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Apple operates 506 retail locations across the globe. At the heart of each store is Today at Apple, a series of educational programs designed to inspire and motivate customers to take their passions further.

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September 2010 - December 2018

Steve Jobs announced Apple’s efforts to create a unified retail experience in 2001, opening the company’s first stores in McLean, VA and Glendale, CA. Apple stores quickly grew in number, climbing to over 500 in 2018. In recent years, Apple has focused on increasing its retail presence internationally, opening many stores in China, Japan, and Europe.

In 2013, Apple announced that former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts would be leading the company’s retail efforts. Apple stores were previously under the leadership of former Target merchandiser Ron Johnson, and shortly by John Browett, a tumultuous time marked by internal controversy.

Under the leadership of Angela Ahrendts and increased design direction from Jony Ive, Apple has been rolling out a new retail design since 2015. As part of the new direction, the company has dropped the word “store” from its vocabulary and refers to flagship locations as “town squares.” Much of the next-generation Apple retail experience is structured around Today At Apple, a program of community events designed to help Apple customers learn about and get the most out of their devices.

Apple Retail Stories December 12

According to a new illustration surfaced today by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Apple is planning a brand new design for its upcoming store in Atlanta’s Lenox Square shopping center. The multilevel space is said to replace Apple’s existing single floor store inside the mall, which first opened in 2002.

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Apple Retail Stories December 9

Bordeaux Apple store robbed and vandalized in French riots

Apple Sainte-Catherine in Bordeaux, France was robbed and looted Saturday night by French “yellow vest” protestors. The vandals smashed the store’s windows before flooding through the building and ripping MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and more from product tables.

Apple Retail Stories December 8

Following its four-day Black Friday shopping event last month, Apple has continued to incentivize customers to purchase a new iPhone with limited time discounts through the Apple GiveBack program. The trade-in offer, which was initially promoted with increasingly pervasive online marketing, has also made its way to Apple’s physical stores in an unprecedented way.

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Apple Retail Stories December 5

Upgraded Insta360 One X panoramic video camera bundle now available as Apple Store exclusive

The Apple Online Store has begun exclusively selling the Insta360 One X for $449 as a newer, upgraded model to sit alongside the already popular $329 Insta 360 One.

Apple Retail Stories December 4

No retailer wants to close a store — even temporarily. Closures mean lost sales, disruptions to service, and a negative customer experience. As Apple’s stores have steadily grown in popularity over the past 17 years, renovations and expansions to keep up with increased traffic have necessitated temporary closures from time to time. In locations without nearby alternatives or where construction work is estimated to be time-consuming, Apple has implemented temporary stores to ease the transition.

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Apple Retail Stories December 3

Apple has today opened up a new online store for active military personnel and veterans to make purchasing its products at a discount more accessible. Different from its education pricing, eligible military customers will receive 10% off Apple products, and the new discounted pricing even includes iPhones, Apple Watch, accessories, and more.

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