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We learned back in February that the latest game in the Total War franchise was coming to macOS later in the year, and Feral Interactive has today announced that it will be available on May 24.

The developer has also advised which Macs will be able to run the game …

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Games Stories May 17

If you’re more interested in a realistic driving experience than blinging up your cars with decals, you might want to keep a look out for the debut of Project CARS on mobile.

Generally considered more realistic than rival PC and console games like Forza and GT6, developer Slightly Mad Studios is teaming up with Gamevil to create a mobile version of the best-selling game …

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Games Stories May 1

Fortnite for iOS updated with new landscape and 100 tiers of new rewards [Video]

After out-earning Candy Crush and notching up $25M during its first month on iOS, Fortnite has seen the updates keep coming as Epic Games seeks to maintain the momentum …

Games Stories April 12

Fortnite down for over 12 hours as update launches, company says still working on a fix

The latest update to Fortnite seems to have created some major issues for Epic Games. The company announced yesterday that it was adding ‘cinematic’ instant replay, instant forts and more – and later the same day users found they were unable to login …

Games Stories April 11

When Epic Games brought its popular action survival game Fortnite to iOS, it took just three days to generate more than a million dollars in in-app purchases.

But the company isn’t taking a continued revenue stream for granted. A couple of weeks after one major update, it has now announced another …

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Games Stories March 15

After The Ring horror scene, developer creates AR version of Street Fighter II [Video]

Developer Abhishek Singh is certainly having fun with ARKit at present. Shortly after creating a creepy augmented reality scene from the horror movie The Ring, he has now created an AR version of the classic arcade game Street Fighter II …

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