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Tapbots has released an updated version of Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad that removes or degrades lots of useful features due to Twitter’s API change set to occur tomorrow. Due to the API changes, Tweetbot’s Apple Watch app which focused largely on showing alert activity has also been removed.

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Twitter finally follows Apple’s example in suspending Infowars’ Alex Jones

Apple led the way in removing the Infowars podcasts from its platform for violating hate speech guidelines – with similar bans by Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Spotify, Vimeo and YouTube …

Twitter Stories August 9

Twitter for iPhone and iPad dropping iOS 9 support in next update

Twitter for iPhone and iPad will soon drop support for older devices running iOS 9, according to the release notes for today’s app update. Starting with the next version of Twitter for iOS, users will need to be running iOS 10 or higher to continue receiving app updates and new features.

Twitter Stories August 7

After initially delaying major API changes, Twitter appears determined to flip the switch next week and break how third-party apps access the service. Twitter clients including Tweetbot and Twitterrific are already bracing for impact with useful features expected to go away.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Twitter Stories July 30

Twitter partners with universities to address lack of civility, tolerance and diverse views

For anyone who has spent any time on Twitter, it might not seem to require a university study to determine that the platform can be somewhat lacking in civility, tolerance and diverse debate …

Twitter Stories July 27

After Facebook, Twitter share price falls 16% in pre-market trading on weak numbers

Facebook’s share price took a huge hit yesterday – the biggest single-day fall for any company in history – as it revealed the impact of privacy issues. And Twitter isn’t faring too well either …

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