Twitter Stories December 11

More Americans now get their news from social media than newspapers

A Pew research study has revealed that, for the first time, more Americans get their news from social media than from newspapers …

Twitter Stories November 19

Twitter de-emphasizing follower counts and other metrics in update across the platform

In an effort to clean up the Twitter experience, the company is today rolling out an update on iOS that de-prioritizes the appeal of follower counts on the platform.

Twitter Stories November 14

Twitter for iOS gains updated search tab with new section-based interface

Twitter announced today that it is rolling out an update to the search tab in the Twitter app for iOS that adds sections. The company says that with these new sections, it’s easier to “see the tweets you care about the most.”

Twitter Stories November 12

Jack Dorsey says Twitter is trying to figure out how to edit a tweet

The Google search ‘How to edit a tweet’ currently results in 321 million different ways of telling you that you can’t. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that he recognizes people want the ability to fix typos, but allowing edits is complicated …

Twitter Stories October 31

Update: Twitter also now says that starting today, some users will see a new option to view the latest tweets first. We previously reported on this change here.

Twitter is rolling out a new compose button design to its iOS app, the company announced this afternoon. The new compose interface is based around a floating action button, similar to many Android applications.

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Twitter Stories October 30

280 character limit has made Twitter users more polite, use fewer awful abbreviations

The doubling of the character limit for tweets has made Twitter users more polite and less prone to using annoying abbreviations, says the company …

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