Games Stories August 15

Feral Interactive has announced that the historical strategy game ROME: Total War – already available for iPad – will be coming to the iPhone on August 23 …

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Games Stories August 2

I love music, and am perfectly happy to pay for good-quality audio – but $279 for a speaker which delivers only ok audio quality doesn’t sound like a great deal.

However, music isn’t what the Humu Augmented Audio Cushion is all about …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Games Stories July 17

If you’ve ever been bored while waiting in line for a ride at a Disney theme park, the company has a solution – a kind of reverse augmented reality app …

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Games Stories July 12

Epic Games has just updated Fortnite with Season 5, providing an all-terrain kart and some reasons to use it …

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Games Stories July 6

Playground mode in Fortnite being switched off on July 12; new version later

If you haven’t yet tried the best-selling iOS game Fortnite, you have until July 12 to take advantage of a special practice mode, known as Playground

Games Stories July 4

Now you can play Mario Kart in Fortnite … kind of!

When Epic Games created Playground Mode in Fortnite, allowing an hour of safe play to familiarize yourself with the environment, they probably never imagined someone would use the time to do this …

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