Amazon is the largest Internet company in the world. Originally started as an online book store, there is now almost nothing you can’t buy at

In addition to its ecommerce store, Amazon offers video streaming, music streaming, a publishing company and cloud services. It has also diversified into manufacturing its own branded consumer electronics products, ranging from Amazon Basics cables to Kindle ebook readers, Fire tablets and TV boxes and Echo speakers.

Amazon has its own intelligent assistant, Alexa. Created for its Echo range of smart speakers, Alexa is also supported by a wide range of third-party products, including speakers, TVs, printers, phones, laptops, cars and more. Over 100 million Alexa devices had been sold as of early 2019.

Amazon Stories November 23

An Italian investigation into alleged Apple and Amazon price fixing in the sale of both Apple and Beats products has found the companies guilty. They have each been fined by the antitrust regulator.

The two companies have also been ordered to end their restrictive agreement on the sale of Beats products on Amazon …

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Amazon Stories November 16

Amazon is releasing a new Amazon Photos app for iOS devices with a redesigned experience. Version 8.0 makes it easier than ever to find photos, revisit memories, and more.

Amazon announced this update in a blog post. This “comprehensive redesign” also brings a more secure experience with private storage of users’ photos and video, as well as more personalized content with auto-curated slideshows and collages.

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Amazon Stories November 15

Amazon has announced today that it is rolling out a native macOS app on the Mac App Store. The new application offers the full catalog of Amazon Prime Video content, including support for offline viewing, purchases, and more. Head below for the full details.

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Amazon Stories October 27

Earlier this year, Amazon announced that it would start making its own self-branded TVs, described as “Amazon-built TVs” for the first time. Now, the company is also promising that its Omni and 4-Series Fire TVs will “soon” add support for both Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit features.

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Amazon Stories October 6

Amazon Alexa for iOS gets new speech settings focused on improving accessibility

Amazon is updating its Alexa app with a new feature. Alexa will wait longer to reply in order to help those who have speech impairments finish commands.

Amazon Stories August 5

Amazon has now launched IMDb TV iPhone and iPad apps, letting US Apple users easily stream a mix of popular TV shows and Amazon originals at no cost. An Android app is also available.

The app will also provide early access to Universal movies under a recently signed deal …

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Amazon Stories July 19

Apple on Friday removed the Fakespot app from the iOS App Store. Fakespot, which is a service for filtering and hiding fake product reviews on Amazon, launched its iOS app last month, but now, the app has been taken down following a request from Amazon itself.

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Amazon Stories July 15

New Amazon serialized fiction platform launched on iOS Kindle app, ahead of Kindle devices

A new Amazon serialized fiction platform is coming first to the iOS Kindle app, ahead of availability on the company’s own hardware Kindle devices

Amazon Stories July 2

An Apple and Amazon antitrust investigation has opened in Spain, following a similar one in Italy, and earlier concern in the US.

While the Spanish authorities don’t go into much detail, it seems likely this relates to the global deal reached between the two companies back in 2018, and follow-on developments to this …

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Amazon Stories June 17

The Amazon Appstore has now joined Google in following Apple’s lead in reducing commissions for smaller developers – but with an interesting twist. The Amazon Appstore is an alternative place for people to download Android apps.

Apple last year announced its Small Business Program, a clever way to reduce antitrust pressure by reducing its cut of app sales to 15% for all but the very largest developers. Google did the same this year, in a rather fairer way, and now Amazon has come up with its own twist …

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Amazon Stories May 31

PSA: If you have Amazon devices, you may want to opt out of Amazon Sidewalk

If you own any one of a number of Amazon devices, and are in the US, you have just over a week to opt out of a feature the company calls Amazon Sidewalk, to avoid potential security and privacy issues …

Amazon Stories May 26

Amazon buying MGM for $8.45B after talks with Apple fizzled out

It’s been announced today that Amazon is buying MGM Studios for $8.45B, in a move likely to see existing franchises see new life via the company’s film and TV division, Amazon Studios

Amazon Stories May 17

On the same day as Apple Music HiFi launch, Amazon drops price of its HD streaming service

A few moments before Apple announced its HiFi plan, Amazon announced that its higher-quality music plan, Amazon Music HD, is now available to Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers at no extra cost.

Amazon Stories May 10

Amazon is seemingly taking action against a handful of technology accessory makers after a data breach exposed a fake reviews scam. As first reported by SafetyDetectives, a myriad of Amazon vendors were found to offer free products in exchange for positive fake reviews. Popular Apple accessory makers such as Aukey have also completely disappeared from Amazon.

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Amazon Stories March 15

A survey of 1,500 tech employees found that 77% of them think that Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook have too much power. Only 8% disagreed.

Tech workers were also asked about a wide range of other tech issues, including working with law enforcement, China, and legislating AI…

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Amazon Stories March 2

Amazon is expanding its platform for sharing mobile gaming clips, GameOn, to the iPhone and iPad. If you ever want to record short clips from your gameplay, Amazon’s GameOn app makes it easy.

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Amazon Stories February 24

Amazon had a surprising announcement back in December when it revealed support for Mac instances on AWS. macOS Mojave and Catalina were the only supported operating systems at launch, and now the latest OS for Mac is officially supported.

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Amazon Stories January 11

The Parler app is non-functional, and has gone offline, as Amazon Web Services discontinued service to the company. Both the website and the app relied on AWS for content distribution.

The social network was set up after Twitter started clamping down on disinformation and hate speech. However, both Apple and Google dropped the apps after it was revealed that Parler was used to help plan the attempted coup at the Capitol, and was being used to plan a second armed attack in DC ahead of the inauguration …

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Amazon Stories December 1, 2020

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now offering Mac instances to developers who want to speed up building and testing of Mac, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS apps. The instances are based on physical Mac minis, and you get exclusive access to a machine while you are using it.

While relatively expensive compared to other Mac mini in the cloud services, AWS does offer a couple of significant benefits …

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Amazon Stories October 29, 2020

There was controversy back in 2018 when an Apple/Amazon deal was said to risk putting many independent resellers out of business. The deal led to antitrust investigations in the US and Italy, and a third one has now been opened in Germany.

The agreement was reached almost two years ago, providing an official Apple store on Amazon, and limiting sales of Apple products to authorized resellers …

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Amazon Stories October 23, 2020

A curious issue is affecting Apple Card users when it comes to using the credit card at Amazon. Some are reporting that not only is Apple Card not working at the retail giant, but it’s also disappearing from their saved payment options.

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Amazon Stories September 7, 2020

AAPL wouldn’t have been your best tech investment in 2015, despite 340% gain

If you’d bought AAPL shares in September 2015, you’d have enjoyed a 340% return. Despite this, however, the stock wouldn’t have been your best tech investment over the 5-year period …

Amazon Stories August 25, 2020

Amazon’s AR app lets you fill your home with virtual furniture

Augmented Reality (AR) is a great way to see how furniture and other products will look in your home, and Amazon’s AR app capabilities previously let you do that with one item at a time. Amazon’s iOS app is now getting a big update that will allow you to virtually place dozens of products in up to 100 different configurations …

Amazon Stories August 11, 2020

Amazon Music podcasts are on the way, with the ecommerce giant also planning on making podcasts available on its audiobook service, Audible. This will almost certainly mean that podcasts are natively supported on Echo speakers, rather than requiring third-party skills.

Apple is still the best-known source of podcasts, but Spotify has offered podcasts for a few years now and has really upped its game in the past 18 months – including a controversial $100M exclusive. Other ways to listen to podcasts include TuneIn, iHeart Radio, Pandora, and

Just like Spotify, Amazon is headed for controversy with its approach …

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