Games Stories August 15

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BioShock Remastered for Mac gets an official release date and price

As we mentioned earlier this month, BioShock Remastered is set for release on Mac. It looks as though the enhanced version of the game initially appeared as part of the BioShock Collection for consoles nearly a year ago, but now the good folks at Feral are ready to bring it to the Mac. And you won’t have to wait much longer.

Games Stories July 14

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While Macs are popular for many high-end applications, including music creation and video editing, there’s one demanding field where they have mostly been dismissed: gaming.

ArsTechnica declared Mac gaming dead as long ago as 2007, and ten years later Oculus declared that Macs still aren’t good enough for VR – despite workarounds.

But Ars says that there is now some optimism among game developers …

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Games Stories July 5

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‘Rome: Total War – Alexander’ strategy game coming to the iPad later in the summer

Feral Interactive has announced that it is porting the strategy game Rome: Total War – Alexander from Windows to the iPad sometime this summer. The iPad version of the original Rome: Total War – Alexander game is already available, alongside Barbarian Invasion …

Games Stories June 29

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PSA: ‘Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow’ freemium game available now on iTunes

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow is finally available for download from iTunes. The game is free, but offers in-app purchases …

Games Stories June 15

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Feral Interactive has announced that it is bringing the console version of its stealth video game HITMAN to macOS, going on sale on June 20. It appears this is a port of the 2016 version. The original game, which first launched 17 years ago and inspired two movies, was previously available on Windows and a wide range of consoles. It was originally developed by IO Interactive.

This follows Total War: Warhammer which was brought over to the Mac back in April …

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Games Stories June 14

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Angry Birds Evolution turn-based RPG combat game for adults now available [Video]

After a soft launch previously, Angry Birds Evolution, a new turn-based RPG combat game from Rovio, is officially launching in the U.S. and globally today.

The game is the latest in the popular Angry Birds franchise and, in addition to introducing a new type of gameplay for the birds, is the first title for the game made specifically for adults. As Rovio notes, that means “naughty humor, pop culture references galore and classic turn-based RPG combat.”

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