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Apple Watch is Apple’s wearable is designed to help you stay active, motivated, and connected. The newest version is the Series 5. Apple Watch is a main product for Apple’s health initiatives.

The original Watch (later called Series 0) was released April 24, 2015, after years of rumors. While there was a lot of initial hype around it, the 3rd party watchOS apps were slow to launch due to API limitations. Native apps were available in watchOS 2. The original watch came in 38mm and 42mm sizes.

The Series 2 Watch was released on September 16th, 2016 along with a Series 1 Watch. The Series 2 included the S2 chip, built-in GPS, and water-proof construction. The Series 1 included the S2, but lacked GPS and waterproofing.

The Series 3 Watch was released on the September 22nd, 2017, and it included an LTE option and the S3 chip.

The Series 4 Watch was released on September 21st, 2018. New hardware included the S4 Chip, Electrical heart sensor w/ ECG app, and larger display (40mm and 44mm sizes).

The Apple Watch Series 5 was announced during Apple’s fall event on September 10, 2019. Customers were able to purchase the device later that day, and it was released on September 20. The headline feature for this model is the first-ever, always-on display. The new display will always show the time and complications. The new Apple Watch is also the first to include a built-in compass.

Apple is also bringing international emergency services to every cellular model. The Series 5 also brings back ceramic white, and new natural brush and space black titanium models.

The Apple Watch runs watchOS, and the current version is watchOS 6.

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Apple Watch Stories Yesterday

BMW was the first car manufacturer to adopt Apple’s Car Key feature – enabling an iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock your car – and has now announced an enhanced version known as Digital Key Plus.

Digital Key Plus uses the ultra-wideband tech found in the U1 chip in the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and Apple Watch Series 6

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Apple Watch Stories January 12

Alongside the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple announced a ton of new watch faces. One of those faces just so happened to be a collaboration with artist Geoff McFetridge. Apple had previously made a few watch faces in collaboration with Disney in the form of the Mickey and Mini Mouse face and the Toy Story face. But the Artist face is the first one that truly breaks the mold.

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Apple Watch Stories January 11

Medial research firm Biogen today announced a new collaboration with Apple in the form of a cognitive health research study, powered by iPhone and Apple Watch. The study is trying to identify digital biomarkers that can serve as early indicators of illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

The observational research study will commence later in the year. The companies aim to find patterns in the data collected by sensors in the Apple Watch and iPhone and correlate those to declines in cognitive health function.

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Apple Watch Stories January 8

As pointed out by multiple viral posts on Twitter this week, the Apple Watch has a nifty feature that allows it to serve as a viewfinder and remote for your iPhone’s camera. Here are the full details on how this works, plus one alternative if you’re looking for a third-party solution.

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Apple Watch Stories January 5

As spotted by Khaos Tian on Twitter, there’s an interesting new setting in the Workout app for Apple Watch. Named “Time to Walk”, the setting describes a feature where walking workouts are downloaded to the watch when connected to power and the iPhone is nearby.

This toggle appears on the watch itself and in the companion Watch app on the iPhone. Combined with evidence from 9to5Mac code investigations, it seems that guided audio workouts from Apple are coming soon to the Watch.

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If you’re looking to start 2021 with a renewed focus on fitness, the Apple Watch is a great tool to help in your journey. In addition to the native features, such as your move ring and workout tracking, a variety of third-party apps also exist to enhance the Appel Watch fitness experience. Here are some of our favorite Apple Watch fitness apps.

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