN charger, to a fresh lineup of single and dual USB-C car chargers. Along with direct availability, the new accessories are all being sold by Apple.

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Apple Retail Stories July 29

Apple union-busting techniques have been described as “traumatic” by employees in the first Apple Store to unionize, Towson, Maryland.

They accuse Apple of failing to live up to its own human rights policy, and say that various threats were made to workers intending to join the union – including one who was told that the immigration assistance offered by the company could be withdrawn …

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The long-awaited Apple Brompton Road store opening took place yesterday afternoon, bringing a third flagship Apple Store to London, after Covent Garden and Regent Street.

Since I had a 360/action cam to test (review to follow), I thought I’d give you a 360-degree video tour, supplemented by some photos provided by Apple …

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Apple Retail Stories July 28

Apple today officially reported its earnings for the third fiscal quarter of 2022, covering the second calendar quarter and the months of April, May, and June. A lot of eyes are on Apple as concerns mount over an economic downturn in the United States. Here’s what the company reported today.

For Q3 2022, Apple reported revenue of $83.0 billion and a profit of $19.4 billion. Earnings-per-share hit $1.20 for the quarter.

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The Apple Store Online is currently down in China as Apple prepares for a big round of iPhone discounts in the country this weekend. As announced earlier this week, Apple is planning discounts on its iPhone models and accessories, as well as the Apple Watch and AirPods.

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Apple Retail Stories July 26

A preview of the new Apple Brompton Road store in London’s upmarket Knightsbridge shopping area shows off both the unique features of the space itself, and a number of Apple Store firsts. The store will be the fifth one in London, and the third flagship, alongside Covent Garden and Regent Street.

The store opens on Thursday, but the company has today previewed the space, with a series of photos and notable elements …

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Apple Retail Stories July 25

Ever wonder what the most iconic Apple Stores like the very first location, Apple Fifth Avenue, and Infinite Loop were like for their grand openings? Or maybe you were there and want to revisit the magic? Apple Retail aficionado Michael Steeber has put together his most impressive project yet, Apple Store Time Machine. It’s an amazingly immersive Mac app to experience and explore the most significant Apple Stores in incredible detail, exactly how they were on their grand openings.

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Apple Retail Stories July 20

A union representing some UK retail store staff says that Apple pay raises awarded recently actually amount to a pay cut after inflation is factored in.

The union noted that Apple’s revenue and profit both rose dramatically last year and also pointed to the increase in Tim Cook’s compensation.

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Apple Retail Stories July 18

Apple Store robbery at London’s flagship Covent Garden store; customers robbed too

An Apple Store robbery at London’s flagship Covent Garden store yesterday saw ‘at least’ 10 masked raiders steal thousands of pounds worth of products in a daylight raid. One report claimed that the robbers were armed.

Video footage captured from inside the store shows criminals fleeing, and one section of the clip shows a security guard grappling with a man outside the store.

London is to get a third flagship Apple Store, this one very close to the world-famous Harrods department store. Apple Brompton Road is located at a suitably prestigious location, which the Royal Institute of British Architects refers to as “the gateway to Knightsbridge.”

Knightsbridge is an upscale shopping area with many designer stores. These include Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and more. The store is directly opposite Harvey Nichols, another very well-known upmarket department store.

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Apple Retail Stories July 11

Apple last month launched its traditional Back to School campaign in the US and Canada. This year, the offer gives students and educators a free gift card of up to $150 for those who purchase eligible Mac and iPad models. Now it seems that Apple is getting ready to launch the campaign in Europe as well.

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