Games Stories May 25

Super Evil Megacorp, the company behind the popular Vainglory game, teased earlier this year its new battleground game Catalyst Black. Now the game is officially available for iOS and Android users around the world.

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Games Stories May 11

‘Twitter Data Dash’ is a new game to help users level up their privacy

Twitter has launched a new browser game to help explain its new Privacy Policy to users. It’s certainly a unique way of sharing what could be seen as boring yet important information to its millions of users.

Games Stories May 6

There’s some interesting news for game developers and gamers who play on Mac and mobile. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that AWS GameKit now supports iOS, macOS, and Andorid games developed with Unreal Engine.

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Games Stories May 5

Total War: WARHAMMER III for Mac is out now — Apple Silicon required

Get ready to conquer some daemons! Total War: WARHAMMER III is out now on macOS, but only for Apple Silicon Macs with M1 chip or higher – not Intel.

Games Stories May 3

Blizzard unveils ‘Warcraft Arclight Rumble’ game coming to iOS this year

As the demand for mobile games continues to rise, so does the amount of major game franchises coming to iOS devices. A few months ago, Blizzard confirmed it is bringing a Warcraft game to mobile devices this year. Today, Blizzard revealed the game as Warcraft Arclight Rumble

Games Stories April 28

If you enjoy playing games on your smartphone, you’re probably familiar with Vainglory – a multiplayer online battle arena game in which two opposing teams fight to reach and destroy the enemy’s base. Now Super Evil Megacorp, the company behind Vainglory, is about to release Catalyst Black – a new triple-A-level battleground game for iOS and Android.

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Games Stories February 3

As smartphones and tablets have become the primary gaming device for many users, we have seen major game franchises coming to iOS and Android. This week, game publisher Blizzard confirmed that it is working on a new Warcraft game for mobile devices.

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Games Stories November 7, 2021

Mark Gurman at Bloomberg has reported as part of his Power On newsletter that Netflix is planning to release its mobile games on iOS individually through the App Store. Developer Steve Moser shared the information with Bloomberg after discovering code in the Netflix app that points to an interesting solution to get around Apple’s rules.

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Games Stories October 29, 2021

YouTuber MrMacRight, whose focus is gaming on Apple devices, has put together a great roundup of M1 Max games tests, running on a 16-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 Max chip and 32GB of unified memory.

It shows that the machine equals or exceeds the performance of Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 3060 graphics card, which is a popular choice for mid-range gaming rigs.

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Games Stories October 28, 2021

When Nintendo announced that their next collaboration with Niantic Labs was going to be Pikmin-branded, I was surprised. The Pikmin brand isn’t well-known outside of deeply passionate circles of Nintendo fans. But I think that’s about to change with Pikmin Bloom, the latest Nintendo mobile game that hit the App Store today in the United States.

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Games Stories October 13, 2021

Eve Online Mac support finally lands, with native play on Intel and M1 Macs

Eve Online Mac support has finally landed, thanks to a new native client for macOS. You could previously run the game under Wine, though that started becoming problematic with Big Sur, but you’ll now be able to ditch the emulators …

Games Stories August 20, 2021

You can now play ‘Super Mario 64’ in a web browser on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Previously spotted by Nintendo Life, you can now play the iconic Super Mario 64 inside a web browser on almost any device, including your Apple products. The website stems from a GitHub project called the “Super Mario 64 decomp project.”

Games Stories February 11, 2021

Matthew Inman – the developer behind the hit game “Exploding Kittens” – has launched an all-new free game today that’s a mix between Scrabble and Clash Royale. “Kitty Letter” looks like a super fun new twist on the genre of word games, check out all the details below.

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Games Stories November 17, 2020

Blizzard has announced that World of Warcraft now runs natively on M1 Macs, without the need for Rosetta 2 emulation. This makes it the first major game to offer support for Apple Silicon Macs.

Blizzard says that its testing has been successful, hence releasing the update on day one, but the company acknowledges that issues are always possible …

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Games Stories July 23, 2020

‘Good Sudoku’ by Zach Gage wants to make the popular game actually fun on iOS

Good Sudoku for iOS is a new app that’s launched today from veteran game developer Zach Gage aiming to reinvigorate the digital version of the popular puzzle game. The app comes with a thoughtful approach including AI-powered hints to have fun learning the game, tools to eliminate busywork, over 70,000 puzzles for everyone from beginner to expert, option to import puzzles, and more.

Games Stories January 10, 2020

Doom and Doom II iOS apps now run at 60fps and support add-ons, official & not

The Doom and Doom II iOS apps are getting a substantial update today. One of the headline features is the ability to run the games at 60 frames per second, up from 35fps, while another is support for add-ons…

Games Stories July 18, 2019

Journey and Flower developer Thatgamecompany has announced that Sky: Children of the Light is finally available on iPhone and iPad.

It’s been quite a wait: The game was originally featured in the iPhone X keynote way back in 2017…

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Games Stories May 23, 2019

Total War: Three Kingdoms for Mac out today, with early purchase reward

Feral Interactive has announced that the historical strategy game Total War: Three Kingdoms is out today for Mac, Windows, and Linux …

Games Stories May 22, 2019

League of Legends, the most popular PC game, is being developed for iOS and Android

Tencent and Riot Games are reportedly developing a mobile version of the highly popular multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. The release isn’t expected this year, but an iOS and Android version could offer a boost for the franchise, particularly in Asian countries.

Games Stories April 30, 2019

Tropico for iPhone dictator sim now available; iPad version has four new features [Video]

Tropico for iPhone is now available, as the iPad version of the tongue-in-cheek dictator simulation game gets four new features …

Games Stories March 7, 2019

If you want to play PS4 games on your iPhone and iPad, you can now do so officially. More than four years after launching the PS4 Remote Play on Sony’s own Xperia smartphones, the company has finally created an iOS version of the app …

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Games Stories January 31, 2019

A year ago to the day, Nintendo announced that a Mario Kart iPhone game was under development, and would be released ‘some time in the next 13 months’ – or by February of this year.

A mobile version of a Mario Kart game is already available on the Nintendo Switch (above) …

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Games Stories December 24, 2018

HQ Trivia, first launched on the iPhone and iPad, and later rolled out to Apple TV, has seen its popularity wane since its launch in the summer of 2017. Intermedia Labs is now hoping that its latest offering, HQ Words, will restore growth …

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Games Stories December 7, 2018

Feral Interactive has announced that the award-winning Colin McRae rally game DiRT 4 is coming to Mac next year.

It follows earlier porting to Mac of DiRT Rally, Grid Autosport and F1 2017 …

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