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Twitter accused of hypocrisy over Trump tweets

Twitter is a social networking site that was created in 2006. Users send “tweets” to let people know what they are doing. It was created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. Prior to building the service, they were working on a podcast directory called Odeo.

Odeo was a directory and search destination website for RSS-syndicated audio and video. It employed tools that enabled users to create, record, and share podcasts with a simple Adobe Flash-based interface.

When iTunes 4.9 was released, it ultimately made Odeo irrelevant. The people behind the company went on to create a service called Twttr. Twttr would eventually be called Twitter. iTunes 4.9, believe it or not, ultimately led to the creation of one of the most popular social networks in the world.

The major turning point for service’s popularity was the 2007 South by Southwest Interactive conference. Over the next few years, Twitter began to see rapid growth. For mobile devices, it originally relied upon third-party apps. In 2010, Twitter acquired application developer Atebits. Atebits had built the Twitter app known as Tweetie for the Mac and iPhone. It was renamed as Twitter and released for free.

Over the years, the apps have seen various revisions. There are currently versions available for iOS while desktop users must either use the web interface or a third party app like Tweetbot or Twitterrific.

Twitter Stories August 5

Earlier this week, multiple Twitter users reported that the official Twitter app for Mac was crashing at launch. The reasons were unclear, and there wasn’t much that users could do as a workaround, but luckily the latest Twitter for Mac update fixes the crashing bug.

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Twitter Stories August 4

Twitter now lets any business add location and contact info to its profile

Back in June, Twitter began rolling out a new feature called “Location Spotlight” to a limited number of professional accounts so that these accounts could have location and contact information on their profile. Starting today, Twitter now lets any business account use the new Location Spotlight feature.

Twitter Stories August 3

Twitter Spaces is in full swing as the company is planning a revamp to the service, alongside a new tab with different audio rooms, which appear to be thematic audio stations, and more.

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Twitter Stories August 2

If you’re trying to open the Twitter for Mac application today, you’re likely running into some problems. At some point on Tuesday afternoon, the Twitter for Mac app started crashing at launch for most every user…

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Security researchers have discovered a developer error in more than 3,200 mobile apps, which make possible full or partial Twitter account hijacks.

In the worst examples, affecting around 320 apps, it enables an attacker to gain complete control of a Twitter account …

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Twitter Stories July 28

In June of last year, Twitter officially launched its new subscription service called “Twitter Blue,” which unlocks exclusive features such as the ability to quickly undo a just-sent tweet and theme options within the app. A year later, Twitter is now raising the price of its Blue subscription for the first time.

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Twitter status feature being tested, including ‘Picture of the Day’ and ‘Shower Thoughts’

A new Twitter status feature has been spotted in testing, with the company saying that it is being made available to some users in the US and Australia …

Twitter Stories July 27

Twitter for iOS updates Spaces bar with hosts, Topics, and more

In its push to make Twitter Spaces attractive to more users, Twitter is updating the bar where all the chat rooms are displayed on the company’s iOS app. With that, it’s easier to know who’s hosting, what’s being discussed, and more on Spaces.

Twitter Stories July 26

Twitter Delegate replacing TweetDeck’s feature for sharing account with teams

Twitter Delegate could soon replace TweetDeck’s Team feature, as the company has been working on this function for at least half a year now. With Delegate, you’ll be able to share an account with your team.

Twitter Stories July 22

A Twitter data breach has allowed an attacker to get access to the contact details of 5.4M accounts. Twitter has confirmed the security vulnerability which allowed the data to be extracted.

The data – which ties Twitter handles to phone numbers and email addresses – has been offered for sale on a hacking forum, for $30,000 …

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Twitter Stories July 12

Elon Musk confirmed last week that he was officially giving up on the deal he made with Twitter back in April in which he promised to buy the social media platform for $44 billion. Now Twitter is suing Musk for not honoring the deal.

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Twitter Stories July 11

Twitter is rolling out a new feature today called “Unmentioning” that lets you have more control over your mentions. As the name implies, this feature lets you literally exclude yourself from the narrative, making it possible to leave a conversation on Twitter once and for all. Head below for more details on how this works.

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Twitter Stories July 8

Back in April, the well-known billionaire Elon Musk announced that he would buy Twitter in a $44 billion deal. However, the deal was put on hold a month later after a number of controversies. Now Elon Musk seems to have officially backed out of the Twitter deal, as he has formally notified the company that he will no longer acquire it.

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Twitter Stories July 7

Twitter Co-tweet feature in testing – lets two people tweet as one

A Twitter Co-tweet feature is being tested, letting two people co-author a tweet. The tweet appears with both names, and is added to both timelines.

You can invite literally any Twitter user to co-tweet with you, but they of course have to accept the invitation …

Twitter Stories June 29

TweetDeck is a powerful Twitter account manager that lets users explore the social network with specific features for more advanced users such as multiple columns to keep an eye on a specific account or keyword. Unfortunately, Twitter confirmed earlier this month that TweetDeck will no longer be available for Mac users.

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Twitter Stories June 24

Twitter closed captions button now available to all in iOS and Android apps

A Twitter closed captions button is now available to all users in both iOS and Android apps, following a successful test. The rollout will, however, likely cause some confusion …

Twitter Stories June 22

Twitter Notes (formerly Twitter Articles) allows long-form posts; currently in testing

We first heard about a potential Twitter Articles feature back in February. A new report today says that this has been rebranded as Twitter Notes, and is currently in testing with a limited number of users …

Twitter Stories June 10

Reporting Twitter abuse is now easier and more logical

Reporting Twitter abuse used to be a somewhat torturous process, as it required you to figure out the specific rule they had broken before you could even tell Twitter what had happened. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case …

Twitter Stories June 5

Twitter is readying the ability for users to edit tweets. This long-requested feature was first seen as an April Fools’ Day joke and then later confirmed by the company that this is in fact happening. Now, we have more info on how editing tweets will actually work.

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Twitter Stories June 2

Twitter announces it’s testing two ways its users can engage in a Community by switching between “For You” and “Latest” timelines within each group they’re part of. This small test is rolling out for some iPhone, Android, and web users.

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Twitter Stories June 1

WWDC 2022 is taking place June 6–10, with the opening keynote held on Monday, June 6, at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET. In anticipation of the event, Apple has a new #WWDC22 hashflag on Twitter with a custom icon for its official event hashtag.

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In a surprise move, Twitter has announced that it’s canceling TweetDeck for Mac prompting users to use the web version going forward. Details are slim as a banner in the app only shares that June will be the last month for the Mac app. We’ll also cover some alternatives to using the web version going forward.

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Twitter Stories May 25

Latest Twitter for Mac update adds support for ‘Circle’ feature

Twitter this month officially launched its “Circle” close friends feature to the public, so that users can have an “alternative timeline for trusted friends.” While Circle was only available in Twitter’s mobile app and website, the feature has now arrived in the Mac version of Twitter’s app.

Twitter has been going through a lot of internal changes recently, but this is only part of the company’s crisis. The US government on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Twitter as it claims that the company misled and failed to tell its users how their data was used for advertising.

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