Apps & Updates April 19

Sleep Cycle for iPhone introduced snore detection a year ago to help sleep trackers discover whether or not snoring is affecting their sleep quality. Today Sleep Cycle is building on that feature with a brand new Apple Watch app that will silently nudge you when snoring is detected…

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Another reason to hold onto product boxes for your gadgets: not only do they tend to help items fetch a better price when you sell them, but listing an item on eBay can now be as simple as scanning its barcode …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Netflix for iOS offers brief, fast-loading, vertical format show previews

If you’re so busy you don’t even have time to turn your phone horizontally when checking out previews of new Netflix shows, the company has you covered …

Apps & Updates April 18

Microsoft Translator bringing offline mode to iOS app

Not many people use Microsoft Translator because, quite frankly, Google Translate is leaps and bounds better. However, Translator may be gaining an advantage with its latest update.

Since launching Things 3 last summer, the task management app has received several significant updates like Siri integration and the recently introduced Mail to Things feature. Things 3.5, the latest release, continues the update cycle with a release packed with new capabilities and improvements including ‘Copy & Paste Magic’, an enhanced Today widget, Zapier integration, and a lot more.

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Google 2-Step Verification Prompts can now be received via Gmail for iOS

Google replaced SMS as the default 2-Step Verification method last year with device-based Prompts. iOS users were instructed to install the Google app for two-factor authentication when logging in. To increase adoption, Google is now making 2SV available through the Gmail mobile app.

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