Apps Stories December 11

The team behind the popular subscription-based Newton Mail client has recently announced a new Calendar companion app. The developers say the app is designed to be lightweight and act as a complement to Newton Email, though it is a separate app…

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Apps Stories November 1

Along with launching today’s Countdown to Black Friday 2017, Amazon updated its iOS app to include a new feature for the holiday shopping season called ‘AR View’. Leaning heavily on Apple’s own ARKit, this new feature allows customers to virtually place products in their home “allowing them to visualize the aesthetic” prior to purchasing. (Also Amazon is currently offering a $50 iTunes gift card for $42.50. That’s 15% off.)

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The Mac is in the midst of a photo editor renaissance, with applications like Photos for macOS continuing to improve and third-party options likes Affinity Photo popping up. Adobe, too, recently launched Lightroom CC, an all new cloud-based version of Lightroom for the Mac. Today, Macphun, the developers behind several popular photography applications for macOS, are introducing Luminar 2018, their answer to the increasingly competitive software landscape.

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Apps Stories August 10

Respawn brings Titanfall to iOS with a new PvP RTS game

After Vince Zampella and Jason West parted ways with Infinity Ward and the multi-billion dollar Call of Duty franchise they co-created, the two went on to form their own indie studio by the name of Respawn. With high-expectations looming, the company unveiled its first major new IP with Titanfall back in 2014. Fast forward to 2016, Respawn dropped the sequel to favorable reviews effectively cementing Titanfall to full franchise status. And now today, the company is taking it one step further with the release of a brand new mobile game known as Titanfall: Assault

Apps Stories August 1

Over the weekend, Apple made the controversial decision to remove VPN applications from the App Store in China in response to local laws. CEO Tim Cook was asked about this decision during the company’s Q3 earnings call this evening…

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Apps Stories July 14

While we are seemingly light-years past regularly using disposable cameras, the folks over at Screw Bar have developed a new iOS app to bring back the nostalgic Kodak disposable camera experiences from yesteryear. expand full story

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