Twitter Stories June 22

Twitter buys and shuts down anti-troll service, leaving customers in a bind

Twitter announced yesterday that they had purchased Smyte. Smyte was a San Francisco-based technology company that specialized in safety, spam, and security issues.

Twitter Stories June 13

Twitter has announced a host of new features that it says will make it easier to discover ongoing news and events. In a blog post, the company outlined improvements to Moments, personalized news and events notifications, and more.

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Twitter Stories May 17

It wouldn’t take much for me to be okay with Twitter’s official app — the place where it clearly wants users. I don’t mind seeing ads, especially if they help the service keep running, and the iOS app has modern features like 3D Touch, Split View, and even dark mode.

Timeline streaming is what keeps me in third-party apps like Tweetbot though. It’s a feature I consider crucial to how the service works…

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Twitter Stories May 16

Twitter has given developers a new deadline for its upcoming API change after delaying it last month: August 16th. Third-party Twitter clients will need to move to the new API before that date to avoid breaking critical features like notifications and timeline streaming.

The good news is Twitter has fully detailed the API replacement this time, but the cost of using the new developer tools may not be sustainable for some third-party Twitter clients…

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Twitter crowdsourcing action against ‘unhealthy tweets’ which don’t violate policies

Twitter currently uses a combination of human review and AI to identify problematic tweets. Where a tweet violates the company’s policies, it is removed.

But the company is now aiming to use an innovative approach to dealing with tweets which don’t technically break the rules but are ‘unhealthy’ or detract from the conversation …

Twitter Stories May 15

Tapbots has launched a brand new version of Tweetbot for Mac that adds features and design refinements throughout the Twitter client — and an aggressive new icon. Tweetbot 3 for Mac includes an expanded side bar for power users, media features including accessibility improvements, and dark mode on the Mac for the first time ever.

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