Uber Stories November 1

Even though we’ve learned to live with advertisements everywhere at this point, I’m quite sure that most of us don’t like them. This time, it seems that Uber wants to make its app worse as the company has been experimenting with push notification ads.

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Uber Stories September 16

An Uber hacker who has gained access to a number of the company’s internal systems, including its Slack channels, claims to have full control of the company’s cloud-based servers and more. This includes the company’s servers on both Amazon Web Services and Google’s GSuite.

Incredibly, the attack appears to have mimicked the one back in 2016, which compromised the personal data of 57 million. This suggests that Uber failed to fix a massive security hole, enabling the same attack to be made six years later …

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Uber Stories August 31

Apple’s Didi investment back in 2016 was hailed by the Cupertino company’s CEO Tim Cook as a “great financial investment.” Sadly, that very much turned out not to be the case.

The investment has instead seen Apple’s billion-dollar stake lose at least 80% of its value, and the company’s sole representative on the Didi board has now quietly resigned …

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Uber Stories June 21

Today, Uber announced its Pool feature is making a comeback to select US cities with cheaper rides and a new name, UberX Share. After two years since the company paused the ability to share rides, it’s now announced what the new carpool feature will look like.

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Uber Stories April 6

Uber yellow cab bookings – which began last month in New York – are just the start of the company’s ambitious plans to turn itself into a “super-app,” with offerings extending as far as banking and mobile wallet services …

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Uber Stories March 1

Uber app launches Explore feature for when you want to get out and have nowhere to go

Today, Uber for iOS is bringing a new function called Explore. With that, customers will be able to browse and book experiences, which include dinner reservations, live events, and other activities inside Uber’s own app.

Uber Stories February 16

Uber today announced it’s making an important change on its app, as passengers can finally see their star rating in detail.

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Uber Stories February 15

Uber and Lyft pay rise in NYC, as battles continue in two other states

An Uber and Lyft pay rise has been announced in New York City – but the move has been instigated by the city, rather than the app companies themselves …

Uber Stories January 10

We can officially add Uber to the long list of major brands that have abandoned their Apple Watch apps. The ride-sharing company has quietly discontinued its watchOS app, displaying a brief message to users who try to launch it. Uber joins Twitter, Instagram, Target, Trello, Slack, Hulu, Evernote, and many other companies that have sunset their Apple Watch apps.

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Uber Stories March 17, 2021

UK Uber drivers get minimum wage, holidays, and pensions – with a big catch

UK Uber drivers will be paid at least the National Living Wage of £8.72 ($12.12) alongside holiday pay and pension contributions. The company made the announcement a month after a court ruling decided that Uber drivers in the UK are employees, not self-employed contractors, as the ride-sharing company had claimed …

Uber Stories September 28, 2020

Uber’s London license restored by court; says safety issues resolved

We’ve this morning seen Uber’s London license restored by a court ruling, allowing the app to continue operating after a 2017 ban was overturned …

Uber Stories July 6, 2020

Uber buying Postmates after failing to acquire GrubHub to boost food deliveries [U]

Update: The deal is now official. Full statement below.

Rumors about Uber buying Postmates have been confirmed by a new report today, which says that the deal has been agreed and is set to be officially announced shortly …

Uber Stories May 13, 2020

Uber set to enforce mask requirement for drivers and riders starting May 18

Uber has finalized some new rules to keep both its drivers and riders as safe as possible during the coronavirus pandemic. The changes that take effect on May 18 will see masks being required and more in the US, Canada, parts of Europe, India, and more.

Uber Stories December 6, 2019

Uber safety report: 9 murders, 58 crash deaths, and 3,045 sexual assaults

The first-ever Uber safety report has revealed an alarming number of serious and fatal incidents in 2018. These include nine murders, 58 people killed in crashes, and 3,045 people sexually assaulted…

Uber Stories November 25, 2019

Uber loses London licence (again) but continues operating for now (again)

If ‘Uber loses London licence’ seems like old news, that’s because it’s the second time it’s happened. And, just like last time, Uber service will continue uninterrupted for now…

Uber Stories November 21, 2019

Privacy concerns voiced as Uber videos and audio records some rides

Privacy concerns have been raised as it was revealed that Uber videos and audio records passengers on some rides…

Uber Stories September 24, 2019

Uber’s London license expires tomorrow, extended for just two months

Uber’s London license expires tomorrow and has been extended by regulator Transport for London for just two months…

Uber Stories September 17, 2019

New York Uber drivers are being locked out of app at times of low demand

New York Uber drivers are being locked out of the app at times of low demand, in order to comply with new regulations in the city…

Uber Stories August 6, 2019

Uber and Lyft admit they cause more city-center congestion than predicted

A report jointly commissioned by Uber and Lyft has revealed that ride-sharing companies create significantly more city-center congestion than they’d predicted…

Uber Stories July 22, 2019

Inside the sometimes shocking world of food delivery apps

If you’ve ever used food delivery apps like Postmates or Uber Eats, there’s another side to the convenience we enjoy as customers: the low-paid, high-pressure, and sometimes shocking world of the workers responsible for the deliveries…

Uber Stories June 6, 2019

Uber Copter flying service starts next month, but you probably can’t use it

Uber has announced that it is making a start on its long-promised aerial ridesharing service with Uber Copter, launching on July 9 …

Uber Stories April 17, 2019

Uber announced today that it is adding Apple Pay support to its food delivery Uber Eats service. While Apple Pay has been available in the Uber ride-sharing app for several years, it was notably missing from the Uber Eats counterpart.

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Uber Stories April 11, 2019

Uber today officially filed for its IPO, revealing in regulatory documents that it generated $11.27 billion in revenue during 2018 with an overall loss of $1.85 billion. In the filling, Uber also outlined its competition, citing Apple as both a competitor and a company on which it heavily relies.

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Uber Stories March 27, 2019

Uber’s monthly subscription Ride Pass coming to more US cities, from $15/month

Uber has announced that it is bringing its monthly subscription service Ride Pass to more US cities, including Dallas, Las Vegas, New York and San Diego, with prices starting from $15/month …

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