Uber Stories July 13

To improve the safety of both its customers and its drivers, Uber is now pushing out a more aggressive background check program to ensure drivers are fit for the job.

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Uber Stories June 25

Uber gets partial win in court case; gets London license for 15 months

Update: The company has been granted a temporary extension of its license to operate in London, valid for 15 months. It will have to demonstrate improvements within that time to apply for a normal 5-year renewal.

Uber was banned from operating in London back in September of last year, but immediately launched a legal appeal which allowed it to continue on a temporary basis until a court ruled on the matter …

Uber Stories June 19

Regular Uber users will know that the same journey can be charged at quite different rates, depending on demand for rides and how many drivers are available in the area to provide them …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Uber Stories May 29

Uber 911 ‘panic button’ goes live in the USA to help address safety concerns

Uber hasn’t always had the best reputation when it comes to safety. In the UK, the company was threatened with being banned after concerns about poor driver vetting and handling of serious complaints, and there have even been reports of drivers assaulting passengers

Uber Stories March 1

Cautionary tale: Drinking and Ubering could cost you $1600

While taking a taxi, Uber, or even Lyft when you’re drunk is generally a good idea, it doesn’t prevent every poor decision. A drunk man by the name of Kenny Bachman took a ride ‘home’ to his house in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The issue is he was no longer in Philadelphia.

Uber Stories February 21

Uber launches first new service in three years, and it requires you to walk …

Uber has announced the US-wide rollout of its first new service in three years: a next-level version of its ride-sharing service UberPool, called Express Pool …

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