Apps Stories March 20

iOS is generally a very slick operating system, but every now and then I come across a UI decision that makes me wonder what on earth Apple was thinking, and app settings are a prime example.

You never know whether an app setting is configured in the app, or in the separate Settings app …

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Apps Stories February 5

Lightweight PDF is a simple PDF compressor for the Mac

When working with PDFs, sometimes it’s necessary to reduce their file size so they can be uploaded somewhere or sent over e-mail. There are many on-line services that can do that, but there are privacy concerns when using those, since PDFs can often contain sensitive data.

Apps Stories January 24

A scoop from CNET today says that Facebook will begin shutting down Moments on February 25 — an app launched to help simplify photo sharing between friends. Initially launched in 2015, the failing service saw exceedingly low usage by users, with data pointing to just 80,000 downloads in the previous month.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Apps Stories December 25, 2018

Every year, iTunes gift cards are one of the most common gifts, especially if you’re a techie and people never really know what to get you. Even though the payment model of iOS apps has changed dramatically over recent years, you can still put those iTunes and App Store gift cards to good use – whether it’s for one-time app purchases or in-app purchases.

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Apps Stories December 20, 2018

Popular videography app FiLMiC Pro was updated today with a significant new feature for iPhone cinematographers. Users will now be able to take advantage of the LogV2 curve when shooting for greatly improved dynamic range. In photography, dynamic range is defined by the difference between the darkest and lightest regions in an image. For videographers and editors, greater range means more flexibility to shoot in challenging scenarios and much more control when color grading in postproduction.

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Apps Stories December 13, 2018

Traditionally, the video creation process follows a somewhat linear set of steps: pre-production, production, and post-production. Now, a Sydney-based team of creative professionals are challenging traditional workflows with a new filmmaking app released today called Nizo.

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