Twitter Stories January 16

Twitter has partially denied claims made by engineers employed by the company that direct messages are read by hundreds of employees.

The claims were made in undercover footage shot by filmmaker James O’Keefe in a video for Project Veritas …

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Twitter Stories December 20, 2017

Twitter has announced an important change to how it handles two-factor authentication for new logins on its service. Twitter now lets you use third-party apps for two-factor authentication as an alternative to SMS.

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Twitter Stories December 18, 2017

Twitter’s promised clampdown on hate and abuse begins today

Twitter’s promised new rules designed to tackle abusive tweets and posts by hate groups kick in today. The company first vowed to do more back in October, in response to a #WomenBoycottTwitter protest …

Twitter Stories December 14, 2017

The Iconfactory has updated Twitterific 5 for iPhone to include a true black theme primarily aimed at iPhone X users. In addition to the visual appeal, OLED screens don’t need to power black areas, so it will also save battery-life …

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Twitter Stories December 12, 2017

Today on its official blog, Twitter announced its latest feature, Threads. Tweetstorms (long threads of multiple tweets) have long been apart of Twitter’s DNA, allowing users to tell extended stories or go on rants. Now, with the Threads feature, Twitter has made it much easier to share and read extended tweets.

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Twitter Stories November 15, 2017

Twitter announced last week that it was suspending its verification program after backlash over the verification badge being given to white supremicists and other controversial figures. Today, in a series of tweets from its Support account, Twitter clarified its move and said it is in the process of reviewing all verfied accounts, and may revoke veification where it deems necessary…

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