Twitter Stories October 18

Tapbots is out with a new version of Tweetbot for iOS that adds a handful of fresh features. iPhone X users will especially appreciate a reworked dark mode that uses true black and looks especially nice on OLED panels.

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Twitter Stories October 17

Twitter announced today that it is making several changes in how it handles reported tweets and deleted tweets. First and foremost, the company is making it clearer when a tweet is deleted due to violations of its policy.

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Twitter Stories October 16

It’s not just you, Twitter is sending random notifications to your iPhone [Update: It’s fixed]

UPDATE: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says that the issue is related to an “invisible background notification” the platform uses to update unread notifications, DMs, etc. A bug caused these invisible notifications became visible and has now been reverted.

After taking away APIs from third-party developers, Twitter today is having an issue with its first-party app where users are receiving notifications that contain random strings of letters and numbers.

Twitter Stories October 11

You can now compose a tweet comprising 140 emoji – but please don’t

Using emoji in your tweets could use up a lot of your 280 characters – up to 14 characters each for some of them. But Twitter has now announced a change ensuring that all emoji are equal under the law, using two characters each …

Twitter Stories October 9

Twitter has announced today that it is removing the ability to create Twitter Moments from its iOS and Android applications. The company says that making Moments will still be possible from the desktop web version of Twitter, while you’ll also still be able to view Moments from iOS and Android.

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Twitter Stories October 2

Twitter for iOS has been updated today with a handful of new features and changes. The update brings the app to version 7.33 and includes new data management tools, group message controls, and more.

The new Twitter data saver feature is perhaps most notable.

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