Games Stories July 23

‘Good Sudoku’ by Zach Gage wants to make the popular game actually fun on iOS

Good Sudoku for iOS is a new app that’s launched today from veteran game developer Zach Gage aiming to reinvigorate the digital version of the popular puzzle game. The app comes with a thoughtful approach including AI-powered hints to have fun learning the game, tools to eliminate busywork, over 70,000 puzzles for everyone from beginner to expert, option to import puzzles, and more.

Games Stories January 10

Doom and Doom II iOS apps now run at 60fps and support add-ons, official & not

The Doom and Doom II iOS apps are getting a substantial update today. One of the headline features is the ability to run the games at 60 frames per second, up from 35fps, while another is support for add-ons…

Games Stories July 18, 2019

Journey and Flower developer Thatgamecompany has announced that Sky: Children of the Light is finally available on iPhone and iPad.

It’s been quite a wait: The game was originally featured in the iPhone X keynote way back in 2017…

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Games Stories May 23, 2019

Total War: Three Kingdoms for Mac out today, with early purchase reward

Feral Interactive has announced that the historical strategy game Total War: Three Kingdoms is out today for Mac, Windows, and Linux …

Games Stories May 22, 2019

League of Legends, the most popular PC game, is being developed for iOS and Android

Tencent and Riot Games are reportedly developing a mobile version of the highly popular multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. The release isn’t expected this year, but an iOS and Android version could offer a boost for the franchise, particularly in Asian countries.

Games Stories April 30, 2019

Tropico for iPhone dictator sim now available; iPad version has four new features [Video]

Tropico for iPhone is now available, as the iPad version of the tongue-in-cheek dictator simulation game gets four new features …

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