Apps & Updates Yesterday

We heard earlier this month that Instagram was planning support for long-form videos of up to an hour, and a new report suggests that the feature will launch today, with a few more details emerging …

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Apps & Updates June 19

Fortnite’s success on iOS has been well chronicled thus far, and now it has crossed yet another milestone. As reported by Sensor Tower, Fortnite has brought in more than $100 million in revenue during its first 90 days of availability…

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Podcast platform Anchor launches iPad app with built-in clip editing, Drag and Drop

The simple podcast platform Anchor today launched an iPad version of its iOS app, which lets users record, edit and publish a podcast from inside one application. You can use the hardware mic or plug in external accessories for better quality. On iPad, Anchor app supports iOS 11 Drag and Drop features to bring audio snippets straight into the library.

Regular Uber users will know that the same journey can be charged at quite different rates, depending on demand for rides and how many drivers are available in the area to provide them …

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Sharing contacts between phones doesn’t yet seem to have taken over from handing out business cards, but if you want to keep things paperless there are a number of apps that allow you to scan a card and save it to your contacts.

Most require some kind of manual edit, however, particularly when it comes to getting information into the correct fields – a problem Adobe claims to have solved with the latest version of its iOS Adobe Scan app …

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Apps & Updates June 18

Last year, Twitter made the controversial decision to kill its Apple Watch, leaving users in the dark for a way to browse the social network from their wrist. Now, developer Will Bishop has launched a new app called Chirp that aims to bring the Twitter experience back to Apple Watch…

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